FIFA 17 Web App Troubleshooting FAQ for FUT

FIFA 17 Web App Troubleshooting FAQ - FUT 17 Ultimate Team

The release of the FIFA 17 Web App is imminent, with this said, we have created a FIFA 17 Web App Troubleshooting guide with FAQ’s in order to help you make the most of this time before FUT 17 becomes available on consoles. If you are unsure about anything or want to know what to expect from this year’s FUT 17 Web App, then this is the guide for you! Our FIFA 17 Web App Troubleshooting FAQ can be found below…

FIFA 17 Web App Troubleshooting FAQ - FUT 17 Ultimate Team

FIFA 17 Web App Troubleshooting FAQ

When will the FIFA 17 Web App become available?

The FIFA 17 Web App is due to be released any time now, taking all the information we have into account we expect to see it up and running imminently. It is important to note that only EA SPORTS FIFA know the exact moment when the FUT 17 Web App will be released.

Is there anyway to receive a FREE & INSTANT notification the moment the FUT 17 Web App is released?

Yes! On our FREE FIFA 17 Mobile App (available on iOS and Android) we will send everyone an INSTANT notification the moment the FUT 17 Web App becomes available. This will ensure that you don’t miss out on any action and you can make the most of this exclusive time before the game is released on the consoles. If you would like to receive this FREE notification directly to your device, we recommend downloading this app now!

What is the official link for the FIFA Web App?

It is important to know that there is ONLY ONE official link to the FIFA Web App. You can find this link right here – FIFA Web App Official Link.

Can you buy FIFA Points on the FUT 17 Web App?

Unfortunately users will be unable to buy FIFA Points on the FUT 17 Web App. FIFA Points for FUT 17 will only be available to purchase via your console.

Will FUT Web App Daily Gifts be available during early access?

FUT Web App Daily Gifts will be available each day! Make sure you don’t forget to login every day in order to make the most of them. FIFA Coins are extremely difficult to acquire during this period, so we advise making the most of every opportunity!

I have an Origin account, but I am unable to login on the FUT Web App. Why is this?

If you are a new user and have not created a security question/answer before August 1st 2016, you will be unable to participate in this year’s FUT Web App early access. This also applies for the FIFA 17 Companion App. You will be able to use the FIFA 17 Web App after you have purchased FIFA 17 and logged in on your console.

Why is the FUT Transfer Market unavailable on the FIFA 17 Web App?

The FUT Transfer Market may be unavailable for users who haven’t played the requirement amount of matches on FIFA 16. Again, this also applies to the FUT 17 Companion App. In order to access the FIFA 17 Ultimate Team Transfer Market you must validate your account within FIFA 17 on your console. Trading will only be available for users with a history of playing FUT 16. It is important to note that it is now too late to play FUT 16 in order to gain access to this feature.

Why am I no longer able to access the FIFA 17 Web App?

If you no longer have access to the FIFA 17 Web App, it is most likely due to the fact that you haven’t played FIFA 17 on a console before 12am (UK time), October 1st 2016. EA SPORTS FIFA will restrict access to the FUT 17 Web App for all users who have not played the game on a console before this time. In order to regain access you must purchase a copy of FIFA 17.

How can I gain access to the FIFA 17 Companion App on my mobile phone?

In order to use the FIFA 17 Companion App on your mobile phone, you must first login to the FUT 17 Web App via your computer. Once you have done this you will be granted access to this application.

If there are any other questions you have regarding FIFA 17 Web App Troubleshooting, let us know in the comments below! We’d also love to know how you get on during early access and which players you manage to land in your early access packs!


  1. I have logged into my Ea Origin acount, I’ve verified my codes yet I am unable to gain access to the web app. I’ve also had EA access for over a month if that means anything. When I click the official web app link it just takes me to a page about EA companion and that’s it. Please help?

  2. Tried to login ….
    “Sorry you were not invited to participate in early web start in FUT 17. (…) bla bla bla”
    I’m a FIFA user since FIFA 14….
    Nice start.

  3. Did anyone get the web app to load in Chrome? When I access it through explorer, I currently get a “Our servers are temporarily down”, but when I access it through chrome, I just see the background. What settings could be doing this?

  4. There is script that Chrome defaults will not allow to load. You should Unblock All when at the splash page, or switch to firefox etc, and Allow All. Web-App works fine. Markets are up!

  5. Can someone tell me when i can get my account from ps3 to ps4? It is my first year that i have the ps4. So i want my account to the ps4. Thanks

  6. Can someone please tell me how to switch my web app account from ps4 to xbox one because both of them are linked to the same origin account

  7. Can anyone help me… I’m trying to get onto the companion app but it keeps saying its unavailable with ea access and i need to log on my xbox and buy the game which i brought months ago.

  8. Hi I’ve been an ea member for the last few years on ps consoles but now this year I’ve made the move to Xbox is there anyway I can make a web account as last year I played Fifa 16 on my ps4 but in September I purchased an Xbox 1 ? Can someone help me please

  9. I’m getting onto the FIFA 17 companion app on my iPhone fine and into my fut fine. But when I try to do any transfers there is a block on them and it’s says I’m unable to access the transfer market etc with a padlock on it and says use fut transfer market on my Xbox one console which I have but still can’t access it on my phone ? Help!

  10. I transfer the fifa points from 16 to 17 ( fot the first time i open the game ) and then i bought more fifa points in fifa 16 , how can i transfer them again to fifa 17 ?!?!?!?
    Please help 🙁 …

  11. hi Can anyone help. my son is trying to log on to the FUT 17 web app but it says he doesn’t have access to the early web start – he has fifa 17 on his console, plays ultimate team so I’m wondering what the problem could be. Any help much appreciated. Thanks


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