FUT 14 Squad Builder Fastest (Pace) BPL Team


FUT 14 Squad Builder Fastest (Pace) BPL Team - FIFA 14 Ultimate Team

FUT 14 Squad Builder Fastest (Pace) BPL Team (Subs) - FIFA 14 Ultimate Team

For those of you that love a bit of pace in your teams, below we have listed the fastest 100 chemistry gold Barclays PL team possible with the most optimal formation. We have chosen not to include in-forms, legends and positional changes. We have also kept the Chemistry Style as basic.

Some of you may be wondering why we haven’t included players such as Theo Walcott and Raheem Sterling, this is because we’ve decided to use a formation which also allows for the highest overall rating of individual players.

Which of these players will you be including in your Barclays PL / Hybrid teams?


GK: Hugo Lloris (OVR: 84 Pace: 63- Tottenham Hotspur
LB: Gael Clichy (OVR: 81 Pace: 88) – Manchester City
Kyle Walker (OVR: 79 Pace: 92) – Tottenham Hotspur
CB: Younes Kaboul (OVR: 80 Pace: 78) – Tottenham Hotspur
CB: Vlad Chiriches (OVR: 75 Pace: 82) – Tottenham Hotspur
Ramires (OVR: 80 Pace: 88) – Chelsea
Ashley Young (OVR: 82 Pace: 88) – Manchester Utd
Aaron Lennon (OVR: 80 Pace: 92) – Tottenham Hotspur
Charles N’Zogbia (OVR 76 Pace: 86) – Aston Villa
Samuel Eto’o (OVR 84 Pace 91) – Chelsea
Loic Remy (OVR 79 Pace 91) – Newcastle United


GK: Michel Vorm (OVR 81 Pace 60) Swansea City
CB: Laurent Koscielny (OVR 81 Pace 77) Arsenal
RB: Glen Johnson (OVR 79 Pace 85) Liverpool
CDM: Yaya Toure (OVR 86 Pace 77) Manchester City
LM: Andre Schurrle (OVR 80 Pace 88) Chelsea
CAM: Stephane Sessegnon (OVR 78 Pace 84) West Brom
ST: Daniel Sturridge (OVR 80 Pace 90) Liverpool

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  • threetestlickle

    Too bad that formation everyone uses listed as the 41212 DOES NOT EXiSIST IN REAL LIFE. It would be a 4132 without wingers and have 3 attacking midfielders. its really quite annoying because this is the choice formation for ignorant skill less pace whores. In reality neither Walcott or Lennon fit in a 4132 which is what ea is trying to describe with this quack formation. Silly sluts love to try to exploit game play with pace and this formation. Turbo straight all the time and defend by having no concept of defense aka essentially don’t even defend just be ignorant enough to believe your players can attack constantly for 90 min. The truth is it is as dumb as the people who use attacking wingers as wingbacks in 352.

    • Michal

      I thought I was the only one that thought that way about that formation. I like to play a style where I dominate possession and found this formation to be by far the worst to play that way. And like you said the only people I come across that use this formation are annoying pace whores.

  • threetestlickle

    to be fair the only validity the formation has is if you used essentially a left attacking midfielder or right attacking midfielders and this is possible through players like say marco reus. id rather see people play it correctly and be tempted to use some skills as opposed to play like a dip stick

  • threetestlickle

    the main reason the formation gets exploited is because this version of a 442 diamond lacks width and ea gave it extra width

  • borat

    where’s valencia? :S

  • Ayo Adebayo

    why isn’t walcott there?

    • fred1266

      i think because the formation uses RM instead of RW

  • fred1266

    where Walcott, even Ryo faster than lennon and sterling faster than young

  • Medi

    This is one of the two most used formation in FIFA 14, the other one is 4-4-2. They set up high pressure all 90 min and storm to your players as soon as they receive the ball and it get worst when you move up divisions. Do they get tired? hell no decided EA. It’s so frustrating.

  • fut 14

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R33U1rKsEPI thats the fastest actually

  • PPHJ


  • jesus

    Instead of lennon put walcott instead