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    Ivan Mayares

    99.9% of the time, is FUT (artificial intelligence, EA etc,) who decides who wins the game, even before you start, same for the draws.

    Anyone who dares to defy this rule invite him to play FUT 3 years running and then express their helplessness in response to this comment.

    I doubt EA agree with me …

    1. 1.1


      This is with all due respect a ridiculous statement.

  2. 2


    Data from goal average FUT are approximate or estimated? Does the same with the number of games won? How to obtain these data, surveys?

    1. 2.1


      It’s based on samples made on random players using EA’s website.

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    ‘The rise of the tiki taka nurtured the perception that whoever had the
    most possession would win the majority of the games. This is, of course,
    not quite as simple.’ Your not kidding…
    ‘How often does someone win a match by scoring one goal on one chance’?? Quite often to me…
    Check out this screen-grab of an online match I played a couple of hours ago: http://www.imgur.com/CLt0vhG I am getting sick and tired of this bullshit now, all because of EAids!! To be perfectly honest, the stats don’t even tell the full story… the only reason my opponent got a shot was because SIF Hummels and IF Benatia ran into each other in extra time (!) and TOTY Neuer was too busy star-gazing to even make a move!!!

    1. 3.1


      FUT is a fast game. Almost like driving 100 mph in a car park. High speed = More errors being made.

      Aside from that, the match statistics doesn’t always tell the true story interms of who had the upper hand.

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