FIFA 16 coming to EA Access The Vault April 19th

FIFA 16 EA Access The Vault April 19th 2016

FIFA 16 EA Access The Vault April 19th 2016

FIFA 16 will be available in EA Access The Vault on the Xbox One and Origin Access for the PC on April 19th, 2016. Most of you will know the advantages of having EA and Origin Access, especially at the very start of FIFA. Users who purchase Origin and EA Access at the start of FIFA 16 were given 10 hours of gameplay before the official release of the new game. This also included access to FIFA Ultimate Team.

For FIFA 17 we advise using the 10 hours to actually play the game, including FUT Seasons and using your FUT Draft tokens. It’s economical to spend your time trading and building your team on the FIFA 17 Web App upon it’s scheduled early release, dubbed ‘play on’, and using the 10 hours to play with that team. You’d be surprised at the number of players who used the 10 hours game time to trade, when they could have just used the FUT Web App for free instead.

What is EA Access The Vault?

After becoming a member of EA or Origin Access for a monthly or yearly fee of £3.99 / £19.99, users will have access to full versions of selected games in what EA Sports call ‘The Vault’. The games can be downloaded and remain available to play for the duration of your membership. All progress and game saves remain if your membership runs out. The games available for EA Access The Vault on Xbox One include; NHL 16, Madden NFL 16 and Battlefield Hardline with Origin Access on the PC featuring Dragon Age Inquisition, Dead Space 3 and Battlefield 4. Not amazing, but a cheap way to access FIFA 16 for those that do not have the game yet. EA will add more games over time.

If you are new to FIFA and need help getting your FUT journey started, then our free FUT Web App Trading Methods GUIDE will really help you to make FIFA coins. Alternatively you can take a look at our go-to method to make millions of FUT coins which will enable you to afford the very best players in the game.

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