FUT 14 Easy Coin Making Method (Player Chemistry Styles Guide)


FUT 14 Kagawa Hunter Sold 11,750 coins Buy Now - FIFA 14 Ultimate Team

Although you may have noticed that the consumables market recently crashed due to the Consumables Glitch, you can still make a decent amount of coins by buying and selling players with popular Chemistry Styles applied. This easy coin making method is currently working very well for us and will continue to increase our margins if the consumables market recovers!

We would like to start by giving a big shout out to FIFA YouTuber SmarbaTV for releasing this coin making method on his YouTube channel before the consumables market crash. Make sure you subscribe to his YouTube channel for exclusive FUT 14 tips and videos!


After testing and refining the method, we will take you through the method step-by-step, showing you exactly how many coins we are making on 1 of several preferred players to trade with. We advise using several players with this method as you may find it difficult at times to find the bargains if using only 1 or 2 players.

Please note: All prices used in the examples are for the Xbox, but the method works the same on the PS3 and PC. Prices change all the time, so don’t replicate the prices we have shown in the examples (especially once consumable prices increase). Now we have used Kagawa as an example it is not wise to try and trade with him as many FUTers will now be doing this.

Buying and selling popular players with popular Chemistry Styles applied method:

Step one:

The first step in this method is identifying a popular player (preferably around 5-15k coins) that other FUTers will want to apply an expensive Chemistry Style to. You will notice that the three most expensive Chemistry Styles are; Hunter, Shadow and Catalyst (all of which increase pace the most). As we want to make as many coins as possible per player, we will search for a popular player that FUTers want the Hunter Chemistry Style applied to (you can choose any Chemistry Style).

You will notice that many FUTers want the Hunter Chemistry Style applied to CAM’s as this Chemistry Style increases Pace and Shooting, two desirable attributes for a CAM (ST’s are also popular with the Hunter Chemistry Style). The reason you want to find a player for around 5,000-15,000 coins is because there are good margins to be made at this price range, and these players will generally appear in high volume on the Transfer Market. If you tried this method with expensive players such as Aguero, RVP and Rooney, after EA tax you would make no coins using this method.

After analysing the market we decided on the popular Manchester United CAM, Shinji Kagawa.

Step two:

After you’ve picked your player and found out how much your selected Chemistry Style sells for, you’ll want to find the cheapest Buy Now Price for the player on the Transfer Market. In the case of Shinji Kagawa, his cheapest Buy Now Price was 8k with only 7 listed at this price.

FUT 14 Kagawa Basic Cheapest Buy Now 8k - FIFA 14 Ultimate Team

Before the consumables market crash, you may have noticed Hunter Chemistry Styles selling for around 7.5k. This would have meant even better returns from this method, however as of now (October 6th 2013) Hunter Chemistry Styles are selling for around 2.4k. This means that the cheapest any FUTer will be able to manually add a Hunter Chemistry Style to Kagawa is 10.4k. However for convenience sake you will also notice that many FUTers may pay more than this for Kagawa with the Hunter Chemistry Style applied.

Step three:

The beauty of this method is that some FUTers just look at the cheapest price for Kagawa on the Transfer Market (8k) and list their Kagawa with the Hunter Chemistry Styles applied for near the cheapest price (even though we explained it should sell for 10.4k +). The great thing is that these cheaply listed Kagawas won’t sell until someone who wants Kagawa in a Hunter Chemistry Style finds and purchases him.

Step three involves searching for Kagawa (or your player) in their applied Chemistry Styles and seeing what’s happening in the market.

FUT 14 Kagawa Hunter Search (Max Buy Now 12k) - FIFA 14 Ultimate Team

Once we’d clicked search, the results displayed 1 Kagawa at 12k (the next cheapest was 12,250 coins etc). This showed to us that if we could pick one up cheap, we could almost guarantee to sell it at 11,750 coins.

FUT 14 Kagawa Hunter Listings (Max Buy Now 12k) - FIFA 14 Ultimate Team

Step four:

Step four is buying your chosen player for cheap in the selected Chemistry Style. Although you will be able to pick up several cheap Kagawa’s in the Hunter Chemistry Style on Buy Now, you also want to be searching the auctions. You’ll see below that we purchased Kagawa in the Hunter Chemistry Style on a Buy Now for 8.6k and then shortly after won another on bidding for 8.1k.

FUT 14 Kagawa Hunter Purchases - FIFA 14 Ultimate Team

Within about 30 minutes of both being listed for 11,500 / 11,750 we sold both, making 2.5k on the first and 3k on the second!

FUT 14 Kagawa Hunter Sold 11,750 coins Buy Now - FIFA 14 Ultimate Team


Although the actual value for Kagawa in the Hunter Chemistry Style was around 10.4k at the time of releasing this article, you will see that many lazy FUTers cannot be bothered to purchase the Chemistry Style and apply it themselves, so pay an extra 1.4k or so. You will be able to find many bargains as they will not be cheapest on the market (when compared to other players with basic Chemistry Styles applied), meaning other FUTers will not purchase them unless they desire them in that Chemistry Style (which is why if you’re fairly quick you’ll find plenty of bargains).

You’ll find it hard to find an easier and more guaranteed way to make coins with little competition in the market! We made just over 5.5k by finding two cheaply priced Kagawas! With players that are listed in high volume it shouldn’t take too long to find bargains! If you are using this method with 5+ players, you will be able to find bargains fairly frequently!

If this coin making method has helped you make coins, we’d love to know in the comments section below! You can chat LIVE with other FUTers on our FUT Chat feature, or visit our forum for support from our growing community.