FUT Champions Game Mode for FIFA 17 Ultimate Team

FIFA 17 FUT Champions New Game Mode

There’s a brand new game mode coming to FIFA 17 Ultimate Team! The new FUT Champions game mode is a competition on FUT 17 which will reward the best players with amazing prizes. Each week, qualify for the weekend league and compete for in-game rewards, with the opportunity of competing on the world stage through the championship series and FIWC. The FUT Champions game mode offers some of the best rewards in the history of FUT!

FIFA 17 FUT Champions Game Mode

FUT Champions Game Mode

What will be included within the new FIFA 17 FUT Champions game mode?

Qualify for the weekend league

FIFA 17 FUT Champions Qualify for the Weekend League

There will be new online FIFA Ultimate Team tournaments as part of the FUT Champions game mode! By winning a daily knockout tournament you will earn rewards and a vital spot in the weekend league. There will be dynamic squad entry requirements and unique rewards to keep the daily tournaments fresh and enjoyable to play.

If you are already at the top in FUT Online Seasons then your weekly success will grant automatic access to the coveted weekend league.

Higher tiers and bigger in-game rewards

FUT Champions Prizes by Ranking for FIFA 17 Ultimate Team
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When the weekend begins, the clock starts for FUT Champions. You can compete to win as many matches as possible from a set number of matches in a bid to push for higher tiers and receive bigger in-game rewards. From Bronze to Elite, anyone who enters the weekend league has the chance of earning in-game rewards, helping to build their club for the next competition.

Monthly leaderboard tiers

FUT Champions Rankings for FIFA 17 Ultimate Team
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FUT Champions In-game Rewards Monthly Leaderboards

Consistency is the key in the FIFA 17 FUT Champions game mode. Consistently performing well in the weekend league will help you to move up the monthly leaderboard tiers, unlocking some of the best in-game rewards that FUT has to offer. Earn special FUT Champions items to show off on the pitch.

Compete on the world stage

FIFA 17 FUT Champions Championship Series and FIFA Interactive World Cup

Performing well in FUT Champions could be your ticket to real world competitions and prizes. Regional monthly leaderboards on Xbox One and Playstation 4 feed the EA FIFA 17 Ultimate Team Championship Series and the FIFA Interactive World Cup. Climb the ranks and qualify for the biggest competitions in EA Sports FIFA’s history!*

*Must be 13+, internet connection & EA account required. Xbox One and Playstation 4 only. Residents in eligible countries required.

What do you think about the new FUT Champions Game Mode in FIFA 17 Ultimate Team? We can’t wait to play it! Make sure you use your early access time wisely, trade on the web apps and play the actual game on the console!



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