FIFA Scripting, Handicapping & Momentum Explained | 4 Year Study

Since I wrote my first article on scripting, handicapping and momentum (SHM going forward) for in May 2014, I have investigated a nearly endless list of claims related to these topics. This is what I learned. The starting point of my journey When I decided to put my head in the hornet’s nest and […]

Are EOMM & DDA the Future of FIFA?

Around the beginning of 2018, YouTuber YongYea made headlines throughout the FIFA community. He announced that EA had patented a new concept known as EOMM. This discovery stirred a heated debate amongst FIFA community members, and was soon followed by the finding of another new patent known as DDA. A notable detail regarding these patents was that neither […]

FIFA 17 Informs – Are They Really Worth the Coins?

A few weeks ago, a new site called FIFA gamers pub started displaying a load of data collected from the FUT Transfer Market, including information about each card’s performance in the past. During FIFA 15, I wrote a couple of articles where I used similar data to analyse the importance of various stats on a striker. Given that the required data had […]

FIFA 17 Momentum Game Code Discovered! Scripting Discussed

Reddit is boiling after one of it’s users found the word “momentum” in one of FIFA 17’s settings files. Later, it was re-discovered that the same settings file contains a set of rules, allowing the game to adjust the difficulty if the player get’s too far ahead or behind while playing against the opponent. Is this […]

FIFA 16 Chemistry Glitch Explained – Scripting / Handicap Implications

Recently, RighteousOnix released a youtube video where he demonstrated that chemistry stat bonuses don’t apply as they should. This brought rise to the FIFA 16 Chemistry Glitch phenomenon. The first video was later followed by a 2nd video which added even more wood to the fire. In this article, I look at the implications of this experiment and also […]

FUT 16: Is Adaptive Difficulty Scripting?

A recent post on Reddit brought up yet another piece of possible evidence in support of scripting, or maybe more specifically adaptive difficulty in FIFA. In this post I will discuss whether this is evidence, and what this information actually tells about the game. ULTIMATETEAMUK TIP: MAKE OVER 200,000 COINS A DAY! Our goal has always been to […]

Up & Down With FUT Seasons

FUT (FIFA Ultimate Team) is the most popular game mode in FIFA, with ‘Seasons’ being the most popular game mode in FUT. However, it’s also the most frustrating! As opposed to a real divisional structure, seasons feels more like a ride on an elevator – you’re up, then you’re down. The Internet is full of depressing stories about people […]

FIFA 16: Gold guide to Nations

Like previous years, I’m going to share my recommended squads based on single leagues / single nations. This is the guide to gold squads based on a single nation… ULTIMATETEAMUK TIP: MAKE OVER 200,000 COINS A DAY! Our goal has always been to help you build the best teams. We’ve just reviewed an AMAZING Automated, SECURE Coin […]

FUT 15 Price Ranges: A look at tomorrow’s economics

Price Ranges have set a new agenda for the economics of FUT. In this article, I will look into how they will affect the price development in FIFA 15 and FIFA 16. Let us start out by having look at where we were yesterday. Although price ranges impose restrictions on price generation, yesterday’s FUT economics […]