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By UltimateTeamUK On 25 Sep, 2013 At 10:44 PM | Categorized As Chemistry, FUT 14, FUT 14 Guides | With 11 Comments
FUT 14 Chemistry Guide

What is Chemistry in FUT 14? Chemistry is how well your players gel when playing together. Poor chemistry can be shown in real-life teams where high rated players do not perform or gel well as a team. Therefore high Chemistry is ESSENTIAL when building your FUT 14 squad(s) in order to increase your player’s performance during […]

By UltimateTeamUK On 28 Aug, 2013 At 03:05 PM | Categorized As Chemistry, Chemistry Styles, FIFA 14, FUT 14, FUT 14 Guides | With 15 Comments
FUT 14 Chemistry Styles Explained

As many of you know from the above video, FUT 14 will feature over 20+ new Chemistry Styles for you to apply to a player in your team. These Chemistry Styles will change the game dramatically, so it is important that you know exactly how they work. To avoid confusion, we will try to fully […]

By UltimateTeamUK On 14 Jul, 2013 At 10:24 PM | Categorized As Chemistry | With 23 Comments
FUT 13 Russian League Squad 100 Chemistry - FIFA 13 Ultimate Team

In September 2012 we posted a guide on chemistry, explaining how much of a difference it actually makes. A lot has happened since this time and in our latest ‘Beat the Mods Giveaway‘, our mods Markh510 and xIMonkIx have recently told us that many of the teams challenging them still have a low chemistry. In light of […]

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FUT 13 Welcome UltimateTeamUK - FIFA 13 Ultimate Team

You’ve just started your FIFA 13 Ultimate Team (or started again), you open your starter pack and you’re not very impressed, so I guess you’re just going to have to work with what you’ve got until you accumulate more coins… Well, maybe not! There is actually a way of building a 100 chemistry team without […]

By UltimateTeamUK On 27 Sep, 2012 At 05:00 PM | Categorized As Chemistry, FUT 13 | With No Comments
FUT 13 99 Chemistry - FIFA 13 Ultimate Team

Since the release of FUT 13, we’ve seen a number of people genuinely asking us, “Is Chemistry a myth?” “Does it really make a difference?” In this article we will explain exactly how Chemistry works, why it is so important and how it drastically improves your player’s performances on the pitch!By DAVE COTTONWe’ve all come […]