FUT 16 Web App Transfer Market Now Live!

FUT 16 Web App Home Screen Page - FIFA 16 Ultimate Team

The FUT 16 Web App Transfer Market has been released early, otherwise announced as Webstart by EA, the preseason of FIFA Ultimate Team. The FIFA 16 Web App is NOW LIVE and will be at full capacity by September 17th 2015! The Transfer Market been enabled which means returning FUT 15 players can start making FUT coins RIGHT NOW! We’ll detail how you can build a fantastic squad early and most importantly at a very cost effective way as it’s one of the best investments you can make. The age old saying rings true in that coins make coins!

If you want to find out the most effective trading method that we’ve ever used then check out how you can make over 200k FUT coins a day!

FUT 16 Web App Home Screen Page - FIFA 16 Ultimate Team

FUT 16 Web App Details

After selecting your FIFA 16 console, returning and loyal users will receive free ‘returning user’ packs. How many packs depends on FUT loyalty (we received 2 Gold Packs, 2 Player Packs and a Silver Gift Pack but we are FUT founders).

FUT 16 Web App Store Packs - FIFA 16 Ultimate TeamAs with previous FUT Web Apps, you are able to view and edit any squads you have. You can use Concept Squads in order to help plan the next team you are aiming to build. Concept Squads is an inbuilt squad builder within the FUT 16 Web App! Generations are also back. This feature allows you to view your old teams and players from previous FIFA titles! You can check back from FUT 15, FUT 14 etc. Unfortunately your players and coins from FUT 15 will not transfer over to your FIFA 16 Ultimate Team account but you will have the option of a one-time transfer of FIFA points.

FUT 16 Web App Concept Squads - FIFA 16 Ultimate Team

Don’t forget to login each day to collect your free FUT 16 Web App daily gifts (for a limited time only)! You’ll often see these free gifts promoted throughout the year. Don’t forget that you’re likely to receive further free packs in your daily gifts. We always advise going through the effort of logging into the Web App daily to receive these. They are an excellent way to quickly build up your coin totals in a phase where it’s vital to build a quality team while players are cheap. Picking up cheap players super early is one of the best investments you can make.

FUT 16 Web App Daily Gift (1000 Coins) - FIFA 16 Ultimate Team

FUT 16 Web App Transfer Market – Trading Methods

FUT 16 Web App Transfer Market - FIFA 16 Ultimate Team

Everyone wants early access FUT 16 Web App Transfer Market trading methods to make FUT coins… We’ve detailed how you can make coins during web app early access here, but will offer even more advice below.

BIN Sniping

Please note: This method may be less effective now after the November update. The update resulted in a player’s price automatically starting at the maximum as opposed to the minimum before being listed. It will still work though!

Possible one of the most effective trading methods you’ll find at the start of FIFA 16. It’s very simple too! All you have to do is find a popular player you want to purchase (one that’s listed in high quantities) and continuously flick between two cheap Buy Now prices until one gets listed. As soon as the item is listed you have to purchase it ASAP! You’re guaranteed to make excellent profits using this trading method, especially at a time where it’s difficult to gauge a player’s actual price.

Mass Bidding

Mass bidding is also as simple as it sounds. Find a player that’s in high supply, gauge his lowest buy now price and bid on as many of that player 15% cheaper than that price up until 1 hour. You always need to account for 5% EA tax and as a rule of thumb you want to make roughly 10% on each card. It’s very important you don’t bid over 1 hour as you don’t want to tie up your coins for any longer than needed. You’ll often lose several bids, but you’ll win a fair few. Don’t get caught up in a bidding war as you’ll lose FUT coins in the long run!

59th Minute Method

Again a very effective method during early access of the FUT 16 Web App Transfer Market. You’ll need to scroll to the 59th minute of auctions and flick between pages on the hour mark. You’re not looking for a particular player here, you are looking for any player that’s listed below his actual value. 1 hour is a very popular listing cycle so it’s not worth going above this time. It does require that you react very quickly and have instinctive knowledge of player prices.

400 Coin Bronze Packs

Although more effective in the latter stages of FIFA 16, 400 coin Bronze packs offer great value for your coins even during the FIFA 16 Web App early access phase. All you have to do is purchase the pack and sell the contents for 150 bid / 200 coins buy now (assuming you don’t pack a rare consumable or player).

Player Chemistry Styles / Positional Changes attached

Chemistry Styles are worth FUT coins. Sometimes players unknowingly sell players with popular chemistry styles attached for their basic values. This is where you can capitalise! Search for a player and filter their position or chemistry style and you’ll likely find what you’re looking for. You’ll need to firstly note down the price of the player in his basic position or chemistry style, and then make note of the price of the positional change card or chemistry style. Please note that some players won’t sell well even though they have an expensive card attached. For example Rooney as a Shadow may not be the best option.

Finding unknown rare items

Items that are not known as rare are often listed cheaply on bid. This is especially the case for consumables. You should be able to find certain kits and badges that are listed at a high price on a Buy Now, but a low price on bid. This is because players will pack them and just assume they are worthless, listing them up for 200 coins bid.

There are many other trading method that you’ll find listed on our website in due course! The FUT Companion App has also been updated! If your phone/tablet hasn’t already automatically updated this app, you may have to do this manually. If you haven’t downloaded the FUT Companion App before, just search ‘FUT Companion’ on your App Store and it should be easy to find. You can now also create FUT Draft squads on here too!

Official link – FIFA Ultimate Team Web App

Rumour has it that TOTW 1 looks AMAZING, so check out our FUT 16 Team of the Week TOTW 1 Predictions and get ready for the announcement shortly after 2pm (UK time) – to make way for the brand new FIFA 16 TV ad!

How many coins have you made so far? Let us know in the comments below!


  1. I can connect to the web app, but it won’t let me use the transfer market. I get the message “Continue playing FUT 16 on Xbox One to unlock access to the transfer market”. Can anyone explain why I can’t access the market? I had fifa 15 for the 360 and I’m planning to transfer over to the xbox one in the coming days.

    • I got the same problem: “Continue playing FUT 16 on PS4 to unlock access to the transfer market”. I played FIFA 15 on PS4 to by the way.

      • see, thats really strange to me. Cause after thinking about it, I thought that maybe they’re telling me this, because I’m transitioning and didn’t play FUT 15 for the xbox one. If I confirm my console as the 360 on this latest web app, I’m able to search the transfer market. So it makes no sense why you’re unable to access the market. It’s idiotic.


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