FUT 15 Wishlist – FUT 14 Improvements Ready For FIFA 15 Ultimate Team


FUT 15 Wishlist - FUT 14 Improvements Ready For FIFA 15 Ultimate Team

The time has come to create your FUT 15 Wishlist! We’re aware that EA are currently working on FUT 15 and will hopefully introduce many improvements as listed on YOUR wish list.

We’ve seen a lot of great feedback on the key areas that need improving over the past few months but we still require your feedback in the comments section below to add to this list!

We’ll start with what you/we deem the most important improvements: (We’ve also included our Moderators / Contributors at the end of specific improvements if they’ve specifically requested it).

1. Fix the long ball kick off glitch (Jack.Humphries – Moderator and Contributor)

We’re sure most of you are getting pretty hacked off at this trick, so it’s taken the number 1 spot on your wish list! It’s a flaw in the game that needs fixing for FUT 15! The success rate with this tactic is completely unrealistic. If you’re not familiar with this glitch, it’s where you get the ball from kick off, pass it back to a midfielder or defender, hold the ball for a few seconds and play an LB + Y / L1 + triangle lofted through ball between the opponent’s centre backs and goalkeeper, leaving your striker with a clear goal scoring opportunity.

2. Greater Customisation / Tactics (Kingkenny1997 – Moderator)

  • Customise player’s boots.
  • Design your own kits.
  • Use national kits and badges.
  • Able to assign different kits to different teams.
  • More variations of formations.
  • Ability to save work rates / custom tactics in FUT.

3. Player Filters, searching and listing

In our recent interview with MattHDGamer, he said “I’d like to change the player filters right now as they’re simply not working very well! I’d also like EA to introduce a “List all items” feature so people can list all of the players and items in packs very quickly.” A nice addition would be the ability to list all items for 150 in packs that are not worth anything (obviously after quick selling some items). The recent update with the ‘re-list all’ feature was very handy!

The player name searching feature is fairly temperamental and you also cannot search for players via card type (i.e TOTY, MOTM, in-forms etc).

In addition to Matt’s comments, we believe a feature to automatically list your player(s)/item(s) at the next cheapest BIN (buy it now) price on the market would be VERY useful, as it would save A LOT of time!

4. Special tasks to win packs

Manager tasks are great and the reward pack is very helpful to FUTers who are just starting off, but we feel there’s more scope with this feature… Introducing different tasks in order to win packs or even players will get users more involved in the game and keep FUT interesting! These tasks could include creating certain types of squads or scoring your first hat-trick for example… Some tasks could even be secret/hidden! If you think this one’s a good idea then let us know some of your own ideas on this!

5. Wager Matches (Rohan8 – Moderator and Contributor)

The amount of unofficial Pink Slips / Wager matches taking place in FUT is phenomenal and can unfortunately result in a lot of scamming! We can see that this is a big one for you guys as it was requested last year but was not included in FUT 14. We think this would be a very cool feature (maybe for those over 18)! There would have to be some kind of disconnect protect, to ensure bad connections do not result in you losing your player(s) or coins.

6. Player development (as seen in Career Mode)

Many FIFA users enjoy Career Mode as they get to build a squad and develop their players and help them reach their potential. Obviously if this were implemented in FUT there would need to be stricter limitations on each player’s potential and any development/upgrades would need to be very gradual and long-term in order to keep the game realistic! If EA did decide to include a feature such as this they would need to make sure they get the balance just right, but if done properly this could be fantastic and add so much variation to Ultimate Team!

We were also thinking about Skill Moves and/or Weak Foot development, but after consideration we felt this could make the real life differences between each player too unrealistic.

7. DNF Protection

If both players are experiencing lag, you have an option to agree to abandon the game, protecting your DNF!

8. Gold / Silver / Bronze only seasons (Jack.Humphries – Moderator and Contributor)

By having Gold, Silver and Bronze seasons it would encourage a much larger variety of squads! A lot of you seem to want this one!

9. Ultimate Team Online Friendlies

Same structure as regular Online Friendlies, so friends can keep track of their head to head record!

(Perhaps the option of Wagers / Pink Slips could be implemented in some way).

10. A deal to bring Legends to the Playstation

This is something we’ve seen all over Twitter since the new Legend cards were first announced! The majority of you feel that you’re missing out if you are on the Playstation, so EA need to look at this and try to secure a deal with Sony for the Legends. Yes Microsoft have had their exclusivity but maybe it’s time to even the playing field.

11. Squad Contracts and Attribute Cards

Very simple, but a big time saver! Applying contracts is possibly one of the most tedious elements of FUT, so perhaps getting rid of them completely wouldn’t be such a bad idea…

Also many of you still feel that Attribute cards are unrealistic and give unfair advantages as players cannot get an instant ‘attribute boost’ in real-life.

12. Drop in and watch friends matches

The introduction of a ‘Spectator Mode’ could go down very well with FUT fans! You could support your friends and they could see that you’re watching.

13. Practice arena/match (Kingkenny1997 – Moderator)

A practice area for you to experiment with new teams, formations and tactics would be ideal for FUT 15. This would save having to use contracts and fitness cards in friendlies.

14. Player of the month and manager cards, more managers (Kingkenny1997  – Moderator)

EA could introduce a special player and manager of the month card for all leagues that offer the award.

15. Ability to play with generations squads (Kingkenny1997 – Moderator)

Many of you feel it is a waste to not be able to use your previous FUT squads and only having the ability to show it off. A generations feature where you can play against friends may help to add interest in FUT 15.

jkhey‘s comments (Website Moderator and Contributor):

  • More tournament options than what’s currently available. For example similar to regular online seasons /pro clubs, different level “Cup Tourneys” depending on your level, ie- certain cups unlocked as you get to higher divisions.
  • “Bundle Toppers”- Like Madden UT, when you spend a certain amount of $$, they guarantee one “topper” which in FUT’s case could be a guaranteed TOTW, player over 85ovr, or past IF etc.
  • Take the DNF protection even further….If servers go down while you’re playing, a) your DNF modifier doesn’t go down, b) if you’re in a tourney, it doesn’t make you start over from the beginning.


  • Match making improvements (Jack.Humphries).
  • Bring back the EASFC catalogue coin boosts.
  • Lower discard values for in-forms.
  • Tournament requirements by age (encouraging more young teams).
  • Include clean sheets in the stats of Defenders and Goalkeepers (Kingkenny1997 – Moderator).
  • Ability to see player in-game stats within FUT (even if you do not own the card).
  • Random chem styles automatically applied to players in packs, like for formations were maybe (Kingkenny1997 – Moderator).

Feel that we have missed anything? Make sure you let us know in the comments section below and we may add it into the post! If you would like to chat with our Moderators / Contributors and also receive help with your team, then quickly join up to our FUT Chat feature.