FIFA 16 MOTM Bale for FUT – Man of the Match

FIFA 16 MOTM Gareth Bale for FUT - Orange Man of the Match UEFA Champions League Final Card

FIFA 16 MOTM Bale is now available in FUT packs after EA deemed him to have a standout performance in the 2015-2016 UEFA Champions League final! Congratulations to Real Madrid on winning this years Champions League final after Cristiano Ronaldo stepped up to net the game winning penalty after extra time. The new 92-rated Gareth Bale orange MOTM in-form will be available in FIFA packs for the next 24 hours, until 12am UK, May 30th 2016. It’s good to see a stacked Bale IF after he didn’t feature in the Liga BBVA Team of the Season!

Also available in packs are the FIFA 16 Serie A / Ligue 1 TOTS and TOTW 37 in-forms!

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FIFA 16 MOTM Bale for FUT - Orange Man of the Match UEFA Champions League Final Card

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The 92-rated RW Gareth Bale card will be in high demand, especially after he didn’t feature in the La Liga TOTS. Short supply and very high demand causes inflated prices! With a number of pack offers on the way, combined with the hype of the Champions League final, it’s probably best to sell early if you pack him in our opinion. He’s currently up at 5 million coins on both platforms shortly after becoming available.

Who do you think deserved the prestigious Champions League final Man of the Match card? Will you be using MOTM Bale in your team? Let us know in the comments section below!



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