FUT 14 TOTW 17 In-Form (IF) Predictions


FUT 14 TOTW 17 Predictions - FIFA 14 Ultimate Team

Another week, another set of predictions… For those of you who do not follow our predictions, we advise you do so to help you get one step ahead of the game! We also advise you read the comments section below for other FUTers opinions on who will receive an in-form and feature in TOTW 17!

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As always we will have TOTW 17 details posted on the Website just after 3pm (UK time) Wednesday, 8th January 2014.

These predictions are completely our own opinion, so please don’t take them as fact.

Some MOTM claims are also our own opinion.

TOTW 17 Predictions:


GK: Cirilo Saucedo – Tijuana (74 > 74)
Clean sheet, 3 saves, pen save, & MOTM

CB: Leonardo Bonucci – Juventus (79 > 81)
Clean sheet & 1 goal

CB: Gonzalo Rodriguez – Fiorentina (80 > 81)
Clean sheet, 1 goal & MOTM

CB: Daniel Agger – Liverpool (82 > 83)
Clean sheet, 1 goal & MOTM

CAM>LM: Christian Eriksen – Tottenham Hotspur (82 > 83)
1 goal, 1 assist & MOTM

LW>CAM: Dries Mertens – Napoli (80 > 81)
2 goals & MOTM

CAM: Oscar – Chelsea (82 > 83)
1 goal, 2 assists & MOTM

CAM: Kaka – Milan (82 > 83)
2 goals, 1 assist & MOTM

RW: Alexis Sanchez – FC Barcelona (82 > 83 > 84) (SIF)
3 goals & MOTM

ST: Luca Toni – Hellas Verona (74 > 74 > 77) (SIF)
2 goals, 1 assist & MOTM

ST: Carlos Bacca – Sevilla FC (76 > 78)
1 goal, 2 assists & MOTM


GK: Danny Vukovic – Perth Glory (63 > 64)
Clean sheet, 8 saves & MOTM

RWB: Paul Aguilar – America (72 > 74)
Clean sheet, 1 goal & 1 assist

RM: Sofiane Feghouli – Valencia CF (81 > 82)
1 goal & MOTM

LM>CAM: Kris Commons – Celtic (74 > 74)
2 goal & MOTM

CAM: Alejandro Dominguez – Olympiacos CFP (75 > 77)
1 goal, 2 assists & MOTM

ST: Jeremy Perbet – Villarreal CF (72 > 74)
2 goals & 1 assist

ST: Ikechukwu Uche – Villarreal CF (72 > 74)
3 goals & MOTM

TOTW = Team of the week
MOTM = Man of the match
SIF = Second in-form

Disagree with any of our predictions or feel that we’ve missed anyone? Please use the comments section below to let other FUTers know who you think deserves an in-form for TOTW 17! You can use our FUT Chat feature to chat live with other online FUTers.

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  • Luis Rosendo Medel V

    What about Neri Castillo, two goals and he entered in second half.

    • Raf9999

      You’re right, also Chuy Corona (a great performance against Monterrey) and Luis Gabriel Rey (1 goal, 1 assist and 1 clear line save)

      • TOTYChaser

        Beaners… MX Liga Sucks man..

  • Powellycpfc

    Chris Commons didn’t get much of a boost did he !? Lol

    • james

      just so you know, silver players, who are 74 ovr, REMAIN at 74 on their first IF (Great example of EA logic- it makes NO sense). if they have a SECOND IF (see- Luca Toni prediction), they finaly get upgraded to a gold, and usually higher than 75. just to clear that up …..

      • Nick Morton

        but in game stats will increase so the card rating is pointless anyway

        • M

          All stats in this game are pointless, I scored from a corner taken from my bronze goalkeeper yesterday, every player is interchangeable. All I play this game for is to collect cards.

          • dantan

            i dont know what you mean but corners are rather corny and fixed like 5th 45th and 90th minutes goals, no? unless you bent it directly in from a corner with a bronze gk then that would be crazy

      • dantan

        not if luca toni is my favorite striker in game to date and somehow i feel like his card would be worse if he was upgraded to gold because this game is queer beyond any doubt and handicaps certain people based on their easfc rating and then proceeds to award goals to people during certain opprotunistic windows in game

  • Totti8976

    It seems you included 12 players in starting 11s.

    • UltimateTeamUK

      We’ve taken Bony out, although he scored 2 he still lost against City. We added him in at the end and forgot to take out another player!

      • steve

        what time does the TOTW come out??? US time plz

      • steve

        well fuk u then

  • Mehdi

    CR7 scored two to reach 400 goals but I guess he isn’t getting a TIF since he’ll be in TOTY. A special card with different colour will be cool though.

  • JiPe

    3-5-3 is a nice formation, should be in FIFA 15!

    • UltimateTeamUK

      It would be pretty sweaty…

    • whiny babies

      so you plan on having no goalkeeper with that formation? or 2 cb’s and the goal keeper…because that is 1 too many players.

      • JiPe

        I know, it´s just that they had another striker (Uche, I believe) in the starting 11 at first. So the formation they were using was a 3-5-3.

  • Mike

    John Stones. FA Cup debut. Clean Sheet, Prevented a single shot on target, 1 Assist and MOTM. Surely!

  • DixonTHFC

    I reckon Santi Cazorla might get one, quality goal against us and MOTM and even tho I’m a yid I’m preying he does because he is by far the best CAM in the prem (on the game) 5 star weak foot etc.

  • Luis

    What time does the team change on eastern time

  • steve

    what time does the TOTW come out

    • steve

      united states time plz

      • Raf999

        7:00 hrs leaked in this page, 11:00 hrs in FUT

      • Marko Schoonrok

        Steve.. UK time is around 4pm detals of TOTW. Around 6pm the team is on futhead.com
        So US time is, correct if I am wrong, 6hous earlier? (Easterntime)

  • Jambon_wafc

    Nottingham forest striker Paterson scored 3 against west ham should get a mention

  • Marko Schoonrok

    TOTW is online