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Ok, so let’s start off by admitting the new Player Impact Engine introduced in FIFA 12 wasn’t perfect. It was definitely a great new feature to the FIFA series, one that was needed to bring it to the next level, but this current version has its bugs and glitches to say the least. The great thing is that all the work done on this aspect of the game in FIFA 13 has been in the attempt to eradicate these problems and also add so much more realism in the process. I’m sure most of you remember the famous Andy Carroll – Luis Fabianski kiss… As beautiful as it was, this kind of typified the trending YouTube search term ‘player impact/physics engine fails’.

In FIFA 12, when two players are both on the deck and attempt to rise to their feet simultaneously, we occasionally see an entanglement of limbs, which looks more like two boxers struggling to stand after twelve rounds. This problem has since been resolved by the introduction of a ‘rollaway get up’, this new feature will allow for players to rise to their feet without any of the issues experienced in FIFA 12. This ties into another new feature in FIFA 13 – More humanistic strengths, this includes more realistic joint tension, which basically means no more silly broken arms or legs when gently brushing past an opposing player.

What about battles for possession? Well, there’s this whole new thing called ‘Push and Pull’. There’s more to this new feature than one would initially think, it’s not just bullying the opposition with your defenders. This will help in your defensive strategies though, giving defenders more intelligence in deciding exactly when to push, pull and use their size advantage. Pull specific shots are a big new aspect of this too, if a player takes a shot with his back to goal his technique will represent this far more realistically, creating a more simulated outcome as to where the ball will end up.

Below are some bullet points to help understand the key parts of this feature:

  • Players get up quicker (rollaway get up)
  • More humanistic strengths (realistic joint tension)
  • Defender intelligence
  • Pull specific shots
  • Push/pull before a player receives the ball
  • Push/pull all over the pitch
  • Players can step in front and use body to block
  • Refs understand obstructive boundaries more, i.e. using strength to your advantage
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