FIFA 17 Frostbite Engine Confirmed!

FIFA 17 Frosbite Game Engine vs Ignite (Hazard)
Credit: FIFAGamersBlog

As we announced yesterday, the FIFA 17 Frostbite Engine transition has now been confirmed by EA in the official FIFA 17 Reveal Trailer! The transition from EA’s outdated Ignite Engine has been a long time coming and we’re sure this exciting news will be welcomed by FIFA players across the globe.

FIFA 17 Frostbite Engine

EA’s Frostbite Engine has powered previous titles such as Battlefield, Star Wars Battlefront, Mirror’s Edge, Dragon Age, and Need for Speed. FIFA fans have been crying out for change for quite some time now, see what David Rutter, VP and Executive Producer had to say about this major development below…

FIFA 17 Frostbite Engine

“Frostbite unlocks a whole new world of possibilities for the FIFA franchise and its fans.”

“We have never been as excited as we are today about the future of football and the experiences we are going to deliver in FIFA 17.”

FIFA 17 Graphics

Player faces and textures have been referred to as, “stale” and even “plastic” over the last few years but this now looks to be a thing of the past. Frostbite is more than just aesthetic graphics, it will revolutionise the way the game is played, right down to the physics of movement and tiny details, all coming together to create what we’re all hoping has the potential to take FIFA and FUT to a whole new level. FIFA 17 Ultimate Team has the potential to be special!

FIFA 17 Frosbite Game Engine vs Ignite (Hazard)
Left: FIFA 17, Right: FIFA 16 – Credit: FIFAGamersBlog

Powered by DICE’s Frostbite Engine, FIFA 17 is transformed on all levels. The FIFA 17 players are now full of depth and emotion which has never truly been seen before. The latest innovation will make the way players think and move, physically interact with opponents, and execute attacks on the pitch much more realistic. This is a huge leap forward as we approach a new era of gaming, where FIFA in Virtual Reality doesn’t seem all that far away.

Check out a few sneak peaks from the official FIFA 17 Reveal Trailer below…

FIFA 17 Hazard Game Face - Dice's Frostbite Engine

FIFA 17 Borussia Dortmund - DICE's Frostbite Engine

FIFA 17 James Rodriguez Celebrating - DICE's Frostbite Engine

FIFA 17 Anthony Martial Header - DICE's Frostbite Engine

FIFA 17 Inside Chelsea FC's Stadium - DICE's Frostbite Engine

FIFA 17 Mourinho Manager View - DICE's Forstbite Engine

Has a new era of football gaming arrived? Let us know your thoughts on the groundbreaking FIFA 17 Frostbite Engine transition in the comments below!


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