FUT 14 Chemistry Guide and FAQs


FUT 14 Chemistry Guide

What is Chemistry in FUT 14?

Chemistry is how well your players gel when playing together. Poor chemistry can be shown in real-life teams where high rated players do not perform or gel well as a team. Therefore high Chemistry is ESSENTIAL when building your FUT 14 squad(s) in order to increase your player’s performance during a match and beat your opponent!

In this guide we will explain the components that affect Chemistry, how you obtain Chemistry Bonuses and the steps involved in building a team with optimal Chemistry.

The four key aspects that affect Chemistry:

1. Preferred Position
2. Nationality
3. League
4. Club

Please note: Nationality, League, and Club Chemistry is applied through links with your other players, so look to maintain your chosen Chemistry connection throughout your team.

FUT 14 Chemistry Guide - FIFA 14 Ultimate Team Getting Started

Getting Started:

The first step to building your FUT 14 squad with optimal Chemistry is deciding how your players will be linked (by Nationality, League and/or Club). This will help you in deciding which players to purchase before making sure they are positioned correctly.

Making sure your players are in the correct position:

When purchasing your players (or receiving them from packs) it is essential you make sure they’re playing in the correct position for your chosen formation. If you plan on using a player that you have received in a pack but their position does not fit into your desired formation, then you can purchase certain Position Change cards.

FUT 14 Chemistry Positions

As shown above you will know whether your player is playing in the correct position by looking at the round indicator on the field directly below them. Green indicates the correct position and you will receive the most Chemistry. Orange indicates a similar position such as a CM in a CAM and you will receive some Chemistry. Red indicates an incorrect position and you will receive no Chemistry.

Making sure your players are linked:

Bonus Chemistry will be applied when your players share the same Nationality, League or Team.

FUT 14 Player Chemistry Links

As you can see above this is indicated by the connecting lines between each player. Green lines indicate a full Chemistry Bonus, by sharing more than one common link with connected players. Orange lines represent a medium Chemistry Bonus, by sharing only one common link with connected players. Red lines indicate no Chemistry Bonus, by sharing no link with connected players.

Player Loyalty Bonus:

FUT 14 Loyalty Player Chemistry Bonus

Players can obtain an additional maximum of 1 Chemistry Bonus when they are loyal. Players found in packs purchased from the store automatically receive their Loyalty Bonus. Players purchased from the Transfer Market will need to play 10 games for your club to achieve Player Loyalty. Player loyalty is indicated by the green shield as shown above. Once players achieve their loyalty bonus they will remain loyal for as long as you keep them in your club.

Manager Bonus:

FUT 14 Manager Chemistry Bonus

The players that share a Nationality or League link with your manager get a Chemistry Bonus. The manager icon will display green on every player that receives this link. You can also now change your Manager’s assigned league by applying Manager League Items found in packs or in the Transfer Market.

I have a high star rating but low Chemistry Level, why is this?

The star rating is a representation of the overall rating of each player in your squad (calculated from the players in your starting line-up and subs bench). As we explained earlier, your Chemistry Level represents how well your players work together. You may have a team full of superstars in different Leagues, Nations and Clubs, but you will not receive favourable Chemistry bonuses!

Chemistry Styles:

Chemistry Styles add further depth to your squad and allow you to optimize selected player’s stats depending on your Chemistry Level.

We have explained exactly how Chemistry Styles work here.

You can also see what attribute boosts each Chemistry Style gives to a player here.

In conclusion:

Chemistry is essential to how well your team plays so make sure you follow the steps in this guide to obtain optimal Chemistry. Has this guide helped you? We’d appreciate you letting us know your thoughts in the comments section below. You can also chat live with other online FUTers in our FUT Chat feature. Plenty more detailed guides to come from us, so make sure you stay tuned!