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    where does this information get posted first?? I checked in on this website earlier today.. no info regarding a new happy hour.

    Then i check in now, 4 hours later or something, and suddently the happy hour is already over.

    Is there somewhere else i can see when next happy hour will be sooner?

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      Hi Snuble,

      We always post up Happy Hour details and times on our Website, Twitter and Facebook the moment they are confirmed / announced by EA. We always get this information up as soon as possible for everyone, however Happy Hour times are sometimes confirmed just minutes before the Happy Hour starts. We advise regularly keeping an eye on our ‘Next FUT 14 Happy Hour’ reminder on the right hand side of the page.

      Hope this helps!

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        Thanx for the info. I do check the reminder several times a day, so i was just thinking that it maybe took some time for you guys to update it.

        Hopefully ill make next one as ive been saving up for a happy hour:)

  2. 2

    FUT Hype

    Thanks 4 doing it during working hours…surely 6pm would be fairer

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    hi I am just wondering where do you personally find out when happy hour is, and when happy hour is on is it best just to buy the 5 premium packs (15k) and then stop or carry on with the smaller gold packs?

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    Is happy hour really all this week?


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