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    Robert dunhill

    I don’t understand why they have locked FIFA 17 manager mode. They are letting us play the only included two modes I will never play. There is no way I will even pay for micro transactions of ultimate team purely for the fact I don’t like it and don’t think they belong in a AAA game and then there is the journey that bore’s me just thinking about it. I didn’t like it in 2k games the only thing I pay the Ea access fee for is FIFA and playing it early but I’m not playing this I’m now contemplating not getting the game because I think they are hiding something with manager mode and that’s never a good thing. I normally buy FIFA for both xbox1 and pc and this is where it stops.

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    I have EA acces. I already bought fifa 17 but I cannot find out how to open the Web app. I get stuck in the screen where they say. Create a account. Purchase fifa 17. Create a security answer and build a fut squad. Can anybody tell me what to do?

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    Spun FC

    Game is live. Played for a couple of hours this evening. – Posted from The States

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    David Oliver

    fifa 17 will be in the vault?


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