FREE FIFA 18 World Cup Update DLC Coming May 29!

FIFA 18 World Cup Update DLC | Reveal Trailer, Stadiums, Game Modes & FUT Ultimate Team (Cristiano Ronaldo)

It’s official, the FIFA 18 World Cup update release date is set for May 29th 2018! The 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia update will be available to all FIFA 18 owners on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC and Nintendo Switch via a FREE content update on May 29th! The upcoming FIFA 18 World Cup DLC will feature all 32 qualified national teams, authentic stadiums, as well as refreshed and brand new FIFA game modes – including a unique FUT World Cup Ultimate Team experience!

FIFA 18 World Cup Update DLC | Reveal Trailer, Stadiums, Game Modes & FUT Ultimate Team (Cristiano Ronaldo)

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FIFA 18 World Cup Update DLC

2018 FIFA World Cup Russia Update Reveal Trailer

Authentic FIFA 18 World Cup Experience

Live the drama and excitement of football’s most prestigious competition with an authentic tournament experience, featuring all 32 licensed countries, captivating stadiums, official match balls, and the iconic FIFA World Cup trophy – all rendered in the Frostbite game engine for the very first time.

Official FIFA 18 World Cup Stadiums List

Official FIFA 18 World Cup Stadiums List (Russia)

All 12 official stadiums from the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia will be included. These authentic stadiums feature incredible atmospheres, high-resolution crowds, as well as various national team banners. The FIFA 18 World Cup update puts you in the driving seat of an epic experience, you can play official matches exactly where they will be in the actual tournament, or play matches of your choosing in any of the official stadiums. Authentic pitch environments, high-resolution crowds, national team banners, and dressings create a unique atmosphere in each stadium, filling them with the sights and sounds of the World Cup.

Learn more about the individual FIFA 18 World Cup DLC venues below.

Saint Petersburg Stadium (St. Petersburg)

FIFA 18 World Cup Stadiums - Saint Petersburg Stadium (St. Petersburg)

Situated in Western Russia, Saint Petersburg Stadium is one of the newest venues for the tournament. This FIFA 18 World Cup stadium features a retractable roof that is part of a design originally titled “The Spaceship.” During Russia’s domestic season, Saint Petersburg Stadium is home to FC Zenit Saint Petersburg.

Capacity: 67,000

Fisht Stadium (Sochi)

FIFA 18 World Cup Stadiums - Fisht Stadium (Sochi)

The Fisht Stadium in Sochi was initially built as a closed arena for the 2014 Winter Olympics, it was reopened specifically for the World Cup and other open-air sports back in 2016.

Capacity: 48,000

Ekaterinburg Arena (Ekaterinburg)

FIFA 18 World Cup Stadiums - Ekaterinburg Arena

Since being built in 1957, the Ekaterinburg Arena has had major renovation work on two separate occasions. The most recent renovation was due to its inclusion as one of the 2018 FIFA World Cup venues. With the second-smallest crowd capacity at 35,696, Ekaterinburg is the easternmost of Russia’s FIFA 18 World Cup Stadiums.

Capacity: 35,000

Kazan Arena (Kazan)

FIFA 18 World Cup Stadiums - Kazan Arena

The Kazan Arena is home to Russian Premier League outfit Rubin Kazan. Interestingly, this particular 2018 FIFA World Cup stadium holds the largest outdoor LED screen in all of Europe.

Capacity: 45,000

Nizhny Novgorod Stadium (Nizhny Novgorod)

FIFA 18 World Cup Stadiums - Nizhny Novgorod Stadium

The Nizhny Novgorod Stadium is another brand-new venue built especially for the World Cup, the 2018 FIFA World Cup opener between Sweden and South Korea will be played here. After the tournament, Russian Premier League side FC Olimpiyets Nizhny Novgorod will look to make the stadium their official home.

Capacity: 45,000

Rostov Arena (Rostov-on-Don)

FIFA 18 World Cup Stadiums - Rostov Arena (Rostov-on-Don)

The Rostov Arena is situated right alongside the Don River, this newly-built stadium has its seats presented in a way which provide various views of the river and the rest of the city. After the World Cup has concluded, FC Rostov will make the stadium their new official home.

Capacity: 45,000

Samara Arena (Samara)

FIFA 18 World Cup Stadiums - Samara Arena

The Samara Arena is another stadium that was only recently unveiled, and evidently designed in the style of a spaceship. Due to the line of lights around the exterior, this particular stadium comes to life at night. Krylia Sovetov Samara are set to inherit this magnificent new venue in the fall.

Capacity: 45,568

Mordovia Arena (Saransk)

FIFA 18 World Cup Stadiums - Mordovia Arena (Saransk)

The Mordovia Arena was originally designed and constructed to honor the Mordovian people, this colourful oval arena took almost a decade to build. After the 2018 FIFA World Cup, FC Mordovia will play their home games here, and it will likely host many other important sporting events in years to come.

Capacity: 45,000

Volgograd Arena (Volgograd)

FIFA 18 World Cup Stadiums - Volgograd Arena

The Volgograd Arena features a rather unique design which opens in an outward motion at the top, the arena was constructed on the site of the Volgograd’s previous stadium. When lit up at night, the exterior supports were designed to look like fireworks. The roof was designed in the style of spokes on a bicycle wheel, making it feel spacious and transparent from the inside. Rotor Volgograd are the lucky club to take up residence after the World Cup.

Capacity: 45,000

Spartak Stadium (Moscow)

FIFA 18 World Cup Stadiums - Spartak Stadium (Moscow)

The Spartak Stadium will finally provide Spartak Moscow, one of Russia’s most popular and successful football clubs, with their own home stadium. The venue was built in 2014 with a facade constructed of many diamond-shaped panels, these are usually in the colours of Spartak’s red and white, but can be changed to suit different events.

Capacity: 45,000

Kaliningrad Stadium (Kaliningrad)

FIFA 18 World Cup Stadiums - Kaliningrad Stadium

Situated on Oktyabrsky Island in the Pregolya River that runs through the city, Kaliningrad Stadium is the smallest of the 2018 FIFA World Cup stadiums by capacity. The design takes inspiration from FC Bayern Munich’s Allianz Arena and will house Baltika Kaliningrad after the tournament.

Capacity: 35,000

Luzhniki Stadium (Moscow)

FIFA 18 World Cup Stadiums - Luzhniki Stadium (Moscow)

Situated in Moscow, the Luzhniki Stadium will host the 2018 World Cup Final. This stadium regularly hosts domestic cup finals and is home to the Russian national team. Located in the vast meadows near the Moskva River, the Luzhniki Stadium is part of an even bigger complex used for various sports and events.

Capacity: 80,000

FIFA 18 World Cup DLC Game Modes

FIFA 18 World Cup DLC Game Modes - FUT Ultimate Team

The FIFA 18 World Cup game DLC contains new game modes, as well as updated versions of FIFA modes we’ve seen in previous titles. Whether you want to simply play through the tournament or build your own international dream squad, FIFA 18 World Cup is the perfect way for every gamer to get involved and play the World’s Game.

2018 FIFA World Cup Russia

Play through the authentic tournament structure with any of the 32 qualified nations, from the group stage to the final in Moscow. Relive the incredible atmosphere of the 2018 FIFA World Cup tournament as if it were real life.

Custom FIFA 18 World Cup Tournament

Rewrite history with any country in a custom version of the FIFA 18 World Cup. Create your own tournament draw, choosing from any licensed national team in FIFA 18, including the Netherlands, Chile, USA, Italy and more.

FIFA World Cup Kick-Off

Play a single offline match alone or with friends using officially licensed teams, players, kits, all in authentic stadiums from the FIFA World Cup.

FIFA 18 World Cup Game (Argentina) - FUT Ultimate Team

FIFA World Cup Ultimate Team | FUT World Cup

Enjoy a brand new FIFA World Cup Ultimate Team experience in the new FIFA 18 FUT World Cup game mode. Build your very own dream international squad with players from all 32 qualified nations plus legendary FIFA 18 World Cup ICONS.

FIFA World Cup Ultimate Team | FUT World Cup ICONS Cards

  • New World Cup ICONS: FUT 18 World Cup Ultimate Team will feature some of the most legendary ICONS from the tournament’s history.
  • FUT Chemistry System: Instead of clubs and leagues, link your favorite international players by nationalities and confederations.
  • World Cup Player Pool: Squads from every qualified nation will be updated with refreshed ratings.
  • Dynamic Items: Live items will update depending on the performances of players who stand out on a particular matchday. These players will receive upgraded stats, which will ensure a fresh and up-to-date experience throughout the entire tournament.
  • Double Pack Incentive: Each time you purchase and open a Standard or Premium pack in FUT World Cup Ultimate Team, you will receive the same pack value in the regular FUT 18 game mode.
  • FUT Game Modes: Play with and use your international Ultimate Team squad in the following FUT game modes:
    • Single Player & Online Tournament
    • Single Player & Online Draft
    • Squad Building Challenges

Let us know your thoughts on the new FIFA 18 World Cup update DLC in the comments section below!

FIFA 18 World Cup Update DLC | Trailer, Stadiums, Game Modes & FUT
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FIFA 18 World Cup Update DLC | Trailer, Stadiums, Game Modes & FUT
The FIFA 18 World Cup Update DLC release date is officially set for May 29th 2018! Check out the Trailer, Stadiums and new FUT game modes right here!
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