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    I just wanna put in here that I read forums on opinions on FIFA 15 demo and people moaning as usual , 14 was the worst FIFA I have played , AI players are retards , keepers are retards etc , 15 has been balanced out perfectly , when you tackle you actually win the ball and get possession of the ball , everything you seen in trailer was the truth for once and I will be playing it all year .
    Only bad thing is I think finesse needs toned down a little , I was scoring long range finesse shots with Reus and funniest one was that I went into penalties with my brother and as I hit the shot the keeper saved but went in the air , came back down , keeper stood there and ball bounced of his head and went in haha no way realistic …

    Clubs wer a joke on 14 can’t wait try 15

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    Zion OvO

    I’m with you Gaz. 14 was the worst fifa in many years… Enjoying the 15 demo and excited to play the full version. Best part about 15 is that you can actually play a style with short passing and possession. Barely ever use over the top thru balls which was the WORST part about 14.

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      Doesn’t seem to to be much glitching in 15 and seems like a really good game and looking foward to full release , it’s stole me this year as 14 pushed me away , I’ve been playing cod ghosts all year but 15 has my attention now lol

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        I agree with ya mate the graphics are so much better if the game is like the demo then I will be excited as hell but retards out there who don’t agree with me you are idiots because maybe if the demo is not the best In my opinion it is good and also its not the real game yet I agree Gaz

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    Not sure about you but really looking forward to the new fifa 15 coming out 26th September ill be using real Madrid a lot in online matches graphics look better but lols to EA SPORTS they do say something useless. The new game will not have goalkeepers making silly mistakes seen youtubers rage about the goalies mistakes welldone EA hope the game isn’t bad if you want please reply and also if you are a wwe fan please say how you feel about the new date November 26th for the game wwe 2K15 very disappointed obviosley it proves that EA are a better company than 2K nooffence to those fans who hate football and love wwe but next time 2K get your timing write. please comment and reply Plz legends are sick aswell okocha looks amazing he would fit in with Emenike and Martins and all of the other good players.

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    valderrama is over rated Wesley sneijder is rated lower and he’s better at almost everything.
    valderrama : 86 sneijder : 85
    68 pac 86 dri 76 pac 86 dri
    72 sho 26 def 85 sho 49 def
    85 pas 48 phy 89 pas 65 phy
    sneijder is under rated look ! fifa are unfair

    1. 5.1


      I doubt you’ve seen Valderrama at his prime…

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    ronaldo have a 98 infoem card


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