FUT 14 Nations United Cup (Tournament)


FUT 14 Nations United Cup Tournament - FIFA 14 Ultimate Team

A new FUT 14 Tournament – Nations United Cup is now available! Competing in this tournament is a great way to earn the chance of a free pack and some extra coins! This Tournament will be available until 5pm (UK time) Friday, December 13th 2013.

The requirements and win rewards for this tournament can be seen below:

Entry Requirements:
A minimum of 4 Nations in the Starting XI
A minimum of 90 Team Chemistry

Online Win Reward:
1st win: 1x Gold Pack + 3,500 Coins
2nd win: 3,500 Coins

Offline Win Reward:
1st win: 1x Silver Pack + 2,000 Coins
2nd win: 2,000 Coins

In-form players currently available in packs:

You can discuss this latest tournament on our forum or in the comments section below. To talk with other online FUTers then head over to our FUT Chat feature!

Good luck to everyone playing and let us know how you get on!

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  • esso

    can’t see the writing

    • UltimateTeamUK

      All fixed now esso, thanks for the feedback.

  • Arkar

    yeah! me too! i can’t see sentences! so i click “Ctrl+A” and now i can see sentence! he he!

  • babydill

    dear ea could u please make the game freeze more because it seems like it purposely freezes so i dont win division titles too comfortably , i mean youve stolen about 50 points from me in seasons and its really fcked up, it really makes me want to punch a baby, your bullshit handicap game should be destroyed

  • babydill

    i loose games i won thanks to fifas brilliant make your console freeze handicap system, wait a minute fifa so your telling me if i was a level 1 and not level 90 that i would win with ease, what a shocker

  • babydill

    100 perecent truthful reflection of single player seasons (not fut). I try maybe 4 games and it freezes as soon as i score in everyone of them but at least it didnt give me a loss it would in fut. OK so the one game it doesnt freeze i get a red card for touching a player with my hand(honestly most absurd straight red ive ever seen in game) and he ends up with a draw but i quit in the 90th because i know the game worked handicap magic to fuck me and im 100 percent positive it fixed a draw and thats not fair.

  • babydill

    i find it ironic that it has froze in every season just enough to give me the chance to win the tittle with my last game of the season and its done this in every season right on cue