FIFA 16 Web App & Early Access FUT Trading Coin Tips

FUT 16 Coin Making Guide Tips - FIFA 16 Ultimate Team

FIFA 16 Web App early access link now live for FUT, trading methods & tips to make coins

The FIFA 16 Web App early access link for FUT is now live before the actual official release of the game! Making coins during the first days of FIFA 16 Ultimate Team can be a time consuming and confusing process, but also a very worthy investment. With this in mind and following on from previous years, we’ve decided to list our top trading methods and tips to help you make FUT coins and get ahead of the crowd. You’ll find the coin making examples towards the end of this article, just after our top tips!

With the FIFA Web App & Mobile Companion App now up and running for returning FUT 15 Web App users, EA Early Access now available for Xbox One users AND Price Ranges significantly widened, this is the ideal time to trade and build a team! The more time and effort you put into making FIFA coins now, the easier and more enjoyable your Ultimate Team experience will be. At the end of the day, coins make coins!

Free FUT Packs

Make the most of Returning User/Loyalty FUT packs! If you have played FIFA before, then there’s a chance you will have received a number of free packs as a reward. It is important to free up as many coins as possible in the early stages of the FUT Web App release, so sell your items obtained from these free packs unless you foresee a sizeable increase in the very near future.

FUT Web App Packs - FIFA 16 Ultimate Team

FUT Web App Daily Gifts

Collect your free FIFA 16 Web App Early Access Daily Gifts by logging in each day! FUT Daily Gifts will only be available until October 1st and can provide you with useful coins to trade with. It is also possible to receive extra free FUT packs in these daily gifts! Check out our last two freebies…

FIFA 16 Web App early access Free Daily Gifts (1,000 Coins & Gold Gift Pack) - FUT

FIFA 16 Web App Early Access Item Values

Many players will only be as valuable as their quick-sell price, you can usually tell this by their overall rating and card stats. However, if you’re not absolutely sure about a player’s value then it is wise to check first so you don’t waste valuable coins! Certain items such as contracts and fitness cards will generally be worth their quick-sell value during the FIFA 16 Web App early access, so it is a bonus if you manage to sell them even for 150 coins on bid.

FIFA 16 Web App Sold Consumable Items - FUT

FUT Web App Listing Cycles

Listing your items for the correct price is absolutely crucial if they are to sell, but you can also increase the likelihood of selling an item by repeating short listing cycles. Many FUT users list items for 3 hours – 3 days, but this can actually be detrimental if you’re looking for a quick sale. It is generally best to list items for 1 hour at a time, as lowest BIN (buy it now) prices continually fluctuate. This will allow you to adjust the price of these items accordingly, without having locked listings. Longer listing cycles are recommended for scarcer items of a higher value.

FUT Web App Fabiano Transfer Listing - FIFA 16 Ultimate Team

EASFC Coin Reward Boosts

Before playing any matches we strongly recommend purchasing Coin Reward Boosts from the EASFC (EA SPORTS Football Catalogue). If you’re looking for a head start in FIFA 16 Ultimate Team then this is one of the best ways to do it. If you have a friend who hasn’t already purchased these boosts, then it is a good idea to gift these items to each other instead of purchasing them yourselves, this is a cheaper way of acquiring them. If you haven’t used Coin Reward Boosts before, they basically give you certain bonuses after each match until they run out. So for example, you could purchase 10x 1,000 coins and you will receive a 1,000 coin bonus on top of your match earnings for 10 matches!

EA Sports Football Club (EASFC) Coin Boosts - FIFA 16 Ultimate Team

How to make FUT coins

Firstly, if you are genuinely serious about affording the very best players in the game then you will want to check out our go-to method, where you can make over 200k FUT coins a day!

We’ve also detailed trading methods for how to make coins during FUT 16 Web App early access here. Moving on, once you have liquidated your club to the point where you have as many available coins as possible, you are now ready to start trading! We decided to think outside the box instead of just going for a popular player. After checking out the new kits, we came across River Plate’s third kit, clearly a popular item as the cheapest on the market was over 1,000 coins. With all the gold packs being opened at the moment we realised a lot of users would just list this item for around 200 coins, not knowing its real base price.

FUT Web App Trading Method (River Plate Third Kit) - FIFA 16 Ultimate Team

We hovered around the hour mark by changing pages, waiting for River Plate third kits to be listed for 500 coins or less. Every few minutes or so one popped up and we continually purchased them. After a while we picked up quite a few of these and listed them individually for the cheapest BIN price on the market (950 coins).

FUT Web App Trading Method Sold Item (River Plate Third Kit) - FIFA 16 Ultimate Team

It took some time and concentration, but after doing this for a while we were making good coins. We experimented with various items and some were better than others, but with the River Plate third kit we seemed to have guaranteed profits. Obviously you guys aren’t going to be able to use this particular item after many people will have read this article, but believe us there are many, many other items you can do this same method with. This is especially true during the FIFA 16 Web App early access stage where there are significantly less switched on users looking to mass bid. You can even find items that are being sold for THOUSANDS of coins less than the average lowest BIN price, although these items may require more patience to pick up.

With the River Plate kit we decided to use the 59th Minute Method. As most of you know this is when you swap pages on the hour mark to see new listings (hopefully before anyone else does)! As one hour is the most popular and default listing cycle, this is where the majority of items will appear. You don’t have to solely rely on BIN auctions, many items will be listed without a BIN price and will go under the radar. Mass Bidding on these items is another great way to pick up bargains, the trick is to use the coins you have accumulated by bidding on as many of a particular item as you can, at a price you feel can be resold for decent profit. This is a coin-chewer though, so it’s best to keep to auctions with less than one hour remaining!

You can also capitalise on other FUT players mistakes by purchasing a card with added value at the original price. In order to do this you need to find a player with a favourable positional change or chemistry style applied where the seller has listed the player at the standard price. There are real bargains to be had here as many of these auctions go unnoticed! Filter a particular player by position or chemistry style. It will take time finding a suitable player, but when you do cotton onto a real earner it should set you up for several days to come, as more and more packs are opened.

Worst case scenario – If you’re still struggling to make good coins to trade with and you don’t mind spending a few £/$’s, it can sometimes be beneficial to open a few FUT packs with FIFA Points in order to increase your initial coin trading balance. Usually it’s probably worth waiting for a Happy Hour coupled with high quality IF (in-form) players if you are really into ripping through packs, but while we’re in the FIFA 16 Web App early access phase the FUT coins can soon multiply. Fortunately Team of the Week 1 (TOTW), featuring IF Cristiano Ronaldo is very good!

Remember, if you have EA Early Access it’s best to use the 10 hours to actually play matches, rather than trading. You can use the FUT Web App to trade without affecting your 10 hours game time!

Official link – FIFA Ultimate Team Web App

Have any tips you want to share with fellow FIFA players? How many coins have you made so far on the FIFA 16 Web App early access? Let us know in the comments below.


    • Hi Stefan, thanks for pointing this out. It should have said ‘when using coins to purchase packs’. Most often you will lose coins by purchasing packs…

  1. Buy a lot team of the week 1, this players are not much on the market and wil get very expensive in a mather of weeks. Especialy on PS3/4 because there are not many people who can open packs. There are only 100 players of the cheapest IFs, so the players will be gone when the full game gets out and the price wil go up.

  2. Started playing on PS3 today. First thing I did was buy 15 x 1000 coin boost from the catalog. Played two matches, no coin boosts. Anyone else having this issue?

  3. I am on level 71 bought all the 1000 coin boosts played 8 matches still have not got any boost ea are a joke and mind u I’m not a good trader playing fut for 4 years it was my only way to get some cheap coins.Thank u ea for ruining another year for me.

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    You probably get tons of people everyday who are in love with FIFA, so I won’t bore you with my reasons. Instead, I thought I could show you some appreciation by giving you some feedback on how you can improve your website.

    I was trading in Fifa for a long time and had a lot of fun but i did not find any EA Tax calculator so I programmed one for myself. Its very slim and easy too use and you can embed it without a problem.

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