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FUT addict since FUT 12. A master of economic science and data analysis professional. @c_r_larsen

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    ELO in Fifa is terrible compared to for eg Rocketleague (disregarding smurfs) I say this only from years of personal experience. The youtuber aa9skills also recorded that – during futchampoins – he came up against the same pro player on his main account and his new road to glory account, accounts which had vastly different overall squad ratings and different win/loss ratios. In Rocket league I feel that I am typically matched up with players of a similar skill level where in Fifa over the past 4yrs the difficulty of opponents seems to be almost random and varies a crazy amount. The ELO if it exists – EA havn’t been remotely transparent about how it works – seems to not work very effectively

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    PS the fact that FUT matches aren’t even could point to the poor matchmaking rather than indicate a lack of momentum. You are presuming that ELO is working very well but I strongly disagree. I must also say I thoroughly enjoyed your article!


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