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    ill slap your greedy slave trading team that has no logical tactics up and down with all 75 non rares

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    Not giving me the gains…CS cards are really cheap right now prices don’t differ much

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    how can i lower the effects of the blatant handicap for having a high esfc rating?

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    I have never tended to stray too far from just selling like for like and going for bulk rather than larger profit, but this seems a fairly easy way of going about getting my trade profit up a little quicker 🙂

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      Although it took me a few reads (slow I know) I have finally gotten my head around this method and it is paying very well. Hoping to start at it properly tomorrow and fill my trade pile with much more profit than i had been making before 😉

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    Best way to get coins?? Go to my site and get FREE player duplication for any player you want or need!!


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    this method’s proving to be far too inconsistent for me. I checked out Oscar for Chelsea who’s quite similar to Kagawa stat wise. His lowest bin is about 6900/7000 right now but over half the Oscar cards on the market with the hunter style are only going for between 7000 and 7500! Meanwhile the hunter chemistry style on its own still goes for about 1.6k bin ! Bizzarre! Guess i’ll keep that in mind when building squads 🙂

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      Hi Ross,

      Oscar is one of the players that this method will no longer work with as he was originally recommended by the YouTuber SmarbaTV (meaning a lot of FUTers will have tried the method with Oscar). It may have been the consumables glitch where Hunters were going for as little as 400 coins that has caused the drop in Oscar’s price with the Hunter Chemistry Style applied. Many FUTers will have attached these cheap Chemistry Styles to popular players and it may be a case of waiting for the cheaper ones to filter out (as Chemistry Style prices have gone back up). You’re right that it’s definitely worth looking at a player’s price with your desired Chemistry Style applied when building squads as this can save you a decent amount of coins!

      The method still works well, but as it’s now become more popular since releasing the guide you should experiment with several players you find to see which work best and most consistently.

      Hope this helps!


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