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The FUT Web App is an online application where FIFA Ultimate Team users can manage their squads, as well as using the FUT transfer market to buy and sell players. Users also have access to the FUT store via the FIFA Web App, where packs can be purchased containing a random selection of players and consumable items. More recently introduced, Daily Objectives and Squad Building Challenges (SBCs) can also be completed on the FUT WebApp. This feature is incredibly important as it can jumpstart your Ultimate Team prior to console release. We will explain exactly how to take advantage of all the above features in this FREE GUIDE! We also have details and new information regarding the FIFA 19 Web App release date, FUT 19 Web Start Early Access, and the official FIFA WebApp link.

FIFA 19 Web App | FUT 19 Web Start Early Access

During FUT Web Start, users will be able to collect daily gifts, open returning user packs and build their FIFA 19 Ultimate Team squads early! FIFA Points can only be used during and after EA Access and Origin Access become available (details below). We recommend that you resist temptation to open packs and save your FUT 19 coins during WebStart. FIFA coins are always at their highest value during this period!

FIFA 19 Release Date | EA Access / Play First Trials

The official FIFA 19 release date is set for Friday, 28 September 2018, on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC. However, users will have the chance to play the game eight days early (20 September) using Play First Trials (available via EA Access on Xbox One and Origin Access Basic on PC). Access users will also be given a 10% discount if they decide to purchase the full game. Furthermore, PC players will be given the chance to upgrade to Origin Access Premier, this will provide unlimited access to the full game ahead of release.

UPDATE (19 September 2018)

FIFA 19 Early Access via EA Access is NOW LIVE! Search FIFA 19 on the store (actually press search), scroll right and you will see the option “FIFA 19 Trial”. Press this to begin your download!

FIFA 19 Web App Release Date

With the above information taken into account, and the fact that the FIFA 18 Web App was released the day before EA Access last year, it is safe to assume that the FIFA 19 Web App will be released on (or close to) Wednesday, 19 September 2018. We’re expecting the EA SPORTS FIFA team to officially announce the new FUT 19 Web App, around Sunday, 8 September 2018. Make sure you’re following us on Twitter and that you TURN ON NOTIFICATIONS. We will update you when new information becomes available, including a free push notification the moment the new FUT Web App goes live!

UPDATE (14 September 2018)

It has now officially been confirmed by the EA SPORTS FIFA team that the FIFA 19 Web App will go live on Wednesday, 19 September 2018! Find the official link below…

Official FUT Web App Link

The official EA SPORTS FIFA 19 Web App link can be accessed below this paragraph. This link will provide access to FIFA 19 Ultimate Team content after the FIFA 18 Web App has been taken down, following the transitional maintenance period to FIFA 19. Again, we will keep you all updated on our Twitter as each step of this process occurs. PLEASE BE AWARE – only trust ‘https‘ FIFA Web App links containing the official EA SPORTS domain name. Unfortunately there are sinister people out there looking to exploit users with FIFA Web App hacks. The best way to ensure that you don’t become a victim of this is to always check the page’s URL (web address) before entering any login credentials.

Another important thing to consider is the fact that historically, there have been initial invite errors stopping large quantities of users being able to access FUT WebStart. If you manage to successfully access the FIFA 19 Web App launch screen, we strongly recommend keeping the window open to ensure that you stay connected. In the past, users have closed their window during busy periods and as a result have been unable to regain access. With all this said, we are hopeful that the EA servers will be able to handle the influx of traffic during the FUT 19 Web App launch.

How to Access the FUT 19 Web App Early

By following these steps, you can increase your chances of being able to use the FIFA 19 Web App during Early Access.

  • You must be a returning FIFA Ultimate Team user and have set a security question before 1 August 2018.
  • Play at least 10 FIFA 18 Ultimate Team games on the console using the account linked to your Web App. This will also increase your chances of receiving loyalty packs.
  • Enable login verification (Origin > Account > Security > Login Verification).
  • Confirm Login Verification via Email or Text.

FIFA 19 Web Start is essentially the preseason to FIFA Ultimate Team, during this small window before the full game is released users can earn coins, build their team and gain an advantage. Find out how to make FIFA 19 coins during Early Access below!

How to Make FUT Coins During FIFA 19 Early Access WebStart

Before we look into this year’s best FIFA 19 coin making tips, it is important to note that Xbox and PC users should login to the FIFA 19 Web App before starting the game on Play First Trials. The reasoning behind this is the fact that you are limited to a total of 10 hours gameplay. The vast majority of this valuable playing time should be used playing FUT matches, with 1,000 FUT coin boosts activated for each game. Doing this is so important, as the more coins you can obtain during this period, the more you will have to invest using our exclusive FIFA 19 trading methods! Building your FUT squad and any FUT transfer market dealings should ideally be done via the FIFA Web App. This also applies for FUT Daily Objectives that don’t require playing a match, as well as FUT Squad Building Challenges!

FUT Coin Making Tips & Trading Methods for FIFA 19 WebApp

Starting Tips
  • After accessing the FIFA 19 Web App for the first time, open all returning user packs and starter packs. Once you have sorted these players and consumable items, list the players and items that seem inflated in price. A judgement call should be made here, but bare in mind most players will be at their highest value in the early stages of FUT. (When selling, list items on 1 hour listing cycles and keep relisting until they sell.)
  • Login each day to receive FUT Web App Daily Gifts. These offer free FIFA 19 coins, as well as free packs!
  • Complete as many FIFA 19 Daily Objectives and SBCs as you can! The initial ones are incredibly easy and the rewards are well worth it! (Try using untradeable items when completing these!)
  • Many of you will have EASFC credits that carryover, these can be used to purchase various FUT items that can be sold for coins. (The EASFC catalogue can be accessed during your 10 hours early access game play via Play First Trials).
General Trading Tips
  • Keep an eye out for users listing items below their current value. This may require patience and quick reactions, but with a bit of luck you can make some serious FIFA coins by purchasing these items. You’d be surprised at how many players fail to correctly value their returning user pack items!
  • Rare silver players can be a goldmine during FUT WebStart! In the early stages of FIFA 18, Brazilian striker – Cristiano da Silva (74) was selling for 25k coins on the Xbox market. His price eventually increased to 250k!
  • Don’t open FIFA 19 packs during FUT Web Start! Coins are so valuable during this initial period. We recommend using them for investments and to intelligently improve your FIFA 19 Ultimate Team squad, focusing on all positions. Having a solid team without any major weak links will help you massively in the initial stages!
  • Although time consuming, the bronze pack trading method can generate a steady flow of FIFA coins. This is done by purchasing 400 coin bronze packs and selling the contents for a small profit each time. (You may want to increase the size of your transfer list via the EASFC catalogue for this one.)
  • If possible, keep a small amount of coins available to trade with. It’s extremely frustrating to let a bargain pass you by because all your coins are tied up in other items.
  • For maximum profits, sell any unused items around 28 September 2018.


Will I be able to use the new FUT Web App on my mobile device?

Yes, but only through the FIFA 19 Companion App. The FUT 19 Companion App will become available after Web Start and Early Access.

When is the FIFA 19 Companion App release date?

The new FIFA 19 Companion App release date is likely to be 20 September 2018.

When will the FIFA 18 Web App go offline?

The FIFA 18 Web App will likely be taken down on 15 September 2018.

Which platforms are available with the FIFA Ultimate Team Web App?

Xbox One, PlayStation 4 (PS4) and PC users will be able to access the FIFA Ultimate Team Web App.

Why is the FUT WebApp not working?

With the sudden influx of traffic around the beginning of each FIFA release date, servers can be operating at maximum capacity. This is often the cause of this problem. With this said, it is also worth clearing your browser cache and trying to access via an incognito window. If this fails, and you know of other people successfully gaining access to the FUT WebApp, it could be something to do with your account. We’ll keep you all up to date on any known issues around the time of release.

What is FIFA 19 Web App login verification?

Login verification is a security measure to help ensure that other users cannot gain access to your account. You will need to verify the code that is sent to your email address or phone number.

Do you have to pay to access the FIFA Web App?

No! The FIFA Web App is completely free for everyone. There will be a cut off point though, where access to the FUT transfer market will only be available to users who have played the game via console or PC.

Can matches be played on the FUT Web Application?

No. Before release, FIFA matches can only be played on your console via EA Access, or PC via Origin Access. After release, users will need to own a copy of the full game.

What do you need for the FIFA 19 Web App login?

Users will need the email address associated with your EA account, your password, and the answer to your security question. Users may also be required to input a verification code sent either to your phone number or email address.

Are you excited to start your Ultimate Team journey on the FIFA 19 Web App release date? Which FUT coin making methods and trading tips will you be using in this year’s title? Let us know your thoughts and feel free to ask us any questions in the comments below!

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