FIFA 18 FUT Birthday celebrations will begin at 6pm (UK time), March 16th 2018! Celebrate nine years of the FIFA Ultimate Team game mode with special events including this year’s FIFA 18 FUT Birthday squad, End of Era SBCs and new player SBCs!

FIFA 18 FUT Birthday Ultimate Team Offers & SBCs

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FIFA 18 FUT Birthday

FIFA 18 FUT Birthday Squad

This year’s FIFA 18 FUT Birthday squad consists of players that have excelled in different positions throughout previous versions of FIFA Ultimate Team. These special FUT 18 Birthday cards will be available in FIFA packs as special player items for the entirety of the promotion. New position changes and upgraded ratings open up fresh and inventive ways of FUT squad-building.

FIFA 18 FUT Birthday Squad Ultimate Team

End of Era SBCs

End of Era SBCs are back! Celebrating top players who have retired from professional football within the past year! If last year’s FIFA 17 Premium SBC Cards are anything to go by, we could be in for a real treat.

Daily Birthday Wish SBCs

During the FIFA 18 FUT Birthday festivities, various Squad Building Challenges will be repeatable over the course of the event, including Daily Birthday Wish SBCs offering high value rewards!


A brand new batch of FIFA 18 Prime ICONS will be released during the Birthday event. These items will be available in FUT packs, and can also be obtained by completing SBCs.

Themed Objectives

Don’t forget, Themed Objectives offering exclusive kits and other club items will also be available throughout the FUT Birthday promotion.

This year’s FUT Birthday celebration has a lot to offer, but certain SBCs and other events won’t last long! Make sure you login to FUT every day starting today at 6pm GMT/UTC if you don’t want to miss out.

FIFA 18 St. Patrick’s Day

FIFA 18 St. Patrick’s Day offers will also be included in this year’s celebrations! Get in on the Luck of the Irish with Weekly Objectives that reward special Irish player items with upgraded ratings that can be used to complete certain FUT Birthday SBCs.

Let us know your thoughts on this year’s FIFA 18 FUT Birthday / FIFA 18 St. Patrick’s Day promotion in the comments section below.

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