BREAKING: FIFA 17 Coin Farming Glitch Discovered!

There’s a new FIFA 17 Coin Farming Glitch that’s being exploited and it’s outraged a lot of people, especially after what happened in FIFA 15! If you felt that players in high demand were over inflated, you were probably right! Just take a look at the top 100 match earnings for this week on PC, Xbox, […]

FIFA 16 Chemistry Glitch Explained – Scripting / Handicap Implications

Recently, RighteousOnix released a youtube video where he demonstrated that chemistry stat bonuses don’t apply as they should. This brought rise to the FIFA 16 Chemistry Glitch phenomenon. The first video was later followed by a 2nd video which added even more wood to the fire. In this article, I look at the implications of this experiment and also […]

Guide To Winning FUT Draft & Chemistry Styles GLITCH

Picking the optimal FUT Draft squad can be complicated, but it is crucial in ensuring you give yourself the best possible chance of winning. Planning your team is almost as important as playing the matches, as the rewards for winning FUT Draft are certainly worth the effort. From your captain, to your manager, no selection should be overlooked. EXCLUSIVE TIP: MAKE OVER 200,000 […]

FUT 14 Consumable Card Glitch – MAKE COINS NOW!

For those of you that don’t know, as of writing this post there has very recently been a consumable card glitch for all platforms whereby FUTers who purchased 1 consumable card from the Transfer Market were receiving an extra 2 or 3 etc. This has flooded the Transfer Market with extremely cheap consumables! We’re unsure […]