Are Single Player Offline Seasons Worth it in FIFA 17?

FIFA 17 Offline Divisions, otherwise known as Single Player Seasons, have always been a part of FIFA Ultimate Team which is overlooked by most players. Understandably, the majority of players take part in Ultimate Team to build their dream team and challenge other players to see who has the best performing squad. With the addition […]

FIFA 16 Online Seasons Rewards Doubled for FUT

FIFA 16 online seasons rewards have been doubled in FUT and are currently available throughout the pink FUTTIES release! You will receive twice the rewards for gaining a title, getting promoted, getting relegated and holding a division. While on the surface this seems great, it has unfortunately resulted in several problems. We’ll discuss the implications of the […]

Up & Down With FUT Seasons

FUT (FIFA Ultimate Team) is the most popular game mode in FIFA, with ‘Seasons’ being the most popular game mode in FUT. However, it’s also the most frustrating! As opposed to a real divisional structure, seasons feels more like a ride on an elevator – you’re up, then you’re down. The Internet is full of depressing stories about people […]