FUT 15 Web App Trading Tips Guide (Pre FIFA 15 Release)

FUT 15 Web App Free Packs – FIFA 15 Ultimate Team

Unless you’ve been living under a rock the past couple of days, you will be aware that the FUT 15 Web App is now available and so are our trading tips. Most of you will have opened your free starter / loyalty FUT packs, only to receive a few non-rare gold players that are likely not worth much, and now you’re stuck, wondering what to do next to help build your FUT team. In this guide we’ll share our pre FIFA 15 release FUT 15 Web App trading tips to help you build that quality squad you so strongly desire.

FUT 15 Web App Trading Tips & Free Packs – FIFA 15 Ultimate Team

Before you lose motivation it is still possible to accumulate a respectable amount of FUT Coins before FIFA 15’s release, and trade your way to a decent starting team! You should look to focus your team building on players which will be in high demand when the game is released, and that are also currently undervalued (ensure you pick players which you would like to use on your teams though, as keeping a quality record is important!). Carefully selecting your squads in this way will ensure that your team value will rise on the release.

The main goal of this article is to act as a guide for relatively new players wondering what to do during the FUT 15 Web App trading phase to make FUT coins and build a solid team… Although these tips are fairly general and will require you to think outside the box, we’ll go into individual and more specific Coin Making methods over the coming days (with examples).

FUT 15 Web App Trading Tips

1. Open FREE FUT packs, and liquidate your club

Once you’ve opened your free FUT packs, first thing’s first, liquidate your club as much as possible. This means selling ALL of your tradeable items for as much as you can get. Check the current value of each item on the Transfer Market to make sure you’re not under pricing anything. Admittedly this does take time, but it could be the difference between being able to afford an under priced bargain or watching someone else snap it up to make coins! Some items such as very low-rated non-rare bronze players and a few bronze consumables won’t sell, even after multiple listing cycles, Quick Sell these if you tried to sell them several times to save yourself valuable time.

2. Holding Players and Items

Now you should only have untradeable items in your club, unless of course you’re holding onto a certain player / item because you believe they’ll rise in value. However you should only hold onto cards if you believe their value will rise enough to warrant not having the FUT coins now to trade with, it’s a cost opportunity you see. The following question was recently tweeted to us I just packed Rooney and was wondering if I should sell him now or when the game releases? … In our opinion if you pack Rooney now, and he’s your only expensive player, the difference between having only 5k extra or so from selling items obtained from packs later on or having an extra 75k to trade with now is huge. We’d advise you sell him under these circumstances as you’ll be able to make more coins than any possible increase in his value. It’s difficult to say whether some players will rise in price, as some have already been inflated due to players investing in them for the release.

3. Make FIFA 15 coins by trading

BIN Sniping & Mass Bidding

Let’s say conservatively you have 5k coins, search for a player currently selling between 6-7k (maybe more if you’re feeling ambitious) and either try to find an under priced BIN (buy it now) or keep bidding up to 5k on each player until you manage to win an auction. We understand that this method requires patience at times and may not work for every player, so if you’re not having any luck then change your focus to a new player at a similar value. This can be done with any item, so use your initiative and remember any profit is good during this phase (you must take the 5% EA tax into account though)! Let’s say you manage to win a Marcos Rojo for 5k and his current market value is around 7k, you could take the profit and up the stakes onto a new player, however Rojo is still a relatively recent transfer and has received an upgrade since FUT 14. Also taking into account the fact that he is one of the quickest CB’s in arguably the most popular league on the game, it wouldn’t be too difficult to imagine that he could rise in value. This type of trading limits the amount you can do as it ties your coins up, but if done correctly it can be very profitable with little stress of monitoring the price of several players!

Bronze pack trading method

In addition to the buy low / sell high advice above which is basically mass bidding and BIN sniping there are additional ways you can make coins during early access of the FUT Web App. 400 coin Bronze packs should work on the whole as you receive 12 items. Sell the items for 150 start / 200 buy now (if you haven’t packed a rare item or consumable card). This requires patience as it does take a while for items to sell and bare in mind some won’t sell in the early phases of the FUT 15 Web App release. List for 1 hour (or 6 / 12 hours while sleeping) and continually re-list the items. This is not our favourite method during early access as it can chew up a bit to much time, especially when it’s important to make coins fast.

Listing mistakes

You’d be amazed at the number of mistakes players make when listing items. Whether it’s a 90 paced silver or rare kit, often players assume they are worthless. You can in fact make a short list of items that you feel others would consider worthless, and constantly flick between them, searching their prices. You can stay with one item that’s in high supply and try and BIN snipe it, or bid at the last minute. Our personal favourite is kits here, kits are the consumable that most people list really cheap assuming they are worthless. This method will work perfectly with our go-to system of making coins!

59th Minute Method

As simple as it sounds! Scroll to the 59th minute and flick between pages on the hour mark until you see a cheaply listed bargain on a Buy Now auction. This will require extensive knowledge of player prices / values and you will have to be fast. This is a very popular method so other players will be on the case. Act fast, and snipe down that bargain.

Investing in Player Performances

Although slightly risky, and extremely time sensitive, investing in player performances can also work well and proved extremely successful in FUT 14 and 13! However we’ll detail this coin making method in the coming days to help you know when exactly to buy and sell players! We do not advise jumping into this method if you have had little experience with it, as you could potentially buy a player nearing his peak, losing you a lot of coins in the space of just minutes. We predict this method will work very well after the release, when significantly more players join FIFA 15! When a player does perform well in real-life, make sure you check the Transfer Market to see how his price changes though, as this will educate you for future opportunities.

TOTW 1 in-form investing

Lastly, you should be able to make decent coins off of certain popular TOTW 1 in-forms. This will only be the case if they do not see another in-form in the near future and are currently undervalued. This worked very well for us last year with the FUT 14 TOTW 1 release of Marco Reus, purchasing him for 197k, and selling him for over 500k just weeks later. You may lose coins on certain in-forms though, so approach this method with caution!

4. FUT 15 Web App Daily Gifts

Web App Daily Gifts are also currently available, which should marginally help your coin totals! Ensure you login to the Web App everyday to receive these! Anyone who doesn’t bother logging into the app to receive their gift is forgoing FREE coins and rewards, you simply must do it!

Lastly, spending time looking at the market each day will significantly up your knowledge and experience. We also advise regularly adding many of the same player to your Transfer Targets to help with the trading methods outlined above, allowing you to see the variance in price over several cards.

Official link – FIFA Ultimate Team Web App

FUT 15 Web App trading methods & release conclusion

There’s nothing worse than wasting coins unnecessarily before the game is out, so think carefully about each trade as it is likely you will be investing your entire coin stack on each purchase you make. If you have any FUT 15 Web App trading tips that have worked for you, then feel free to share them in the comments below! Remember you can also talk to other online FUTers on our FUT Chat feature!


    • Thanks Birchiez, glad you liked them! More comprehensive guides coming very soon… In the meantime, checkout the latest Market Update by our Editor Jamie Kennedy.

  1. Hey. I have tried multiple times to reach out to the site admin but with no success. Your email address leads down a black hole. Anyways… The FIFA 15 Guide is now available on http://orangeoctop.us/. It’s written by the best gamers in the world.

  2. Im in a pickle i currently have 3x Bentekes that ive picked up for about 6 k each and hes going for about8.5 at the moment , will prices increase or decrease when the game i released?

  3. Don’t sell your managers and coaches!! I cringe at every video when I see this…These cards help boost your contracts and players stats!

  4. Hey I got a Robben in a pack and he was going for 650k.. I waited and the game is released and now he’s going for 475k… Wtf? What do I do?

  5. hi erm this is a theory of mine tell me if iam talking shit but raktic has got an inform right so all the packs opended from relsease day there be no normal rakatics sooooooo will normal raktic price go up seen as there only be certain amount as ones from web app ? is he a good investment for first week seen as theres no huge inc in his number of cards relseased ???????????

  6. Hi guys, i get corluka , which is one of the player of TOTW , should i sell him or just keep him? and will the value decrease after next totw?

  7. I fucking got aguero who is 250,000, hummels, and IF griezman that is 175,000 and I’m so lucky that all of them are untradeable. if someone knows how to put them tradeable pls gmail me on
    ( [email protected] ) or on facebook ( franchesco Paredes ) on fifa 15 it is


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