FUT 14 Consumable Card Glitch – MAKE COINS NOW!


FUT 14 Hunter Chemistry Style Search - FIFA 14 Ultimate Team

For those of you that don’t know, as of writing this post there has very recently been a consumable card glitch for all platforms whereby FUTers who purchased 1 consumable card from the Transfer Market were receiving an extra 2 or 3 etc. This has flooded the Transfer Market with extremely cheap consumables!

We’re unsure as to whether a patch / fix has been implemented, so you may see consumable prices drop further. We can only imagine that EA are working on a fix ASAP, let’s hope they are!

Update 05/10/2013 03:00am UK: No news on whether a patch has been implemented. If not, it could make the consumables market crash even further. Something will have to be done to sort out the market! If you decided to invest earlier, you like thousands of other FUTers thought a patch would have been implemented.

Update 05/10/2013 12.30pm UK: GOOD NEWS! Looks like a patch has been implemented and consumable prices have increased! For example Hunter Chemistry Styles are selling for around 2.5k Buy Now (Xbox). Those who invested yesterday should be set to make a good amount of coins!

If you are reading this post late, it may be too late to invest in cheap consumables.

If you decide to stock up:

The beauty of stocking up is that your consumables pile is now UNLIMITED in FUT 14, meaning they won’t clog up your Transfer List! However as we previously discussed the consumable prices will purely depend on whether a fix has been implemented. Using the example of the Hunter Chemistry Styles, yesterday evening (UK time) it was selling for around 7k and now it’s selling for around 400 coins Buy Now (Xbox)!

FUT 14 Hunter Chemistry Style Listings - FIFA 14 Ultimate Team

If you do attempt to invest in the unstable consumables market, we advise holding onto your consumables for a decent amount of time before selling (maybe several weeks even).

Do your friends a favour and let them know! Let us know in the comments section below which consumables you have stocked up on! To chat with others FUTers LIVE visit our FUT Chat feature. To receive support and advice from our community then visit our forum.