FUT 16 Web App & Mobile App Release Date FAQ

FUT 16 Web and Mobile Apps Release Date (September 17th) - FIFA 16 Ultimate Team

It’s what you’ve all been waiting for… The FUT 16 Web App Release Date! Alongside EA Early Access, FIFA 16 Ultimate Team will be available to play on the FUT 16 Web App and Mobile Companion App on September 17th 2016!

FUT 16 Web App Release Date for PC and Mobile (September 17th 2015) - FIFA 16 Ultimate Team

What’s available on the FUT 16 Web App Release Date?

Returning and verified users from FUT 15 will be able to access Webstart, the preseason for FIFA Ultimate Team. Players will be able to open returning user packs and begin trading to build their teams (remember Early Access users will be able to get 10 hours Ultimate Team game time on the console before the official launch on September 22 and September 24th for North America and UK / Europe respectively).

To partake in Webstart players must have previously played FUT 15 on their console or PC and must not have had their account banned or wiped. If you do not fit into this category, you must play FIFA 16 Ultimate Team after it’s release on your Console / PC and wait for your account to be verified. Unfortunately this means you won’t be able to start your team on the FIFA 16 Web App release date.

You will need to start on the Web App before you can use the Mobile Companion App. When you first access Ultimate Team via the Web App, you will be asked to choose which console you would like to start your FUT club in. This console will then become your default. All your coins and items will stay within that account on the default console.

FIFA 16 Web App Release Date Further Details

  • FIFA Points can only be purchased via your console.
  • In FUT 16 each console will have it’s own Transfer Market, meaning that an item listed on the Xbox 360 will not be available on the Xbox One and vice versa (same applies for the Playstation consoles and the PC).
  • All players will have the option to a one-time transfer of their FIFA Points from FIFA 15 to FIFA 16 on the same console or across console generations (Xbox 360 > Xbox One and PS3 > PS4).
  • Each FUT economy will have it’s own set of Price Ranges.
  • Price Ranges will be adjusted regularly.

Check out full details regarding the FUT 16 Transfer Market, Price Ranges and FIFA Points Carryover. Are you wanting to build a truly amazing team by trading to make coins? Check out our go-to method that can make over 200k FUT coins a day!

Official link – FIFA Ultimate Team Web App

Looking forward to Webstart and the FUT 16 Web App Release Date?! We’ll let you know as soon as we hear of a confirmed time! Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below or on our FUT Chat feature.



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