FUT Web App for FIFA 16 Ultimate Team Trading Methods FREE GUIDE

FUT Web App for FIFA 16 Ultimate Team trading mega guide to make coins

The FUT Web App for FIFA 16 Ultimate Team has been live since September 16th, hitting full capacity on September 17th 2015 for returning FUT 15 users. A lot has changed since then and so have many FIFA 16 Web App trading methods to make FIFA coins! In this FREE MEGA GUIDE, the mother of all FIFA Web App trading walkthroughs, we are going to detail and review all of our up-to-date tried and tested coin making methods for use on the Web and Mobile Companion Apps (featuring over 15 methods & several EXCLUSIVES). We’ll demonstrate several items that work very well with each method to give you as many options as possible. Don’t forget a very important feature has been included on the FUT 16 Web App, the ‘Find All Items’ feature which allows you to compare all the prices of a single item. Previously you could only do this from your console.

In this guide we’ll detail how to access the EA Web App, introduce basic trading practices, list and explain a treasure trove of trading methods to make FIFA coins at various price ranges and finish off with some general FUT trading tips! Although in principle making FUT coins is essentially buying low and selling high, we go much deeper and detail the methods step by step.

We’re sure beginner, intermediate and advanced level FIFA Ultimate Team traders will all benefit from this FREE guide, so help your friends out and let them know about it!

FUT Web App for FIFA 16 Ultimate Team Trading Mega Guide to Make FIFA Coins

If you are having problems connecting to the FUT Web App, please check our EA Servers section regularly for updated information.

FIFA 16 Web App Link & Mobile Companion App Details

Many of you (especially new players) may still be wondering how to access the official EA Sports Web App link and how to download the mobile Companion App for FIFA 16. We’ve listed how you can do so below;

Official EA Sports Web App Link

FUT Web App for FIFA 16 Ultimate Team Link - EA Sports Official

If you would like to download the official EA Sports Web App for mobile, then locate the ‘App Store’ on your iOS or Android device and search for ‘FIFA 16 Companion’. The screenshot below shows exactly what should appear as the top result.

EA Sports FIFA 16 Mobile Companion App for iOS and Android - FUT

FIFA 16 Web App Trading Methods to make FIFA Coins

Essential FUT 16 Web App Trading Tips

Many of the methods outlined below require that you follow basic principles when trading on the FUT 16 Web App or console (Xbox One, 360, Playstation 4, PS3 or PC). These guidelines will help ensure you always make the maximum number of FIFA coins from a each method.

  • ALWAYS account for the 5% EA tax on each item that you sell! If you sell an item for 250 coins, the 5% tax of 12.5 will round up to 13.
  • Increase your Transfer List and Transfer Targets size. You can do this by purchasing items from the EA SPORTS Football Club (EASFC) Catalogue. You can get them even cheaper if you and a friend gift them to each other! By doing this you can maximise on your profits, especially when mass bidding.
  • Unless otherwise stated in the method, list players at 1 hour auctions. This increases their exposure and chances of selling. While you are sleeping list items at 6 / 12 hours. Relist items as frequently as possible at 1 hour.
  • Always check the prices of the cards you have purchased on the Transfer Market at regular intervals, as prices can fluctuate.
  • Instead of manually bringing down a player’s maximum buy now price on your console using the left analogue stick, you can simply press LT/L2. You can also use RT/R2 to bring it straight back up to max, or alternatively just type it in on the FIFA 16 Web App.
  • If you are struggling to sell your cards try listing at the weekend as this is the most popular time for other players to play FIFA. Consumables are always in good demand (even 200 coin contracts etc) when lots of games are being played. Also remember that 5pm – 11pm UK is usually the time when most people are looking for items.
  • While you are building your FIFA coins by trading, try to steer clear of packs until you’ve purchased the entire squad you’re aiming for. We understand pack openings are very exciting, but they will drain your coins in the long run!
  • When you are in a bidding war it can sometimes be beneficial to bid twice in quick sucession yourself. This makes it look like more people are bidding than there actually are.
  • If you are struggling to sell your card and it’s economical to add a contract / fitness card (to the value of 99 fitness and 7 contracts), do exactly that. This will make him appear fresh (having not played any matches) for those searching on the FIFA 16 Web App.

BIN Sniping Effectiveness

Just to note, although it still works very well under certain circumstances, BIN (Buy It Now) Sniping is not as effective since the November FIFA Update which ensured prices now start at their maximum buy now, instead of their minimum. This reduces the number of players that accidentally list items cheaply on a Buy Now. We’ll detail items that still work extremely well when using this method. We’re aware that this is still many players’ favourite method of trading despite the recent update. If you don’t know this method yet, it’s where you rapidly search for a player at a certain price until one is listed.


Although the methods outlined in this guide work very well, you simply cannot compete with the efficiency of our number 1 go-to method. Learn how you can make MILLIONS of FUT coins and how to become a member of an incredibly helpful private traders area!

We’ll be frequently updating and adding all successful trading methods below! We strongly advise you to share and bookmark this page so you can keep referring back to it!

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0 – 10k

Starting right at the bottom, here you will find the most optimal trading methods if you have less than 10,000 FUT coins. We understand your concerns that having little coins will hinder your chances of making a lot, but this is not true. Opening 5k Gold or 7.5k Premium Gold packs in the hope of getting rich quickly will almost always ensure you will run out of FIFA coins. A small number can easily be built up, this can subsequently snowball into hundreds of thousands, trust us, we’ve done it! However, as soon as you are ready to go to the next level of trading explained in this free mega guide, we advise doing so as your time will be better spent.

Mass Bidding on Rare Gold Contracts

FIFA 16 Web App Gold Contracts Mass Bidding Trading Method to Make FIFA Coins for FUT

Rare Gold contracts are in high supply and regularly sell for 200 coins. Applying one of these consumable items to a Gold player will give them +28 contracts, therefore they are the most economical contract item you can buy. Since there are so many of these cards on the FUT Transfer Market, many go unnoticed and this creates a fantastic opportunity to make quick, easy FUT coins!

Since these items sell for 200 coins, the aim of this method is to bid on as many as possible for 150 coins (the minimum bid allowed). In order to do this you must filter Gold contracts on the Transfer Market and set your max BID price to 150, once you have done this click search. You should see page after page of regular Gold contract items, with the occasional rare player contract (ignore manager contracts for this method). Select each rare Gold contract item and bid 150 coins on as many as you can (you may have to skip forward quite a few pages to find ones that have no bids). After a few minutes you should have made a significant amount of bids, go to your transfer targets on the FIFA 16 Web App or console and see how many items you have won (remove any you have been outbid on). When we did this we usually won more items than we were outbid on, do this a couple more times until you have successfully purchased enough of these cards.

After the mass bidding part is over, it’s now time to mass list. List all of these items for 150 start price, 200 buy now for 1 hour. The vast majority of these items should sell on the first listing cycle, if for some reason any don’t, just relist them. When we tested this method we picked up 30 of these cards for 150 coins in a matter of minutes, we sold 25 of them for 200 coins and 5 for 150 coins – a quick, easy profit of around 1,000 FIFA coins. This trading method won’t make you a millionaire overnight, but it is extremely simple and effective. The beauty of mass bidding is that providing your watch list and transfer list have been upgraded in the EASFC Catalogue, you can use this method on a large scale. Many methods we advise can be implemented on a large scale.

Other items between 150 – 500 FUT coins that work well with mass bidding:

  • Bronzes and Silvers on bid as explained in other methods below! Not many people pay attention to them and can often go under the radar. Popular players that other users will want for their teams are BPL, Liga BBVA, Bundesliga and Serie A players that have favourable stats.
  • Badges and kits can be searched and BIN Sniped, meaning you can easily find the cheapest Buy Now. Once you’ve found the Buy Now price of an item, filter the max start price on these and then mass bid, you should make good FIFA coins this way as opposed to the 59th minute method explained below for stadiums. It’s rare you’ll get outbid on badges when mass bidding too (not many people trade with them)!
  • Certain Chemistry Styles
  • Head Coaches

Opening Regular 400 coin Bronze Packs

FUT 16 Web App Bronze Pack Trading Method To Make FUT Coins for FIFA 16

Pack description: Great value for increasing club depth. A mix of 12 items, including players, club items and consumables at least 10 Bronze and 1 rare.

This is another easy method you can use when you have less than 10k, as it requires very little knowledge of the market. All you have to do is open up as many 400 coin regular Bronze packs as you can and then sell the contents. The majority of the time you will pack items that are worth 200 coins max, so we advise listing at 150 start / 200 buy now at 1 hour. It’s essential that you continuously relist until they sell (it may take a while but they usually do). The more cards you have listed, the steadier the flow of sales and profits. Occasionally you will pack a valuable item which will significantly improve your profit margins. Some items that are worth more than than 200 coins include;

  • Bronze Squad Training +10 Fitness cards sell for roughly 1,100 / 1,200 alone!
  • Some of the more popular / short supplied players such as Akinfenwa (Wimbledon), Mounie (Nimes Olympique), Facey (Man City), Donyoh (Man City) and Gomez (Liverpool) just to name a few.
  • Some Silver players. “At least 10 Bronze” means that you will occasionally get some Silver items. It’s usually worth checking to see their value.

As you can see in the picture above, we opened up a pack to show you that it works. Although our pack was very average, we sold 3 items after a couple of 1 hour listing cycles for 200 FIFA coins and one sold at 150. This ensured a profit of 122 FIFA coins with 9 cards remaining to sell. We’re fairly confident that in time the majority will sell. With this logic, if you sold all 12 items at 200 coins, you would make 1880 coins profit from a 400 FUT coins investment. Now imagine if you opened 10 packs and listed all the cards…

This method will double, triple, quadruple your first 10k FUT coins in no time and would probably be our favourite if we were new to the game and had barely any coins. It requires little thought, little stress but it will require patience. Why shouldn’t you open up 750 coin Premium Bronze packs? Premium Bronze packs provide an extra 2 rares as opposed to regulars. The extra 350 coin investment simply isn’t worth it in the long run. This method has been tested at 400 coin packs and has proven time after time to be the most successful.

Finding quality Silver players at 300 coins or less

FUT Web App Trading Method Filtering Popular Silvers on Bid and Buy Now to Make FIFA Coins

Another super simple method, but it does require an eye for a bargain! The goal is to find popular Silver players with favourable stats listed cheaply. For the moment we’re going to focus on players worth around 400-500 FIFA coins, or more if you’re lucky. There are two ways of finding the players, firstly you’ll want to filter your Buy Now Max to 300 coins, Quality to Silver and League to Barclays PL (or any league that has good demand). When we searched the Silver Barclays PL market at 300 coins we were greeted with three pages of players. Please note that this was at 2am UK time. If you are struggling to find players then try again in the early hours. After quickly scanning through the listings we noticed that Andreas Pereira had been listed twice for 250 bid / 300 buy now, with 30 minutes remaining! Knowing that a fairly popular Manchester United 69 rated Silver with 73 pace was worth more than 300 FUT coins we purchased him and listed him for 400 / 450 after checking his cheapest Buy Now price. We also took a punt on Riviere at 300 coins and listed him for 400 / 450.

Both Pereira cards sold for 450, with Riviere selling at 400 coins. Although we’ve got lots of other Silvers currently up for sale, on those three cards alone we’ve made a profit of 335 FIFA coins. Now we know that they’ve successfully sold at 400 / 450, we’re going to go back and bid on as many in the hour as possible at 150-300 coins (preferably winning them at 250 or below). If you have proven success with a certain Silver or Bronze player on a buy now then winning the items cheaply on bid is usually a great idea. This is because Bronze and Silver players aren’t sniped or in as high demand as Gold players. Always bid in the lowest possible increments to save yourself valuable FIFA coins!

FIFA 16 Web App Trading Silver Players Juan Paredes for FUT

You can also look through the pages you’ve filtered and have a cheeky bid on several of the more popular players you see that aren’t quite worth their buy now values. For example, at the time of writing this we’ve just seen Juan Parades at 250 / 300. Knowing he sells for around 400 (maybe 350), we can make an easy 82 coins by bidding on him. At 3am UK there was a good chance he wouldn’t sell at 300 so we waited it out and saved 50 coins.

The second way of finding quality Silver players will likely secure you higher profit margins but can be more time consuming. Filter your Max BID Price to 300 coins, Quality to Silver and League to Barclays PL etc. The same process remains. Flick through the players until you see a quality player and either bid there and then at the minimum, or add him to your Transfer Targets. We don’t advise mass bidding on multiple listings at a certain price here as you’ll often pick up players even cheaper than you first anticipate! If the player successfully sells then our previous advice remains, ‘Find All Items’ and win lots on the cheap.

Finding quality Silver players at 500 coins or less near the 59th minute

FIFA 16 Web App Filtering quality Silver Players at 500 FIFA coins - FUT

The exact same method as before, but up your Buy Now price to 500 coins and search in the 59th minute. You’d be amazed at the number of people who list decent Barclays PL Silvers for cheap on a buy now!

  • Another 59th minute method we’ve found is Gold Head Coaches at 200 FIFA Coins Max Buy Now!

Set up a new account for another FREE FUT Draft token

FUT Draft Tokens for FIFA 16 worth 15,000 FIFA Coins

While we have not used this method ourselves, and wouldn’t advise doing it as it doesn’t teach you how to make coins in the longer term, we’ve heard it does work, but with an element of risk. We definitely wouldn’t abuse this method though as it could result in your main account getting banned, meaning you’ll no longer be able to trade on the FUT Web App or console.

In short, EA give one free FUT Draft token (worth 15,000 FIFA coins) when you first create a new account. Depending on how well you do will depend upon the FUT packs and coins rewarded. Once you’ve liquidated the FIFA packs you then send the coins over to your main account. Creating a new account can be a lengthy and boring process, so you’re probably better off sticking to our tried and tested trading methods! Your time will be better spent there as you’ll actually learn the market and how easy it is to CONTINUOUSLY make FIFA coins!

If you are struggling to do well in your FUT Drafts, then check out our ‘Guide to winning FUT Draft‘.

Bidding on sweaty, low priced Silver Players

FUT 16 Bargain Silver Players FIFA Coins Making Method (Search Filter) - FIFA 16 Ultimate Team

This method can get you some great margins and we’re huge fans of it! In our opinion it remains one of the easiest methods to build FIFA coins regardless of how many coins you’ve got, especially now that the FUT 16 Web App includes the ‘Find All Items’ feature. We’ve got so much faith in this method that we’re sure beginners can continuously make amazing coins with it. All you have to do is the following;

  • Filter the quality to Silver and set your max bid price to 400 coins and your min buy now price to 750. This combination ensures better players are filtered into the listing results (you’ll still see many overpriced players though).
  • Scroll through the list of players until you see a sweaty player with favourable stats (i.e. 90+ pace, 4-star weak foot / 4-star skill moves etc).
  • Add these favourable players to your Transfer Targets.
  • Click ‘Find All Items’ on the FIFA 16 Web App or ‘Compare Price’ on your console.
  • Work out what they are selling for on a Buy Now.
  • Bid in the lowest possible increments below the value that you feel you can make profit with.
  • List the player at 1 hour listing cycles. Remember to frequently relist if he doesn’t sell!
  • If you have success with the player continue to search and bid on as many as possible, repeating the process and making great FIFA coins.

FUT 16 Web App Trading Method with Sweaty Silver Players on bid to make FIFA Coins for FUT

We quickly followed this process and found a 90 paced Australian International on bid for 300 coins. After adding him to our Transfer Targets and comparing his price we noted that his cheapest Buy Now was 1500 coins. Having got into a small bidding war, we managed to win him for 750 coins. We instantly listed him for 1300 / 1400 (the cheapest on the market), as we could see that he was selling for 1200 – 1300 on bid. This made us 680 coins profit and took a matter of minutes! Give this method a try as we’re sure you and your friends will make easy profit from it!

English Barclays PL Bronze Rares for 150 FIFA Coins

FUT 16 Web App Bronze Barclays PL Trading Method to Make FIFA Coins - FIFA 16 Ultimate Team

Filter your search for Bronze, English, Barclays PL players with a max bid price of 150 coins (or 200 coins for lower margins). Try to look for a rare player with favourable stats. Add a significant number of the players to your Transfer Targets, compare their prices and then bid on them for 150 / 200 if they are worth it. Worst case scenario – you’ll usually make 40 coins per card if the player is fairly good. We picked up Southampton’s ST Seager for 150 and sold him for 300 coins. Easy 135 coins profit.

Rare Gold Fitness Coaches at 150 – 200 FIFA Coins

FIFA 16 Web App Filtering Gold Rare Fitness Coaches - Mass Bidding to Make FIFA Coins on FUT

Go onto Staff Search, Fitness Coaches, change the quality to Gold, set your Max Price to 200 coins and click search. Scroll through the pages and bid on as many rare Gold fitness coaches for 150 – 200 coins. These coaches are guaranteed to sell for near on double that on a Buy Now. There is little competition on Fitness coaches above the 200 FUT coins mark, especially in the early hours!

10k – 50k

Bidding on Rare Silver Players

FIFA 16 Web App Bidding on Silver Rare Players Trading Method to Make FIFA Coins for FUT

Many users tend to ignore Silver players entirely and also underestimate their value. There are in fact a significant number of rare Silver players in FUT 16 that are worth in excess of 5k coins. The trick with this method is to find out who these players are and what they sell for on a Buy Now. You can either check this on your preferred database website, or you can filter your min bid price to 4,000, your max buy now to 5,000 and change the quality to Silver. This should return several rare players and also several overpriced players. It’s important you distinguish between the two by monitoring several you like the look of in your Transfer Targets. When you find a player you think you can make coins on, click ‘Find All Items’ on the FIFA 16 Web App and make some comparisons.

When you’ve monitored a few and seen what they actually sell for on a buy now you can then work out your max bid price. Keep searching through that player until you find one with a bid price below your maximum value, see how long is left on the auction and if it’s more than 5-10 minutes, just add the item to your Transfer Targets. Always increase each bid in the lowest possible increment! You do not want to mass bid here. When you find a player this works well with, you can consistently make excellent FIFA coins.

This trading method does require a little patience at times, but the margins are superb so it makes it worthwhile! Take our example, Kang Soo Il was one of the players we searched and we knew we could sell him for 8,900 coins, as the next cheapest on the Transfer Market was 9,500 coins (it was late and we wanted a quick sale). As you can see we purchased him for 5,800 coins on bid, which was clearly well underpriced. This transaction took us a matter of minutes and we netted a cool profit of 2,655 coins!

The beauty of this method is that it is reasonably simple and due to the majority of FUT users ignoring the Silver market completely, there are so many bargains to be had! In our opinion bidding is without doubt the best way to pick up these types of deals, but don’t discount the opportunity of snapping one up for cheap on a buy now.

BIN Sniping Players exceeding their Max Price Range

FUT Web App BIN Sniping Players exceeding their Max Price Range (Juan Cazares) - Trading Method to Make FIFA Coins - FIFA 16 Ultimate Team.jpg

‘PRP’ is an abbreviation that you may have heard before, if you are unfamiliar with this term, it stands for Price Range Percentage. If a player’s price range is 0-10k and they are selling for 7,500 coins, their PRP would be 75%. PRP is simply a measure of how accurate a player’s price range is set to their free market price, with this in mind around 50% is ideal for EA, as it gives reasonable scope for a player’s price to move up and down without hitting their min or max price range. Of course not all player’s PRP’s are 50%, in-fact there are a number of players at 100%, even on both consoles!

So how does this work, what happens when a player exceeds their maximum price range? It’s pretty simple, EA update their price ranges. It may have just clicked for some of you where the coin-making part comes in, but for those who still need a little more explanation, here’s exactly how to do it… Find a player that is at their max price range (100% PRP), you’ll know this because there are usually NONE on the market. This works with all players, even if they have been removed from packs, but from our experience new players (i.e. transfers / upgrades / in-forms) work best. Regularly search for that player at certain intervals, say every time you finish a match for example, keep doing this until one appears. Patience is imperative with this method as it may take quite a few searches until one appears, if none appear just move onto the next player and come back to him later. When one finally does appear SNAP HIM UP! Even if his costs 10k? Yes, even if he is at his absolute maximum price.

If you take a trip down memory lane, the more astute FUT users will remember Anthony Martial and Dimitri Payet temporarily disappearing from the FUT Transfer market, this is because this exact thing happened to them, and that’s only two examples of many! We invested in both, continually searching and patiently waiting for one to appear and managed to pick up around 10 of each. We waited a couple of days, keeping an eye out for price range updates and then sold them all one increment under their cheapest BIN prices, we made tens of thousands of coins from doing this.

Juan Cazares (shown in the picture above) is an excellent example of this method for a number of reasons. As you can see he is a 74-rated rare Silver player with 90 pace and now plays in the Brazilian League (Liga do Brasil). A player such as this with 4 star skills or more is a gem for anyone looking to build a sweaty silver team and will command a higher price as a result. Cazares’ previous card played in the Argentinian League (Primera Division), with this not being as popular as the Brazilian League with regard to Silver players and him not linking with certain BraSilver players (Brazilian Silvers), the value of this older card just isn’t the same. The fact that Cazares’ newer card has been in packs nearly three months and there are currently ZERO on the market clearly shows that his price range is too low and that his PRP is 100%. As a result we have invested as we’re very confident his price range will be increased, and even if it isn’t increased we shouldn’t make a loss as we managed to pick up a few for under 5k! This same method can be applied to a number of players and we know for a fact that there are coins to be had by doing this correctly.

Purchasing a Player in a certain Chemistry Style or Position for their basic value

FUT 16 Web App Trading Method Chemistry Styles and Positional Changes for FUT

This method used to work extremely well for us, but having experimented again we found it very difficult to find players that this works well with. We’re assuming this is due to players either wising up, or the lack of listings. In the past this method used to be a guaranteed coin-maker for everyone. It may come back to life at some point, so with this in mind we’ve listed the method below.

This method can be implemented in one of two ways, depending on the player. You want to find mid priced players (between 2-15k) due to EA tax and the cost of the consumables, players nearer the 4-5k mark should bring the best margins however. Most people won’t want to attach a Hunter to a player worth 500 FIFA coins. You can purchase your chosen player in his basic position and/or chemistry style and then manually attach the popular positional change or chemistry style cards yourself (if he sells at an inflated price with that card attached). You want to aim to sell him at 10% more than his original cost and consumable combined (after EA tax). The second method we used requires purchasing the player with the consumable cards already attached, but at his basic price. Users simply forget that players in a certain chemistry style or positional change are worth more!

The picture above shows us trying to BIN Snipe Remy in a Hunter at 2,300 coins, with the goal of selling him at the market cheapest price of 2,700 coins (a very modest 265 coins profit). We chose Remy as he’s frequently listed in the Hunter chemistry style.

From our experience the recent FUT 7 Year Celebration International Position Changes may be a better focus for this method, as their supply is only temporary and certain position changes with these particular cards are likely to be more appealing to most FUT users.

Mass Bidding on Rare Gold Squad Training +30 Fitness Cards

FIFA 16 Web App Trading Method Mass Bidding Gold Rare Squad Training Cards for FUT

Although mass bidding works with almost every card to an extent, consumables seem to be the best, as shown in the regular Gold contracts method (0 – 10k section). Mass bidding on Rare Gold Squad Training cards is a fantastic FIFA coins earner, especially when there have been promotional packs in the store, or anything that increases pack openings. Rare consumables often get listed at 150 start as users simply can’t be bothered to check their prices (slightly more long winded) along with the new preset maximum buy now. This method will apply to other consumables that have non-rare counterparts and that are listed in great volume. We’ll explain why below.

Rare Gold consumables that have non-rare counterparts are not easy to price. You have to find the item you’re looking for among the non rares, then click ‘Find All Items’ and then look through a fair few to get a rough idea. Because so many have been listed it’s difficult for users to mass bid on every card!

To use as an example for this guide, we managed to win 10 of these cards at 1,000 coins (bidding on about 25). We then quickly listed every card at 1200/1300, which was the cheapest buy now we could see (some were listed cheaper but they were purchased pretty quickly). 8 of the cards sold on the first listing cycle (6 at the 1,300 coins Buy Now and 2 at the 1,200 bid price). The last 2 cards sold on the second listing at 1,300 FUT coins. This made us a total profit of 2,160 coins after waiting for pretty much the whole hour for the cards to sell. Up the scale of this and you should have a steady flow of selling cards. Sometimes you do get the odd card that was missed by everyone as they were flicking through the pages. We were literally 1 second away from purchasing it!

FIFA 16 Web App Trading Method Squad Training Mass Bidding Bargain for FUTIf you want to find an amazing, occasional buy now deal on the rare squad fitness cards, then scroll to the 59th minute after clicking ‘Find All Items’. Unless other users are doing this you’ll be able to get all the amazing deals, as you cannot really BIN Snipe on many consumables with non rare counterparts (too many cards are listed).

One thing to note with this method is that your cards won’t sell instantly, chances are that they will sell in the very last minutes of your auctions. Prices will vary so please don’t take 1,200 / 1,300 as the card’s value!

Other items between 1k – 2k that work well with mass bidding:

  • Silver and Bronze Squad Fitness cards.
  • Pretty much any player around that value, but beware some items may have a lot more competition than others.

59th Minute Method on items that cannot be BIN Sniped

FIFA 16 Web App 59th Minute Method Trading Stadiums to Make FIFA Coins for FUT

We used to have fairly good long term success using this method but at the moment we’re struggling to make good margins. We’re finding that the other methods are a much more efficient use of your time. We’ll list the steps below as it may come back to life.

Buying certain club items in the 59th minute should work (especially stadiums as they cannot be BIN Sniped)! With Stadiums you have to manually ‘Find All Items’ on the FIFA 16 Web App or click ‘Compare Price’ on your console. Therefore we filtered the club item search to Stadia and quality to Gold. We then flicked through the listing results until we found a popular stadium that’s likely to be listed in high volume and above 500 coins. Once we’d found one we clicked ‘Find All Items’ and made a note of the lowest Buy Now price. We then scrolled to the 59th minute and looked for one going cheap on a Buy Now. Not amazing, but profit nonetheless.

Gold Players for 500 Coins in a Chemistry Style

FUT Web App Gold Players at 500 FIFA Coins in a Chemistry Style Search Filter - FIFA 16 Ultimate Team

You’ll want to focus on Gold players with a buy now max of 500 FIFA coins as shown above. The idea is to pick up popular or decent players in any Chemistry Style (except the basic) for 500 coins or below. If you’re unsure on the player’s value you can quickly search him after adding him to your Transfer Targets. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, switch to the the next Chemistry Style and repeat the process. If your results are returning a lot of players, you can narrow the search down further by filtering to more popular Leagues.

The very first search in a Sniper Chemistry Style returned Shane Long at 450 coins. After checking his cheapest price we listed him for 550 start / 600 buy now. An easy 120 coins profit. You’ll want to search on as many players as you can to improve your efficiency and profits.

FIFA Web App Gold Players at 500 FIFA Coins in a Chemistry Style Trading Method for FUT

BIN Sniping In-forms for less than 5k

FUT Web App BIN Sniping In-forms for less than 5k FIFA Coins - FIFA 16 Ultimate Team

This one needs little explanation. Set your filters to Special items and around 4.5k for the Buy Now Max and keep searching until an in-form appears. You can up this value if you are happy with making lower margins. In-forms on both platforms should be going for in excess of 6.5k! If you see one at the 5k mark purchase him instantly, list up for sale and make a minimum profit of 1,000 coins.

50k – 500k

The 1-2-3 Method for Gold In-forms (Open Bid)

FUT 16 Web App Gold In-form Trading on Open Bid to Make FIFA Coins - FIFA 16 Ultimate Team

Min Price at 10k, Max Price at 20k, Min Buy Now at 30k and filter the quality to Special. This will return a lot of Gold in-forms. This has been the best method we’ve used when bidding on IFs, the margins you can make are surprising (we did do this at 3am UK though).

  1. Add several of the better players you see up until the hour mark to your Transfer Targets or those that are around 10k (the majority of Gold in-forms sell for more than 10k on a buy now).
  2. Go to your Transfer Targets and compare the lowest buy now prices of all the informs you have. This will give you your maximum bid price to make profit.
  3. Bid on the in-forms in the lowest possible increments. You’ll likely have the best success with your bids at off peak times of the day (in the early hours UK).
  4. List the player straight up for the lowest buy now and repeat.

Investing in player performances

500k +

Legends and Top In-forms 59th Minute Method

FUT 16 Web App Legends Filter - FIFA 16 Ultimate Team

As this coin making method deals with millions of coins we advise investing a little bit of time by compiling an updated list of all their cheapest Buy Nows. Check a database website or add several to your Transfer Targets at different times of the day to analyse their prices. Once you have made your list you can find bargain buy now Legends (Xbox 360 / One only) around the 59th minute. You’ll need to filter the League to Legends. Scroll to the 59th minute and look to see if you can get any cheap. BIN Sniping won’t really be effective here as you’ll be sat there too long with no rewards. The 59th minute works well as between all the Legend cards you’ll frequently see new listings. If you do see a bargain you’ll probably even have time to compare his price just to make sure.

  • Make a habit of searching the Legends individually as you can quickly analyse cards that are cheap on a Buy Now / bid. You should be able to win the Legends for cheaper on bid at off peak hours (early hours UK time).
  • Don’t forget there will be times where barely any Legends will be listed. At this time you’ll get away with selling the card at a slightly inflated price. You can even dictate this if you see two cards listed on the cheap (purchase them and relist at a higher price)

Top In-forms

Repeat this process for top in-forms by filtering the quality to special and the min buy now price to 400,000 FIFA coins.

General tips to increase FUT coins

  • You can purchase coin boosts in the EASFC catalogue. This ensures more coins when playing matches. This is particularly useful for users just starting their FUT journey. These coins can help you implement the trading methods discussed above on the FIFA 16 Web App or console.
  • Keep a close eye on tournaments on your console. Very specific requirements can cause a sizeable increase in a player’s price, if they are a popular choice for that tournament. These tournaments often come unannounced, so players have little choice but to accept the price. If you know the tournament is coming, such as the St. Patrick’s Day Cup, invest really early during a market crash. Those who invested in Irish players during the TOTY crash made a huge number of coins (especially when selling just before the tournament release). Selling during the tournament was when everyone tried to offload their investments. This often happens with events that have a lot of publicity.

We hope our FUT 16 Web App trading methods to make FIFA Coins have helped. If you’d like to get our FREE ADVICE or have any questions on your coin making strategy, leave a comment below and we’ll get back to you! We’re dedicated to ensuring you all make FUT coins!


        • If possible try and use the method during off-peak FIFA hours. We often trade around 3-4am UK when competition on the Transfer Market isn’t as great. Let us know if this helps, if not we’ll try and further help 🙂

          • Hey Johnston, now is a time when a lot more in-forms will be listed for open bid on the market due to the TOTS. Let us know if you’re still struggling.

          • Hey Johnston, now is a time when a lot more in-forms will be listed for open bid on the market due to the TOTS. Let us know if you’re still struggling.

  1. I can’t sell 86 rated Schweinsteiger and 87 rated Chiellini. I tryed a week and TOTS are coming, so i need to sell at least one of them. What should i do?

  2. I can’t sell 86 rated Schweinsteiger and 87 rated Chiellini. I tryed a week and TOTS are coming, so i need to sell at least one of them. What should i do?

  3. Hello, i have bought tots raffel and tots kalou for 80k and 30k but they both have dropped in price. Should i sell nok and get as much money back as possible, or Should i wait untill tots bundesliga cup is over and sell Them? Pls help

  4. Hello, i have bought tots raffel and tots kalou for 80k and 30k but they both have dropped in price. Should i sell nok and get as much money back as possible, or Should i wait untill tots bundesliga cup is over and sell Them? Pls help

  5. Hi I had a question about the max PRP method. I am looking at players currently at 100% PRP, and it seems they were steadily fluctuating up and down and just reached 100% recently. Should I buy these players or will they go back down in price?

  6. Hi I had a question about the max PRP method. I am looking at players currently at 100% PRP, and it seems they were steadily fluctuating up and down and just reached 100% recently. Should I buy these players or will they go back down in price?


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