FUT 15 Wishlist – FUT 14 Improvements Ready For FIFA 15 Ultimate Team


FUT 15 Wishlist - FUT 14 Improvements Ready For FIFA 15 Ultimate Team

The time has come to create your FUT 15 Wishlist! We’re aware that EA are currently working on FUT 15 and will hopefully introduce many improvements as listed on YOUR wish list.

We’ve seen a lot of great feedback on the key areas that need improving over the past few months but we still require your feedback in the comments section below to add to this list!

We’ll start with what you/we deem the most important improvements: (We’ve also included our Moderators / Contributors at the end of specific improvements if they’ve specifically requested it).

1. Fix the long ball kick off glitch (Jack.Humphries – Moderator and Contributor)

We’re sure most of you are getting pretty hacked off at this trick, so it’s taken the number 1 spot on your wish list! It’s a flaw in the game that needs fixing for FUT 15! The success rate with this tactic is completely unrealistic. If you’re not familiar with this glitch, it’s where you get the ball from kick off, pass it back to a midfielder or defender, hold the ball for a few seconds and play an LB + Y / L1 + triangle lofted through ball between the opponent’s centre backs and goalkeeper, leaving your striker with a clear goal scoring opportunity.

2. Greater Customisation / Tactics (Kingkenny1997 – Moderator)

  • Customise player’s boots.
  • Design your own kits.
  • Use national kits and badges.
  • Able to assign different kits to different teams.
  • More variations of formations.
  • Ability to save work rates / custom tactics in FUT.

3. Player Filters, searching and listing

In our recent interview with MattHDGamer, he said “I’d like to change the player filters right now as they’re simply not working very well! I’d also like EA to introduce a “List all items” feature so people can list all of the players and items in packs very quickly.” A nice addition would be the ability to list all items for 150 in packs that are not worth anything (obviously after quick selling some items). The recent update with the ‘re-list all’ feature was very handy!

The player name searching feature is fairly temperamental and you also cannot search for players via card type (i.e TOTY, MOTM, in-forms etc).

In addition to Matt’s comments, we believe a feature to automatically list your player(s)/item(s) at the next cheapest BIN (buy it now) price on the market would be VERY useful, as it would save A LOT of time!

4. Special tasks to win packs

Manager tasks are great and the reward pack is very helpful to FUTers who are just starting off, but we feel there’s more scope with this feature… Introducing different tasks in order to win packs or even players will get users more involved in the game and keep FUT interesting! These tasks could include creating certain types of squads or scoring your first hat-trick for example… Some tasks could even be secret/hidden! If you think this one’s a good idea then let us know some of your own ideas on this!

5. Wager Matches (Rohan8 – Moderator and Contributor)

The amount of unofficial Pink Slips / Wager matches taking place in FUT is phenomenal and can unfortunately result in a lot of scamming! We can see that this is a big one for you guys as it was requested last year but was not included in FUT 14. We think this would be a very cool feature (maybe for those over 18)! There would have to be some kind of disconnect protect, to ensure bad connections do not result in you losing your player(s) or coins.

6. Player development (as seen in Career Mode)

Many FIFA users enjoy Career Mode as they get to build a squad and develop their players and help them reach their potential. Obviously if this were implemented in FUT there would need to be stricter limitations on each player’s potential and any development/upgrades would need to be very gradual and long-term in order to keep the game realistic! If EA did decide to include a feature such as this they would need to make sure they get the balance just right, but if done properly this could be fantastic and add so much variation to Ultimate Team!

We were also thinking about Skill Moves and/or Weak Foot development, but after consideration we felt this could make the real life differences between each player too unrealistic.

7. DNF Protection

If both players are experiencing lag, you have an option to agree to abandon the game, protecting your DNF!

8. Gold / Silver / Bronze only seasons (Jack.Humphries – Moderator and Contributor)

By having Gold, Silver and Bronze seasons it would encourage a much larger variety of squads! A lot of you seem to want this one!

9. Ultimate Team Online Friendlies

Same structure as regular Online Friendlies, so friends can keep track of their head to head record!

(Perhaps the option of Wagers / Pink Slips could be implemented in some way).

10. A deal to bring Legends to the Playstation

This is something we’ve seen all over Twitter since the new Legend cards were first announced! The majority of you feel that you’re missing out if you are on the Playstation, so EA need to look at this and try to secure a deal with Sony for the Legends. Yes Microsoft have had their exclusivity but maybe it’s time to even the playing field.

11. Squad Contracts and Attribute Cards

Very simple, but a big time saver! Applying contracts is possibly one of the most tedious elements of FUT, so perhaps getting rid of them completely wouldn’t be such a bad idea…

Also many of you still feel that Attribute cards are unrealistic and give unfair advantages as players cannot get an instant ‘attribute boost’ in real-life.

12. Drop in and watch friends matches

The introduction of a ‘Spectator Mode’ could go down very well with FUT fans! You could support your friends and they could see that you’re watching.

13. Practice arena/match (Kingkenny1997 – Moderator)

A practice area for you to experiment with new teams, formations and tactics would be ideal for FUT 15. This would save having to use contracts and fitness cards in friendlies.

14. Player of the month and manager cards, more managers (Kingkenny1997  – Moderator)

EA could introduce a special player and manager of the month card for all leagues that offer the award.

15. Ability to play with generations squads (Kingkenny1997 – Moderator)

Many of you feel it is a waste to not be able to use your previous FUT squads and only having the ability to show it off. A generations feature where you can play against friends may help to add interest in FUT 15.

jkhey‘s comments (Website Moderator and Contributor):

  • More tournament options than what’s currently available. For example similar to regular online seasons /pro clubs, different level “Cup Tourneys” depending on your level, ie- certain cups unlocked as you get to higher divisions.
  • “Bundle Toppers”- Like Madden UT, when you spend a certain amount of $$, they guarantee one “topper” which in FUT’s case could be a guaranteed TOTW, player over 85ovr, or past IF etc.
  • Take the DNF protection even further….If servers go down while you’re playing, a) your DNF modifier doesn’t go down, b) if you’re in a tourney, it doesn’t make you start over from the beginning.


  • Match making improvements (Jack.Humphries).
  • Bring back the EASFC catalogue coin boosts.
  • Lower discard values for in-forms.
  • Tournament requirements by age (encouraging more young teams).
  • Include clean sheets in the stats of Defenders and Goalkeepers (Kingkenny1997 – Moderator).
  • Ability to see player in-game stats within FUT (even if you do not own the card).
  • Random chem styles automatically applied to players in packs, like for formations were maybe (Kingkenny1997 – Moderator).

Feel that we have missed anything? Make sure you let us know in the comments section below and we may add it into the post! If you would like to chat with our Moderators / Contributors and also receive help with your team, then quickly join up to our FUT Chat feature.



  1. also maybe a ‘storage’ of up to like 150 items including duplicates which consists of players, kits, stadiums etc… so you could store them there instead of watchlist or unassigned. For example you could keep 20 Suarez if u wanted to.

  2. I think they should make players more realistic to they’re ratings so messi and Ronaldo are actually the best players rather than players who are lesser rated playing better

  3. more legend players so the prices come down or legend players to have a particular club as otherwise becomes far to expensive to implement them.

  4. Am I the only person that thinks they need to sort the freekin’ market out? The games called ultimate team, not reserve team. They need to make players more accessible, I’m not saying do a massive Messi giveaway but when I spend £15 on buying packs I expect something better than a rubbish 80 rated player. Likewise you have youtubers and hardcore players sat there snapping up all the bargins literally as soon as they go on the market and reselling on at the average price, which means for most players they will never get a decent deal. It’s not too bad when it’s with 2 – 10k players as it doesn’t take that long to get the coins to buy, but at the moment for a decent PL player on PS4 you’re looking at 50k, that’s like 100 games (if you don’t include league bonus’).

    I’m just saying, I’m not expecting to have the game a month and have all the best players but I expect to have an ‘ultimate’ team by the end of the season, something which has never happened in the 4 years I’ve been playing.

    Also Solo Challenges would be really good, with coins / packs as rewards. Pretty much the same as the solo challenges on Madden Ultimate Team.

    • Packs are complete luck, there is no guarantee that from one pack to the next. Quantity does not guarantee anything…

      Think of packs like you would a lottery ticket. Each time you buy a pack is a DIFFERENT week in the lottery. regardless of how many weeks you play the lottery you are no more likely to win anything are you? The same is with packs 🙂

      • I agree with you but the other day i bought a 25k pack and my most expensive player was tim cahill, totally not worth the real money you spend to buy packs:/

    • Dude I totally agree with, fifa should at least make a pack, if not a platinum pack, to which you will definitely get a good player, and to make it more interesting, purchase of this pack should only be only with coins, and not fifa points, cause I, and I’m sure many of you have beaten teams with an average of 85 and above with way weaker teams. So getting this pack must rely on skill rather than their bank account.

  5. In league mode yellow cards should carry over from last game in that season so 2/3 yellow cards will be a one match ban and red cards should turn to a 2 match ban, also you should be rewarded with a gold pack if collect all players and club items for each individual club

  6. I think you should be able to choose which player that gets the ball. For example:
    If you make a long range pass in the air (Xbox Lb + Y) and it flies over the back line and you have 2 attackers running towards the ball, but one of them is offside, then you should be able to choose who would take the ball.
    This would be more like a realistic feeling of teamplay.
    And I hate when the pass gets to wrong player or when wrong player takes the ball…

    • you can switch attacking players when the ball is in mid air with the r stick, that has nothing to do with realistic team play, THEY REALLY OUGHT TO BRING TEAM PLAY BACK because nobody really enjoys this FUT without at the same time wanting to kill something, ps u can also remove the offiside player by holding left and right trigger and holding back i think

  7. Am I the only one that hates when the ref blows the whistle in the middle of an attack?
    Back in FIFA 13 this wasnt a problem but now in FIFA 14 this happens all the time…
    Please fix this…

  8. I want to change the lob buttons (how you “lob”)
    Because almost everytime I trying to lob over the goalkeeper, it changes player and i misses the opportunity. This also happens when I are close to the goal and are changing players often (xbox LB, the “lob” button) and tries to shoot… The result is an “lob” that the goalkeeper easy can catch.

  9. Ability to loan out players, if that player scores or gets man of the match then the parent club could get a coin reward,
    Loan out for a max of like 10 games or something, cheaper to sign a player on loan than to buy the player

  10. for your fut15 wishlist, can you add a “remove all” button that discards all sold cards instead ofdiscarding all sold cards seperately

      • This is a good idea. I would also like to see Ea make it as quick to put players on the market from the transfer targets on console as it is on the Web App. This speeds things up and means you can start another game quicker

  11. Should be able to set up ur defense on corner kicks instead of having my smallest players in the center covering their big players and putting my cb on top of the 18

  12. 1. Fix headers
    2. Have a short 1-2sec delay after a cut scene/replay shows in UT
    3. Remove handicap in UT
    4. Fix touches
    5. Remove contract and fitness cards in UT
    6. Ability to spectate friend matches
    7. No 5% tax in UT
    8. Remove all button for sold items in UT
    9. Remove all black football balls in UT
    10. Remove silver cards from gold packs
    11. Allow 1-4 controllers/people to play UT online matches (not online friends)
    12. No affect on your DNF% or record if your game is disconnected due to EA or lag
    13. Create advanced plays in UT

    • one thing that EA could fix for fut 15 is to be able to choose which foot you want to use on corners and free kicks. Then one can take advantage of both feet, if one has 5 star weak foot, for example cazorla and pedro.

      • No way Squad Fitness Cards are the most expensive things I get in packs! Tbf may be in minority but I don’t mind fitnesses as you can just get a Fitness team. Contracts bit annoying but get enough from packs when win Div title to allow another season so only a problem when you don’t win it

  13. Great….All their energy in creating FIFA15….and still I can´t play the amateur level tournament due to their error they never fix!

  14. My ideas which some are included in the wish list already

    Definitely a sim type of life outside of football career mode aka buy houses, cars, take the team out for a meal.
    The reason this is possible is because EA announced FIFA MANAGER 14 would be the last installment after that it would halt.
    It had its flaws but it had activities outside of manager mode aka have your own kids, house, cars, holidays, develop your son into a footballer or be a player manager.

    Pro clubs fix- Take away GK selection in drop in matches, also the player who has the most passes completed should automatically be switched to any.
    Allow your player to have tattoos, take their own free kick stance, if they have 5 star weak foot, take the FK with either foot.
    Customize your own emblem for your club making it unique etc.

    Career mode- Make the celebrations for winning a treble or any type of title worthwhile with unique celebrations and make you feel good and accomplished..
    Career mode- Be a pro, make it even more unique maybe experiment like Fight night champion or NBA 14 in other words make your own story.
    Start out as a prodigy, get a injury that affects your career, take your own choices in life and become a legend like maradona or pele.

  15. Sort out the chemistry for player positioning.
    For example, Lahm has the ability to play LB as well as RB, so why does his chemistry go to a maximum of 6 when played at left back?

    In game, players have several positions assigned to them, such as being able to play RB/LB. Would make ultimate team a much better game and more to the point of building your ‘ultimate team’

  16. one thing that you could fix for fut 15 is to be able to choose which foot you want to use on corners and free kicks. Then one can take advantage of both feet, if one has 5 star weak foot, for example cazorla and pedro.

  17. one thing that you could fix for fut 15 is to be able to choose which foot you want to use on corners and free kicks. Then one can take advantage of both feet, if one has 5 star weak foot, for example cazorla and pedro.

  18. In FUT 15 I would like to see,
    1:Ability to search for IF’s separately in transfers.
    2:Show full kits on cards
    3:Create your own formations
    4:No black footballs -totally pointless
    5:International kits and badges
    6:Up to date with managers, example: Pep Guardiola, Rafa Benitez

    • one thing that you could fix for fut 15 is to be able to choose which foot you want to use on corners and free kicks. Then one can take advantage of both feet, if one has 5 star weak foot, for example cazorla and pedro.

  19. one thing that EA could fix for fut 15 is to be able to choose which foot you want to use on corners and free kicks. Then one can take advantage of both feet, if one has 5 star weak foot, for example cazorla and pedro.

  20. Rewards for filling in collection book would be good and raise the price on lesser players.
    I’d also like to see player ageing where the stats only decline, a player could age a year for every 50 games played, this would also keep new card prices high and lesser players would ave the chance to get Ronaldo or messi at far cheaper price.

  21. I remember Football Manager Live used to love playing that but when the reset came in everyone left & that ended that but I think they was on to a good thing.
    I think the concept of gamer worlds be good where you manage & play with a team & there’s only one Ronaldo, Messi etc etc in your gamer world that your assigned to. Then making real value of players in each world. Your assigned to leagues that suite the gamer when he can play his games as there was useually 2 league games a day & there was also cup games the whole idea was brilliant be class if Fifa could bring it into there gameplay. Maybe it’s too hard to do but just an idea.

  22. For FIFA 15:

    – Be able to tackle on the sidelines without it going out
    – Get ballboys!!!
    – National strips & customisable strips and badges per squad
    – move CB CDM and vice versa
    – Add to the legends they have and assign either a league they played in, or assign them to all the clubs they played for (E.G. Shearer 10 chem with players from Blackburn, Southampton & Newcastle)
    – Remove boosts
    – Assistant managers?
    – IF managers
    – get rid of black, brown, purple, dark balls
    – Stop the clock on throw ins
    – make the transfer list a lot easier and less laborious
    – anyone use the FUT app? be able to apply player and squad items on that
    – i dont know about anyone else, but im flagged for offside about 15 times per game. Fix that!!!

  23. Loving the ideas, personally i think its time to make the players from the same team or country have, ‘Perfect Chem’ so we can get a little closer to ‘The Ultimate Team’ rather then ‘Ultimate League’ !

  24. Very minor here, but what about the ball boys/girls? I mean really Francesco Totti running to grab the ball for a throw in, come on now, LOL.

  25. Getting rid of chemistry is a reasonable idea, as it stops you from seeing the same team over and over again.

    For example i was just playing some online seasons and 3 times in a row i came across a sweaty bundesliga team.

    Removing chemistry would allow a greater variation of teams for people to create.

    I do believe if you remove chemistry you should add a feature that would still restrict you from making extremely weird teams.

  26. It would be awesome if fifa put some brains into the players, like for example, when the guy makes a run, but receives no pass, he just stands and hops on the spot for a while, and it happens everywhere, a cross into the box, an overhead through ball, it’s irritating, and makes no sense at all. Another thing is when a tackle is made, and the ball goes lose, but fifa does not switch the player even though the ball has hit another team mate, yet you have to run from one end of the pitch to another to get it, and with the lag, by the time the player is switched, possession is lost.

  27. career mode should have more features when simulating games, subs, tactics, better visuals and replays MOTD. Young players should have auto fill pics instead of blanks!

  28. You have 2 v 2 co ops, why not introduce the option to create a FUT squad with a friend, online FUT 2v2 mode would be amazing IMO

    Create your own kits and badges, how cool would it be to have your squad name on your kit?

    Rain, you watch rain on the tv and its nothing like how its shown on FIFA, have fifa only show the rain drops from different angles via the instant replaces, its annoying and unrealistic

    DNF, you should be rewarded or not lose your contract for that match if someone quits, the quitter should be heavily punished too.

    I wish EA would stop people buying and selling coins and players on Ebay, it ruins the game, people should EARN coins and players not cheat.

    The ability to carry over your previous squad on to the next game.

    • Dude ea are cheating you by saying u can get good players ive never had one in 4 years buying coins off sites is far better than buying packs

  29. Get rid of the chemistry its called ultimate team, so if i wanna be able to use a squad full of people from spain, brazil and england, mixed in with some italianos i should / we should be able to have who ever we want.

    • I partially agree – no links between players, but there should still be some sort of position-based chemistry so you can’t just stick Richards and Walker in LCB and RCB in a 5221.

    • Not a bad idea. I feel like everyone has the same players so this might help that problem. Or maybe have an overall chemistry rating for the team instead of specific links between players. That way, if you have 10 players from La Liga and 1 from the BPL for example, it doesn’t effect your teams play.

  30. congradulations on making strength relevant, perhaps the biggest improvement from 13 to 14. now most players basically try to play spaz tempo as opposed to pace whore and stop the game from functioning correctly in this way and throw up headers. honestly the game destroys the left and right bumber on your controller and this dictates too much of the game imo. i doubt you will change that and i know you wont fix fouls because you dont want to stop the game and youd rather have people just spazzing like crack fiends. fouls and keepers slams are still a huge issue imo, how is it possible that people trying to get reds by taking you out from behind but wont get the red, i know i would if i had my players act the same way, its wierd, you really should not let people have influence over the sliders, give them quick tactics but do not let them distort the game and basically cheat

  31. f ur petty cosmetic crap the game is so perverse and cheap, just give us some other game modes so we dont have to pissed at FUT all the time

  32. ok so i have lot of wrongs about this game. like yesderday i had a player pulling my player back and i see the yellow sign and no free kick when i lose the ball.
    Hate when player stop running. Stop unfair win. Stop weird rec card. Stop weird bounces, saves, intercepts. for me 7 out of the 10 loses i got should be wins i lose so many games where i am twice as good as my opponent but somehow i just are not allowed to win.
    Stop is corner goals. i am letting in more corner goals now then i did before the patch
    so fix unfairly loses so simple i wonder how many off my loses should be win and that alot i should have over 2x win then loses around 3 x and what do i have almost 1.5 x loses then win cuz i seem not to be able to win. not with my silver team, not with my brazialn team or serie a.

  33. All they nned too change apart from the ovious glitches is the packs in all the ut created ive never had a player worth over 100k the one and only way too get the team you want is too spend lots of money ea have us all where they want us

  34. the game is shameful, its not even debatable to say that this game creates more hate messages than any other game i have ever played, that is a problem and there should be a outlet and option on the menu for team play not selfish random clubs play where everyone plays as st and ruins the game, that is also very disgraceful, i ashamed i even play the game against 10 year olds foaming at the mouth

  35. how about the ability to list x amount of items into the transfer market? say u have multiples of a certain card or consumable i.e. squad fitness. add an option to sell of them all at once with the same start and bin price

  36. – fix the handicapping. for those of us who never earn who dont spend the big bucks on points and we are lucky enough to get a IF or TOTY dont handicap the player. There is nothing worse when your standard card works better than an IF.
    – fix the shirt pull and standing tackle. the amount of times im in arm distance of a player on a break and I press the O (PS3) and u watch ur player stick his foot out and stop his run, so the opposition player runs in for open goal.
    – bring legands to ps3 / ps4
    – have the ability to use your career pro in offline exhibition games….. cause it sux spending so much time on your pro and you cant use them with your friends offline. I know that the world is now an online one, but come on, stop taking working functionality from us…. It was there for fifa12.

    – if you are leading in an online match and you get DC, dont give the other team the win. if you get DC prior to the game starting you shouldnt be penalized either in my opinion. I have scored a win from someone who DC prior to the first whistle and i dont think that is fair.

    – completely agree with 2. Greater Customisation / Tactics (Kingkenny1997 Moderator) and Gold / Silver / Bronze only seasons (Jack.Humphries – Moderator and Contributor)

    – if a player in the game can play certain positions (Eg ST, CAM, RF) then allow the user to apply those modifiers on them. I dont think you should be able to put a ST >> CDM, but i do believe you can put a LM >> CM or CB >> CDM.

    – the ability to set tactics to individual players or positions. thus expanding on team tatics.

    • I like the idea you have about the position modifiers. It doesn’t make sense that someone could play Gareth Bale at CDM but not on the wing. Instead of the position change cards. Have a list of positions that player can play and charge 1000 coins or something to move a player to one of those positions

  37. what is really annoying is when i have a corner kick and one player is going to head de ball, another one of my same team jumps and does a terrrible header, making my corner useless

  38. Remove chemistry but have somthing similar to manager loyalty the more your team play together the better they gel. TOTW for each league would probably generate more diverse teams. And rare cards only to be the top end of each scale bronze rares 60-64 silver rares 70-74 gold rares 84 and above this would make buying packs more worthwhile knowing you will receive a decent card

  39. 1. Coin bonus for a win. If you win a match you get a 100 coin bonus or something.
    2. Free Packs or Coins at milestone wins. Maybe at your 25th, 50th, 100th, etc…You get a reward, with the rewards getting slightly better at each milestone.
    3. The mutual quit option is a great idea
    4. Have player fitness more realistic. Even if a player comes on in the 85th minute, his fitness doesn’t improve.
    5. Be able to do an advanced search of the transfer market. So I can search for a specific type of player. This would be especially helpful at the beginning of career mode when your dealing with little known players.
    6. Temporary attribute boosts if a player is playing well. Ex: If a player scores in 3 straight matches, then his shooting goes up a few points until his scoring streak ends. (If you list a player on the transfer market the boost goes away so it doesn’t interfere with the real in forms)

  40. Remove chemistry, its called “Ultimate Team” so i think its time we’re able to get the ULTIMATE team… Sick of seeing the same teams over and over!

    – Remove the scripting
    – Add search for: IF, TOTS, Upgrade and so on…
    – Get a button to put contracts and fitness cards on all players.
    – Let us watch all the stats on a player (like futhead)
    – Remove black, yellow and orange balls
    – Add 4-2-3-1(3) with one CDM, one CM and one CAM
    – Wager matches
    – Fix the “search by names” option, a lot of players missing and got the wrong name… Like Martin Kelly is Martin Henderson?
    – EA stop focusing on earning money over bringing a good game, you earn way to much as it is!

  41. Goalkeepers are immune to being sent off ever when they bring down a player as a last man – should be able to sub an outfield player for the sub keeper – or if all subs used then an outfield player would have to go in goal – as they say “it’s in the game”…

  42. I think we should be able to play with our FUT teams against “normal” teams in friendlies… I almost only play FUT in Fifa, but some of my friends doesnt like FUT, they prefer Seasons, so, when we goes for a match, he`s used to play we regular teams, but I dont, so thats a bit not fair… so, to doesnt discourage we to play so many FUT, and spend a lot of money and time to build our perfect team for nothing, once I cant play against my friends, I think that would be great.

    Another thing that could be very usefully for FUT “managers”, are making some improves in the club stats, I mean, the only information that the game save is Goal, Assist, Yellow Cards, Red Cards and Matchs…. CMON!!! That should at least give the number of Interceptions/Ball Stealing, Key Pass, % kicks on goal, goals from outside the box, % of completed pass, number of times that the player was MVP of the match, average rating in the matchs…. With this, we could have so many data to decide which player we prefer…

  43. I would say that EA should make the Fifa points cheaper so that more people would purchase them! also they should have new challenges every week where one inform or over 85+ player would be shown like IF Robben is given to you if you complete the challenge, like scoring more than 5 goals with 1 team, the higher the rating the harder the challenge! that would be awesome!

  44. I don’t like the bundle idea it makes it OP in my opinion because TOTY is out people will just spend heaps of money and instantly get it. It would also destroy pack openings.

  45. It shouldn’t be so easy to do the old ‘ball over the top to ibarbo’. Defenders shouldn’t be that much slower that the likes of Ibarbo/Diouf/Sturridge get a hat-trick per game

  46. I think this would be awesome!! If you play and beat the team of the week,,you up your % of chance at scoring better cards in packs ,,easy say like 5% and the highest say 25% or so.or if you win so many challenges !let’s say like beat the team of the week 10 times ,you get a double chance,or even a pack of cards,beat 20 times maybe a low silver,30 gold,,something like that..incentives for playing.

  47. Also being able to keep your team from fifa 14 ultimate team, without having to start all over again, which is a pain in the ass

  48. 1.) Give a 12 month code for online service for both PS and XBOX consoles because I know that EA Sports have had previous encounters with Sony and Microsoft’s consoles and the PSN and Xbox Live would be for other games except this one: basically the code you would give on PS3 FIFA games when you needed a code to play online, do that for PS4 and XBOX 360 and XBOX One.

    2.) Kit Creator – for Ultimate Team and Career Mode and Pro Clubs – and/or – maybe sell them on the Market for coins or XP.

    3.) Create a badge.

    4.) Mod Mode: pre-order special (make the game more of a PC style)

    5.) Stadium Builder and Boot Designer

    6.) Pre-season tournaments (for e.g. Emirates Cup)

    7.) Instead of cutscenes, (for press conferences) you can show pictures in PES 2008, this therefore brings up the option of GameFace for a manager and see how they would look like in a tracksuit, suit or a shirt and a tie.

    8.) Kit Upgrades: Customize or create brand new kits after the 1st season in Career Mode like adjust the pattern or change the design and choose what sponsor you want (for e.g. Nike, Adidas, Puma, Umbro etc.).

    9.) Sponsors: If you buy a deal at the start of the season, like for e.g. Arsenal and Fly Emirates and you pay like 2.5m for Fly Emirates to sponsor you, Fly Emirates will sponsor. The bigger the company, the more expensive but the most expensive company is the limit to like 4.5m and the most cheapest is like 400k.

    10.) Story Mode: Start your career as an unknown manager and work your way up through the ranks and build a reputation like in FIFA 11. Get placed with a random team and earn your way up to the top of world football. And if you’re managing a team not in Europe, go to Glory Mode which means you fight aganist three of the best teams that aren’t in Europe and enter into the Champions Cup or Euro League and do a random pick of the two, whichever is chosen is the one you’re in.

    11.) Contract clauses (buy out clause, sell on clause, highest earner at the club etc).

    12.) If a player wants to leave, you can reply by telling them they have been put on the transfer list, we can’t let you go because you are one of a kind or what can we do to prevent you from leaving?

    13.) Players recommended from Scouts and the Global Transfer Network: you can go and watch them play. And if possible, have the news and media say that he was spotted at the match and had a keen eye on the player that the Scout/GTN recommended for to buy.

    14.) Set a price on a player and demand a player that you want from the club you are selling the player to.

    15.) Apply training on a player.

    16.) Add Cry Engine.

    17.) Ballon d’Or awards – add new award – Best Young Player (25 or younger, 16 or older).

    18.) Player Career Mode: at anytime in the year, suggest to the manager that you would like to change position like Draxler as a ST.

    19.) Create your own tournament to put in Career Mode or download other people’s

    20.) Champions League and Europa League licenses!

  49. What Ea Needs To Somewhat Think About Is Traders….. Lets Be Honest Trading Was Easier On FIFA Games Were Formation Cards Were In Them. (BTW Chemistry Cards Really EA)

  50. I would like the consumables pile to be capped again to make items more valued, bit with maybea cap of 100 to strike a balance

  51. To have a separate “fantasy ultimate team” where any one can build there best squad to try them out but no coins or market just make a free team and play against other fantasy teams and maybe find a team that you can build on ut

  52. Here’s an idea, GET RID OF THE BLOODY SCRIPTING!

    Here is why>
    I always had a decent Ultimate team and i found that every second game i
    would lose and id have to be lucky and play perfectly in order to win
    consecutively. at this point i made it into DIV 3. Here i started to
    upgrade my team, it became substantially better ie, SIF pedro, IF diego
    costa, di maria, SIF fabregas, iniesta isco, alba, ramos, IF pepe,
    alves, casillas…

    SINCE UPGRADING to this team i have been
    relegated straight down from div 3 to DIV fucking 6! It seems the better
    team you have the less likely you are to win.

    i can pick out
    each individual part of the games where I am being screwed over. To top
    it off, in the last game of div 5 i needed a win to stay in the division
    so i put a boost on LITERALLY EVERY PLAYER, i also play very well, and
    what do you know? 0-0 and i get relegated… WASTE OF TIME AND MONEY.

    This could be a great game with so much to look forward to but money hungry EA do not give a shit about their consumers enjoyment as long as they make their buck.

  53. 1.How about after a while of completing matches your DNF slowly goes back to normal. I’m only making about 400 coins a match and I’ve only intentionally quit twice. The rest were lag and the servers going down. It’s a real pain in the ass.
    2.how about you can search players by attributes. For example if I wanted a LM with at least 85 Pace or 70 dribbling. It would help a ton.
    3.And then when searching for players you can add like what you want the minimum rating to be. I don’t want to see 79 rated strikers when I search for gold players.
    4. Something else I think would be nice is like in Madden where instead of Home and Away jerseys, you have dark and light kits. That way a player can’t have two dark jerseys or two light kits. You should be required one dark and one light.
    5.We should be able to design our own badges, with a system like Call of dutys’s emblems.
    6.Pink slips/Wagers would be the best thing ever.
    7.Another cool thing would be like if you beat the team of the week on the hardest difficulty you get a pack and in that pack you have a lets say 45% chance of winning one of the IF’s.
    8.A players ratings should change weekly just like in Seasons or Kickoff when Matchday is on. But they don’t update old cards, they just make new ones.
    9.People who preorder the game should get one IF.
    10. I dont want fucking Ashley cole outrunning Cristiano Ronaldo or pushing him off the ball.
    11. Some of the penaltys called are fucking ridiculous
    12. Add the tactics that are in use in FIFA World Cup
    13. For all of FIFA I want to be able to customize the soundtrack and add my own music.

    I think that’s it!

  54. I feel like is a waste of money when you buy points to get packs on fut 14 and you cant use your players on fut 15 I spend like 500 or more on fut 14 so if I cant use my old players of 15 I will stop buying any thing
    I will probably even quit playing fifa 15