FUT 14 Squad Builder 2 – Eredivisie / BPL / Championship Hybrid


One of the few things that really frustrates me about FUT is how uninteresting and repetitive the vast majority of user’s squads can be. Every other team is either a Benteke lead BPL squad or a Bundesliga squad with the overused Aubemayang-Lewandowski partnership. Thankfully however, there is a vast following of FUTers who, like me, enjoy the more creative side of building squads, and that’s what this new segment is for. Every Saturday I’ll offer up a new squad for you to try/tweak/improve in any way, shape or form you see fit. My main aim is to try and get FUTers out of their comfort zones and into using players from different leagues and nationalities in formations they wouldn’t normally use, variety is the spice of life!

Squad Builder 2 – Eredivisie BPL Championship Hybrid - FIFA 14 Ultimate Team

This week’s squad builder is a 4th Edition 4-3-3 BPL-Eredivisie-Championship hybrid, featuring Gold and Silver players from the Netherlands and England. Unlike last week, this squad is one for those of you who like to directly attack your opponent with speed, focusing mainly on the front 3. After hearing good things about Drenthe this year, I decided to build a team around him that could maximise his best assets. Whilst I was worried he wouldn’t fit into a usable squad, the strong link with Emnes was a perfect attacking base for the team. The balanced midfield and pacey defenders will help quell any of your oppositions counter attacks, allowing you to focus on destroying the other team’s defence.

NOTE: On quite a few players in this week’s team I may have overpaid, due to chemistry styles and such. Therefore it’s possible to pick up the majority of the squad for cheaper than I’ve paid!

GK’s + CB’s

When building these squads, defence is always something I focus on fully. Without a decent goalkeeper or quality centre backs it doesn’t matter how many goals you score, because more than likely the opposition will score more. For this reason I always try and work in a Gold keeper at the very least, and if possible Gold centre backs. Despite this personal mantra, I’ve managed to find at least 1 silver centre back that has excelled, vastly outperforming many a gold centre back I’ve used. Rekik, the Dutch Silver CB from PSV, is a tank. His card stats really do not do him justice. Alongside him is Gary Cahill, who just dominates everything. Whether it’s on the ground or in the air he’s behind it, clearing the ball to a midfielder. Behind the two centre backs I went for Michel Vorm. Whilst he didn’t set the world alight, he was by and large an extremely solid keeper. He made the saves I expected him to, saved a few close range headers and missed most of the shots that were out of his reach.

Vorm – 950

Rekik – 4,600

Cahill – 1,000


Once again I’ve gone for two steady, solid full backs with good pace and work rates. At times they can be caught out of position mainly due to being countered on, which is expected when playing in an attacking formation, however they both have the pace to catch up to any wide players and shrug them off the ball. The strength and speed of the fullbacks fits into the attacking nature of this team, especially Willems, who despite having 54 shooting has scored a couple of lovely long range strikes into the opposite bottom corner.

Willems – 1,900

Clyne – 4,100

CM’s + CAM

When using a formation with 3 in the middle it’s vital that the players you choose have a balance, otherwise your team will be heavily exposed centrally. For example, playing 3 attack minded players and then wondering why there’s a big hole in the middle of the pitch. With this in mind, the midfielders I chose balanced perfectly with Medium/High, Medium/Medium and High/Medium work rates across the 3. Firstly we have Delph, who admittedly is a popular choice in BPL silver teams and I can see why. He’s good on the ball, strong in the tackle and an excellent passer, as well as having a beast of a long shot. Vilhena, the Dutch CM on the left side, acts as a link between the lines of players, recycling the ball and breaking up the oppositions attacks. In the CAM position we have Duarte, another Dutch silver who was originally only in for chemistry. Instead he became an integral part of my attack, bagging at least one assist or goal per game.

Delph – 8,000

Vilhena – 3,400

Duarte – 3,800


Without a doubt the best part of this team is the attack and how well they work as a three. Down the middle you have strength and power from Emnes, and on the wings you get skill moves and great shooting from Drenthe, with Wright-Phillips bringing sheer pace and good passing to the table. Its debatable whether Drenthe is worth the money, but as of now he has to be my favourite LW player as a complete package.

Drenthe – 17,750

Emnes – 9,000

Wright-Phillips – 1,900

The only real problem I have with this squad is, at times, its just too attacking. I like to play a balanced game, keeping it tight at the back and limiting the chances I give the opposition, other than relying on my goalkeeper to keep out shots. Having said that, attacking with this team is phenomenal. The amount of goals I’ve scored and chances I created using this team is incredible and I highly recommend you give it a go!

Let me know in the comments below how you got on with the team and if/how you would change it, along with any squad or player suggestions for me to try. Happy FUT!