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    We all know they don’t transfer coins cause then it would be harder for them to get money out of these games..

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      I don’t really think that’s the issue.

      If people came over with a massive load of coins, prices would increase from year to year because the demand side would grow and grow, while the supply side would remain constant in size, because you can’t carry your club ites with you.

      This would among other things make the game difficult go enter for new players, because all items would be way more expensive than they are today.

      Another and perhaps more obvious problem is that EA need to set coin rewards, quick sell values and pack prices at a reasonable level in comparison to the overall price level of the market. This is dificult to do if coins carry over.

      Finally, previous versions have been heavily affected by coin farming, meaning that prices have been inflated.

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    Just so I’m clear. I’d have to restart “My Player” career & work my way all the way back up to world class player? Man that sucks! Guess me & ’16 are buddies for a LONG time.

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    Just a point on the chem glitch and records of wins and losses carrying over – I’m someone with a HORRIBLE FIFA record cause I only really got good at this game at the END of this season and I am carrying a TON of losses from the first half of the season.

    But the chem glitch has nothing to do with my bad record – i had a pile of IFs all year, certainly, but I also was just a poorer player.

    I got a better record – or at least – started reversing the poor stats of my start this year – from playing better, not from EA applying the chem glitch patch.

    People will rationalize losses as not to do with anything THEY ever did but times the game was unfair to them.

    The one salient fact which puts the lie to the theory that the chem glitch was responsible for anyone’s record over hundreds of games is the fact we ALL played hundreds of games MOST of us had IFs and ALL of us had the chem glitch until EA patched it.

    Therefore if we ALL were suffering from this glitch – we all play on the same engine after all – my opponent’s record will be just as much impacted by the chem glitch as mine and so we shouldn’t see MY bad record or YOUR bad record being the result of anything other than our relative skills at playing.

    People need to take personal responsibility for their games!

    Sometimes reading about FIFA online I feel like Im playing board games with 7 year olds who yell and scream about “cheating!” when they lose a legit game.

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    Connor Lowis

    I played Fifa 16 on the XBOX 360 this year but have pre-ordered Fifa 17 for the PS4 this year. I have logged onto the web app and claimed my rewards (packing 81 Coman!). Can these players carry over to PS4 and not 360 as then the players will be locked on a console I’m not playing on this year.

    1. 4.1

      Florian Van Dijk

      I have the exact same problem! I’ve been playing FIFA for years on the Xbox 360 but have recently pre-ordered FIFA 17 for the PS4. I’m wondering if I’m able to transfer my Xbox 360 account with all these new players, but also my xp lvl, football club credits and my established date. And if so, how do I do this?

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    I transfer the fifa points from 16 to 17 ( fot the first time i open the game ) and then i bought more fifa points in fifa 16 , how can i transfer them again to fifa 17 ?!?!?!?
    Please help 🙁

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    Its just a massive con to extract more money out of people.


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