FUT 14 TOTY (Team of the Year) Predictions

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FUT 14 TOTY (Team of the Year) Predictions - FIFA 14 Ultimate Team

It’s that time of the year FUTers… 2013 has passed and FUT 14 TOTY (Team of the Year) players are soon to be released in packs! With this in mind, we decided to let you know who we think will make it into 2013′s Team of the Year!

These predictions are completely our own opinion, so please don’t take them as fact.

Rating upgrades are also our own opinion.

Below are our predictions:

GK: Manuel Neuer – Bayern München (86 > 90-92)
LB: David Alaba - Bayern München (81 > 82 > 86-88) (SIF)
RB: Philipp Lahm - Bayern München (87 > 88 > 89 > 92-94) (TIF)
CB: Sergio Ramos – Real Madrid (86 > 90-92)
CB: Thiago Silva – Paris Saint-Germain (87 > 91-93)
CDM/CM: Bastian Schweinsteiger - Bayern München (88 > 92-94)
CF: Gareth Bale – Real Madrid (87 > 88 > 91>93) (SIF)
CF: Lionel Messi – FC Barcelona (94 > 97-98)
LW: Franck Ribéry - Bayern München (90 > 91 > 94-95) (SIF)
LW: Cristiano Ronaldo – Real Madrid (92 > 93 > 94 > 96-98) (TIF)
ST: Zlatan Ibrahimović - Paris Saint-Germain (89 > 90 > 91 > 93-95) (TIF)

TOTY = Team of the Year
SIF = Second in-form
TIF = Third in-form

Many of you may be wondering why we haven’t included Suarez, we agree that despite missing 10 games of the start of this season he has had a phenomenal season. But with Ibrahimović, Messi and Bale so consistent in 2013 we could not accommodate him… Other contenders that we also considered were Falcao, Lewandowski, RVP, Agüero, Robben, Neymar, Iniesta, Pirlo, Vidal, Touré, Dante, Hummels, Zabaleta, Alves, Alba, Baines & Courtois.

Who do you think will feature in the FUT 14 TOTY? Feel that we’ve included anyone that shouldn’t be there or that we’ve missed anyone? Let us know in the comments section below! As soon as we have any details we will keep you updated ASAP!

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  • Ish

    When is toty official release?


      Monday 13th January

      • R0CKNR0LLST5R

        Already got 60,000 Fifa points and 5 million coins WAITING lol

        • john

          U have no life

        • Guest

          why dont you add to that you are still WAITING to lose your virginity as well?

          • Nick

            Damn stop hating cause he has money to spend

          • RS

            Nothing wrong with money to spend mate, he just seems obnoxious.
            If you have that kind of money to spend then good for you.

  • Adam

    How can you say that RVP is a contender? He’s been injured all season

    • Ash

      It’s for the whole year. (2013) Top premier league goal scorer and a title winner.

  • matt

    so i should invest in the players normal card?

  • Ash

    Why do ppl put Ramos in it. He had a terrible last season and been bad this season. Won nothing, played in the Spain team that got destroyed by Brazil and for real that got destroyed vs Dortmund. At fault for a lot of goals. Thinks about attack rather than defending. Baffles me.

    • Ash

      The guy has also got a record number of red cards to go with it.

    • Kid

      Hummels,Luiz are Boateng.

    • mutsdog

      spot on pal, Ramos in teams like this is a lot like Cleverly getting picked for England. Its all about who you play for. Thats Fifa/EA for ya

    • Markh510

      Little harsh in my opinion, he hasn’t played to his potential but I don’t think you can quite say that he was the sole cause of all that you have stated. Dortmund where much better than Madrid in the champions league matches and it showed across the whole pitch, not just through Ramos.
      I don’t think he should be in the TOTY but at the same time he has not played bad enough to be blamed for all that…

      • Ash

        My point is that he should never be in this team of the year. He has had good years but if you could be a world 11 would you really have him in it? I watch Spanish football week in week out, Madrid always concede goals and there defence isn’t great and he’s apart of it.

  • rick

    when is it released?


      Monday 13th January

  • BarçaFan

    Jordi Alba is insane, I’d include it

  • testicola

    i hope there is a special card with a picture of neymars weiner

  • chris

    agree with the suarez decision, i think he will e in TOTS but not TOTY

  • ben

    won’t happen but messi out (way too much time off w/ injury), maybe ibra out (french league isnt the BEST and was worse last year before A$ Monaco came along) Robben and lewandowski in, both clinical in their clubs CL success, how many people have got 4 against Real in CL?!

    • Markh510

      Does one match make him eligible for a team of the YEAR? There is no doubt that he played incredibly well last year but Messi still played very well when he wasn’t injured. Ibra I have my doubts about as well so I would say that would be the best shout at a replacement.

    • JiPe

      Messi will be in TOTY, his up for the Ballon dÓr and will always be the highest rated card on FIFA 14 (Pelé was an exception and it will not happen again). Ibra or Lewandowski, that might get interesting. I think it will be Ibra, but I wouldn´t be chocked if it´s Lewandowski.

  • mutsdog

    Surely with the ridiculous logic there refer to as ‘Fifa Logic’ doesn’t Lewandowski’s 4 goals vs Madrid make him an almost certainty for this?

    • Markh510

      The only person that he would be able to have an argument to replace would be either Ibra or Bale. I haven’t seen Ibra play and don’t know how well he did last year but he simply would not be able to take the position of the other 3.

  • Markh510

    Won’t be popular but I would say that Diego Lopez has a shout, not saying that he should be ahead of Neuer but for any goalkeeper to come into a club and play well enough to keep a legend of the game like Casillas out of the team, he must have been doing something right ;)

  • lj_mtz

    I was thinking of buying Robben for my team, should I wait for a market crash or should I buy it now? Please help!!

    • Inham

      Like you say yourself, Market is gonna crash so it’ll spare you couple of 10k’s probably! I’m doing the same with Messi, patiently waiting :)

      • lj_mtz

        I’m afraid that he doesn’t go any lower :( he’s already dropped to 250k, that’s why I’m hesitating, by the way thanks for the answer!!

  • Ali

    Bale cant be a TOTY player. TOTY is World XI 2013 in the ballon d’or. Bale isn’t nominated for that, could’ve been sick though

  • Kim Roar

    Ok so if I have players in my team that is on this list, should I sell them or what is the trixy fixy thing to do here?

  • rayan

    i thinik you diego costa

  • sNg


  • Raf9999

    And Chucho Benitez? And Oribe Peralta? And Raúl Jimenez?