FUT 14 Winter Upgrades List (70 Players)


FUT 14 Winter Upgrades (February 14th 2014) - FIFA 14 Ultimate Team

The highly anticipated list of 70 player upgrades are here (Including Suarez, Pogba and Januzaj)! Don’t forget there will be a few more upgrades at the end of the month!

Upgrades FAQ:

  • Upgrades apply to new players found in packs from this point forward. Non-IF players in your club will not receive an upgrade.
  • If an upgraded player already has one or more in-forms, all of his IF’s will be upgraded respectively.
  • If you already own the IF version of an upgraded player, your IF will be upgraded.
  • However, if an upgraded player with a previous IF gets upgraded across Quality tiers (eg. Bronze to Silver), his IF will not be upgraded! EX: Januzaj  has been upgraded to a Silver, but his Bronze IF will stay bronze. This preserves the value of the IF and ensures your Bronze / Silver squads aren’t negatively affected.

Be sure to pass this FAQ and full list below onto your friends! (UP = Upgrade)


Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below, on our forum or chat LIVE with other online FUTers on our FUT Chat feature. Who are you hoping to get?

There will be another smaller batch of upgrades at the end of the month!



      • That theory doesn’t work, I don’t think Hazard will be getting an upgrade. It’s not the amount of IFs that determines the upgrades. Adrian Ramos has already been upgraded and he’s in the current TOTW. My guess, Is that Hazard missed out an upgrade if he’s not getting one in the 1st round.

  1. There goes the investment of silver coleman. Why buy silver when there’s a gold one :p Luckily I sold all my irish investment some days ago.

    • seriously dude, how could anyone possibly think robinho should get a upgrade, even his own mother knows hes really becoming useless, yeah lets upgrade el shaarway cause hes been injured for over a year

      • What about the fact that EA stuffed up El shaarawy’s skill moves? He’s meant to have to 4* skills, there’s a fifa 14 promo showing him do 4 star moves but they still decided to give him 3* skill moves. I agree that these guys don’t deserve an upgrade but EA made a mistake with El Shaarawy’s skill moves at the beginning of Fifa 14.

        • maybe it has something to do with him being injured, its hard to focus on those things in game with david luiz ramming u in the arse

  2. Why the flip haven’t they completed all of the deadline day transfers? I can’t wait for Hernanes to finally be at Inter, so much better for ultimate team

  3. How come it’s taken so long for EA to do winter transfers/upgrades for Fifa 14? Last year, the upgrades started in early January and they had finished everything by the 2nd week of February. Pretty poor form by EA, fifa 14 probably broke all sorts of sales records too. No tournaments for about 2-3 weeks last month, was also pretty poor form by EA.

  4. No Immobile? No Jese? Deulofeu is already Gold and Jese is still Silver?? Man… How about them apples. No BPL favouring there eh? Ridiculous. Benteke gets upgraded. Ea is a joke.

  5. someone please explain.. i am new to this FUT thing, but if i have sturridge at rating 80..
    How come he doesn’t get upgraded to 82?
    Just don’t think it’s fair investing in a player and losing your investment due to a better rated sturridge? Or am i doing something wrong?

  6. Literally every single player on Roma (other than Ljaijc) should get an upgrade…Gervinho? Castan? Nainngolan? Maicon (he got something like 2 or 3 IF)…come on EA!