FUT 15 Web App Link Now Live!

FUT 15 Web App Link Now Live - FIFA 15 Ultimate Team

After the scheduled maintenance for FIFA Ultimate Team and EASFC, and a day later than expected (hence the UK Twitter trend #ThingsMoreLikelyToComeOutThanTheWebApp), we are excited to let you know that the FUT 15 Web App for FIFA 15 is NOW AVAILABLE!

FUT 15 Web App Link for FIFA 15 Now Live - Ultimate Team

Contrary to previous comments about early access, it appears that all FIFA 15 players will be allowed access to the Web App today.

Official link for the FUT 15 Web App

We strongly recommend that you take advantage of this time on the FUT 15 Web App, as Players / Consumables are often sold and listed on the Transfer Market well below their actual values (the reverse is also true). This is because it is difficult to gauge a player’s price without several others listed on the market. However, even with several players listed on the market at this time, it is highly likely that they will fluctuate in a short space of time, so for those of you selling players, try to not use other listings as too much of a benchmark.

We’ll detail how you can make a lot of FUT 15 Coins shortly, and will also be providing you with updates throughout! This is an exciting time for the pro traders, who will make A LOT of coins from trading. If you want to help your fellow FIFA 15 players out, then please detail coin making methods in the comments below.

We hope you all enjoy your first experience of the FUT 15 Web App!


    • I get the same message. What sort of company advertises a release date before they know it works, EA you are officially rubbish. Maybe it’s time to boycott FIFA for a year or so.

  1. I got in at 8.06 PM UK time.
    At 8.11 PM UK TIme EA twitter message was released^^.
    Web App has a new design.
    And I got 3-4 Packs.
    What to do now?? No idea
    I have 0 Coiins

  2. Still says “Coming soon”, what’s going on? Is it because I’m on playstation? Please don’t tell me that the sad xbox’s are getting it first! :((

  3. mine still says companion app coming soon, but people have been on the app, I don’t understand why we can get on, what a sak of shit

  4. Those who see the companion app coming soon. Its is becuase your browser is not maximized or your screen resolution is below 1280X1024. I used the Opera browers to zoom out then the web app starts to load but any resolution below 1280X1024 you can’t do anything in the web app.

    • You are right to a certain extent, on any browser just go to your options tab and adjust the zoom. Im on mozilla firefox and if you click the tab with 3 horizontal lines (Top right corner of browser) you can adjust the zoom using the -/+ button and the app runs just like last years.

      Even though the previous comment is right, Opera browser is NOT supported, the guy failed to mention that you can only get to a certain point using Opera then you cant go any further. If anybody doesn`t believe me then check the Fut FAQ page when you load the app up and it will tell you which browsers and the min requirements for the app to run. Opera is NOT SUPPORTED!!!!!!!!

      • Hi, I forgot to mention that I got the web app to wotk in google Chrome, but it only works if my resolution is set to 1280X1024, anything below that and you can’t use the webapp even if you adjust the zoom, CHromes zoom is shitty at best.
        I don’t have Firefox so I don’t know how it works.
        I got the web app to work in Opera to after downloading the flash plugin but it is ofcenter and not a pleasant experinence.
        My friend also told me he got in in Firefox that is when I started testing resolutions.

        • I wasn`t having a go mate, I might have worded it funny, was just stating incase people thought they had to download and run Opera. I struggled to get it working until I read your original post! So cheers!

          I dont know why EA make life so hard every year and yet we`re the idiots who keep coming back every year and handing over our money, as long as they get our cash they dont care what works and what doesn`t. The amount of times I`ve said f**k EA, I`m not buying anymore games and yet I still go back because underneath the problems is a very good and solid game engine which could and should be so much better with the amount of cash they rake in. The constant server issues should never happen to a company as large as EA, its inexscusable!
          To make a simple web app this hard to access is a joke, it feels like your almost trying to hack into your own account, shocking way to treat customers, especially returning customers who have paid their wages for years! I`m 33 and have been buying and playing every year from day one back in 1993, including handing over £55 for the worst peice of trash I`ve ever played……..Fifa 64!!!!! For younger people who want a laugh or want to punish a mate, download an emulator and Fifa 64 to see just how bad EA can be, I can`t even begin to describe how bad and bug ridden that game was!

          • I have been playing Fifa since Fifa 99. I enjoyed it and bought it since then. Need for Speed and Fifa is titles I always enjoy, each time I say it the last time I buy it and when the games are released I buy it. I am only 24 and started gaming in 1995. The good old days. On what platforms do you game. I am a out and out pc gamer I have no problem with other platforms its just I prefer pc gaming.
            Maybe because its the platform I started gaming on.
            I think Fifa 64 is before my time.

            I am glad it helped you to get into the web app. I have been struggling with the web app for 2 days before I found out that the resoltion was the fault. I could not find the zoom in google chrome, but for some strange reason if I use zoom I can see the web app but still not use it so I have to adjust my resolution each time I go into the web app.

            I think maybe its time to upgrade my monitor but still there are no monitors that can match my 10 year old 17″ CRT for colour or performance.

          • When I do zoom out i am unable to access the whole screen of the web app there are parts i cant click on which makes it so i cant pack or buy players

    • Two ways!. Ea often rewards users for their loyalty to fifa. So if yo have had fifa for a year or 2 and have played at least 1000 games i think, You get 2 extra packs in addition to your starter packs. Also, an extra bonus pack if you are a season ticket holder – (5packs) total, earned once!.

      Now, Ea gives users daily gifts for using the web app. The values and contents of these gifts come at random and range from 500 coins – players – 4000 coins. It’s believed that a 24hr timer resets upon the acceptance of these gifts and that determines the availability of the next gift.

      New users may not be able to get some of these rewards as EA insists you have access to at least a trial version of the game.

  5. Still having problems using/accesing the web app? Try accessing it Through the Private/Incognito Mode of your browser or You can download Opera browser. I have been using the latter a lot lately and no problems.

  6. i notice the app does not work on my smart phone .says coming soon . works fine on laptop tho.i got free packs 2 cant remember how many tho was around 4 or 5, so cant wait till friday for the game have it already pre downloaded on ps4 🙂


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