FIFA 17 Weekend League Cancelled – FUT Champions Rewards Delayed

FIFA 17 Weekend League Closed Week 16 - FUT Champions

For those that don’t already know, the FIFA 17 Weekend League was cancelled for this weekend – Week 16 (January 20th – 23rd now closed). We’re sure many of you will be looking forward to a weekend off, anyway. In this article, we’ll address everything regarding the FIFA 17 Weekend League cancellation and FUT Champions Rewards delay.

FIFA 17 Weekend League Cancelled (Week 16 Closed) - FUT Champions


Why was Week 16 of the FIFA 17 Weekend League Cancelled?

The reason EA have decided to cancel this weekends Weekend League is because of the no loss glitch that players were exploiting. EA are addressing these technical issues now.

What is the no loss glitch?

The no loss glitch allows a player to automatically disconnect their opponent, therefore ensuring a win or disconnect loss. EA had no choice but to address this to ensure FUT Champions is fair. A number of our readers are suggesting that EA need to sanction anyone found using this glitch and remove these players from the leaderboards. Let us know your thoughts on this!

Why were the FUT Champions Weekend League Rewards Delayed?

Evidently the delay in FUT Champions Rewards for Week 15 of the Weekend League were due to the technical issues discussed above. The rewards were delivered at 11pm UK, Thursday, 19th January. From time to time delays will happen, but rewards for the Weekend league are usually delivered around midnight UK on Thursdays.

What if I’ve already qualified for Week 16 of the Weekend League?

If you have already qualified for Week 16 of the FUT Champions Weekend League via the Daily Knockout Tournaments, Seasons (promoted from division 2 to division 1, you hold division 1 or you win division 1), or reaching gold 3 and above in the previous weekend league, your qualification will automatically carry over to Week 17. Qualification for the Ultimate Team Championship Series will be based on Weekends 1, 2, and 4 within January.

Will the Weekend League cancellation impact Monthly Rewards?

FUT Champions Monthly Rewards for January have been updated to take into account the closure of Week 16. The Monthly Rewards will now be based on games in Week 14, 15 and 17.

Will there be a market crash due to the Week 16 Weekend League cancellation?

The FUT Economist has some excellent advice for you;

A number of people believe that this will cause a market crash. I am not in that camp.

There will certainly be differences in the market, however. The main differences will come in the prices of consumables and the prices of the marque weekend league players such as Kante, Smalling, Walker, etc. Most weekends, heading into FUT Champs, the prices of these cards rise. After the weekend is over, their prices fall back down again. It is unlikely that this will happen.

Other than those differences, I doubt there will be any major prices drops. I would, however, watch the prices of elite gold cards (CR7, Messi, Bale, etc.) and other end game players. It appears that in the days following TOTY the market overreacted a bit and drove their prices higher than what they will drop to at equilibrium over the next few months. I originally thought it would be a slow and steady drop back down to this equilibrium price, but this could cancellation could catalyse a more rapid drop if people begin to irrationally panic sell.

Long story short, if you’ve made sound investments at the correct time, you should be OK to sell them on when the weekend league gets back up and running.

How many daily knockout tournaments will there be for Week 17?

There will be twice as many! In total there will be 4 daily knockout tournaments.

What was EA’s official announcement for closing the Weekend League?

FIFA 17 FUT Champions Weekend League Cancelled (January 19th) - Rewards Delayed

Pleased that the FIFA 17 Weekend League was cancelled? Let us know!


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