Check out our FIFA 18 ICON Rui Costa 90 Player Review thanks to FIFA YouTuber TVM Reviews! Rui Manuel César Costa is from the Portugal and played for top clubs such as SL Benfica, ACF Fiorentina and AC Milan. This FIFA Player Review is based on Rui Costa’s 90-rated CAM FIFA 18 Prime ICONS card (1994). In this FUT Player Review TVM discusses both the pros and cons of this FIFA card, and gives his overall verdict with details such as: expectation rating, enjoyment level, consistency/form, average match rating, whether or not he is FUT Champions worthy, and his overall rating taking everything into account.

FIFA 18 ICON Rui Costa 90 Player Review - FUT 18 ICONS Prime Card

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FIFA 18 ICON Rui Costa 90 Player Review

FUT 18 Rui Costa 90 Prime ICONS Card

FUT 18 Rui Costa 90 Prime ICONS Card - FIFA 18 Ultimate Team

Stand Out Positives

  • Passing (88)
  • Strength (84)
  • Ball Control (92)

Stand Out Negatives

  • None!

Overall Verdict

Expectation: 9.0
Enjoyment Level: 8.6
Consistency/Form: 9.0

AVG Match Rating: 8.5
FUT Champions? Yes

Overall Rating: 8.8

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