The FIFA 18 Ratings Reveal will be your first look at the highest rated and best players from FIFA 18 Ultimate Team. Starting from Tuesday, September 5th 2017, EA will begin rolling out FIFA 18 Ratings via specific categories. The first FUT 18 Ratings Reveal will be the overall top 100 rated FIFA 18 players, likely followed by individual lists of player’s stats within certain attribute categories. This guide will be the main page for all the announcements (with links to each FIFA Ratings Reveal), as well as your frequently asked questions.

FIFA 18 Ratings Reveal - Top Rated Players in FUT 18 Ultimate Team

Any leaked FIFA 18 Ratings you may have seen up until now are likely to be fake, ratings have not yet been finalised and are expected to change before the FIFA 18 Release Date. This page and all the linked pages within it will only contain OFFICIAL FIFA 18 Ratings that have been confirmed by EA.

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FIFA 18 Ratings Reveal

FUT 18 Ratings Release Date Schedule

Below is our FIFA 18 Ratings release schedule. This live list will be updated every time new ratings are officially confirmed.

Other Possible FIFA 18 Ratings Categories

  • Top FIFA 18 Passing Stats
  • Top FIFA 18 Defenders
  • Top FIFA 18 Free Kick Takers
  • FIFA 18 Career Mode Hidden Gems
  • Top FIFA 18 Women Players
  • Top FIFA 18 MLS Players

EA have also confirmed that they will be revealing more FIFA 18 ICONS before the release date of FIFA 18! See the full and updated FUT ICONS list via the previous link!


How are FIFA 18 Ratings decided?

FIFA 18 ratings are calculated by reviewing player performances over the last 365 days, supported by an ever-increasing wealth of stats, reviewed by thousands of members. Previous FIFA 17 ratings will be taken into account and adjusted accordingly.

Can I help EA decide future FIFA Ratings?

Yes. The FIFA Talent Scout website currently has positions open as a Football Analyst. To be an EA SPORTS Football Analyst it is recommended that you are a dedicated football expert with time to research, review, and edit teams and players. This type of expertise can help EA determine how players and teams rate and play within FIFA. Please note that this position is voluntary and offers no financial compensation, it can however lead to contracted work with financial compensation.

Can FUT 18 Ratings change?

Yes. FUT 18 player’s regular card ratings can change, but only in the form of upgrades/downgrades from February 2018. These rating changes are determined by player performances during the first half of the season. Ratings can also be upgraded via the release of special inform cards, these separate cards are temporarily released into FIFA packs to reward outstanding performances in real-world football throughout the year.

When can I build my first FIFA 18 Ultimate Team squad?

The first opportunity you will have to build your FIFA 18 Ultimate Team squad will be after the FIFA 18 Web App Release Date via FUT Webstart. During this time you will be able to access the FUT 18 Transfer Market and see all the remaining FIFA 18 player ratings!

Do you agree with each FIFA 18 Ultimate Team Ratings Reveal? Are there any players you would have rated differently? We would love to hear your opinions, so let us know in the comments section below!

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