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FUT 14 Web App (Welcome UltimateTeamUK) - FIFA 14 Ultimate Team

That’s right FUTers, the FUT 14 Web App is now available! It took us a while and a lot of page refreshing, but after some patience, we eventually found ourselves on the FIFA 14 Ultimate Team Web App welcome page! The welcome page briefly covers Chemistry Styles, Player Loyalty, Manager Bonuses, FIFA Points and also has a link explaining what has happened to your FUT 13 Club.

We are aware that many of you, perhaps the majority, have tried logging into the Web App and had no luck so far. The original early access release date was September 15th 2013, but it seems as if the Web App is now available for those who manage to get on there (this may require a lot of patience hitting the refresh button!). It has been confirmed that the Web App is legitimately online and will be at full capacity from Sunday (September 15th 2013).

Important note – If you are lucky enough to get on the Web App throughout the early access period, make sure you stay on there (unless you need to shut your laptop/computer/iPad down), if you close the page you may not be able to get back on there!!

For live FUT 14 Web App updates

FUT 14 Web App (Loyalty Gift) - FIFA 14 Ultimate Team

FUT 14 Web App Store (My Packs) - FIFA 14 Ultimate Team

Getting Started
We’ve been playing FIFA Ultimate Team since November 2010, and as a reward we received a loyalty gift in the “My Packs” section of the Store. This is extremely useful, especially at this stage as every coin counts when it comes to giving yourself the best foundation to begin trading with. After opening all 5 of our starting packs, we put most of our items on the transfer list and after a few trade cycles we’re on just under 10K at the moment (not bad considering the best player we pulled was an 82-rated Filipe Luis!). If you guys need some tips on trading on the FUT 14 Web App then check out our Early Access Trading Coin Guide, follow the tips in this guide and you’ll gain an advantage over many FUT traders out there!

Daily Gifts – UPDATE: Initial early access daily gifts are no longer available!
Don’t forget Daily Gifts are also available, so make sure to log in each day (if possible) to receive these bonuses! As mentioned above, even a small amount of coins can make a big difference in the early stage of each FIFA, so take advantage of every bonus you can!

FUT 14 Web App Transfer List (Starter Packs) - FIFA 14 Ultimate Team

Let us know in the comments section below and on our forum if you’ve managed to access the Web App and if so, we’d love to know which players you get! We wish you luck logging in and hopefully you’ll have better luck in your starter packs than we did!

FUT 14 Web App Link (Official Link)

Don’t forget to join the fun and chat LIVE with other online FUTers on our FUT Chat feature!



  1. I have been able to login into Fifa 14 Ultimate Team since yesterday. As a member of Fifa Ultimate Team, I have received 3 loyalty packs in “My Packs” section which includes 2 All Players Pack and 1 Bronze pack with best player I got is 76 rated Robinho.

    Today also I got 1000 coins as Daily Gift Pack.

    Players, consumables, club items, staffs seems to be some what cheaper now in Transfer Market, than when the game will originally launch. So trying to grab some good deals. But it seems, I need much more coins for such value trade. So, wondering how can I earn more coins!!!

    The concern is I haven’t any clue regarding transfer of coins from Fut 13 to Fut 14. So, if anyone can advise on this, will be of great help.

    Thanks Ultimate TeamUK for your continued support with updated info.

    • is that in game coins or fifa points? cuz coins wont transfer, its a diff game, otherwise the best would just sell all their top players, then transfer all the millions of coins they’d have to the next game and completely dominate the market, plus ea would lose a load of money on fifa points. as for fifa points, i really wanna know that too, but i dont think so, as i have like 25 of my fifa 13 UT but when i log into the F14UT web app i have nothing. hope this helped

  2. Hello people

    I’ve also been started on the fifa 14 web app. I got two starter packs with players. But I didn’t get the two gold packs. Is there a reason why i didn’t get it ?

  3. I’m sorry for being stupid here but do you need to pre order fifa 14 to use the web app because. I am using my origin account and it says get started by pre ordering fut 14

  4. 12 hours in and someone already made 800K profit on trading?!
    How on earth people got the coins to bid 10-80k on players in the first day on the Webb App?!

    • yes was wondering the same, but listen I came across sellers listed as microsoft ( I shit you not) WTF , the two most evil ( EA and microsoft. ) In the words of KSI ” really EA , really !!

  5. y does it tell me i need to pre order fifa 14 to go on web app cause gonna buy it on the day and to pre order were there telling me to go is 55 pounds stupid help!

      • You need to log on with a PC OR LAPTOP WITH WINDOWS to access the site. With a mobile device it just won’t allow it and tell you that you need to order fifa 14.
        Once you have done it with a PC OR LAPTOP WITH WINDOWS you can then access the app. You need to confirm all of your team details again else it says you need to update. (Because your teams is not yet be confirmed to fifa 14)

  6. i cant login cuz t says that my security question is wrong but its not even when i do a new security question it says the same wow ea is fucking us already and the game is not even out yet -___-

  7. for everyone who is being asked for their security questions but is being told its wrong all the time, dont try and change it. there are two reasons for this two happen. 1)because u didnt log into the web app recently enough, think it was august sometime, somebody put the exact date down in an older comment, and that means u cant get the early access nd will have to wait for the game to come out till u can access it, may even have to wait to get an actual copy, i dont know. 2)if your sure you did this, then it may just be the overload of people trying to log in, so back out and try again later, make sure u have to put your details in again (email nd password). the reason i say dont re-set your security question is cuz it might then forget that u put it in when u had to, cuz of the server overload it may mess up the attempt and stop you altogether. thanx for listening

  8. Does anybody know how to buy fifa points on the web app? EA says to click on the “get more” button in the top right corner but it isn’t there for me….jon

  9. When i click on ultimate team, it tells me i need to buy the game, i have already pre ordered it through origin! what do i need to do? (im a pc gamer). HELP PLEASE

  10. I was lucky enough to get on the app today for a few hours and managed to sell a few players too. I have 5k worth of coins with still about 25 left to sell plus a rare brazilian silver (the only one in the world) and consumables. I got around 5 packs all up as gifts and the highest was a CM from Belgium rated 80 which sold for 1500.

    What i did notice was alot of people were putting up players really cheap. I guess thats because nobody has no money at the moment but i was seeing silvers with 80 pace for only 200.

  11. Hi is is possible to add Fifa points on Web app? Or will it be.. because it said in FAQ that you should click on ‘Get more’ to add Fifa points but I have nos such button. Thanks for the help

        • One’s the game comes out and through your consol, buy them in game n use them then. U PS3 or xbox. If so, fancy a. Game, my psn name is the same

          • so really… ea is falsely advertising aspects of their product… I mean, who’s to say that I didn’t buy fifa 14 knowing of the functionality mentioned about their web app and companion mobile app… for them to say you can buy points on a pc or mobile when you clearly cant is bull shit. what a friggin waste of time. I don’t care if it was for previous fifa versions, it clearly states the information is relevant to the newest fifa (14), obviously encouraging you to buy the updated game… which is missing functions. remove the bloody advertising about what your game can do when it cant bloody do it. stupid.

  12. I have Ashley Cole who is currently worth about 7k on the market, is it worth keeping hold of him? Will his value go up when the game comes out?

  13. Any 1 in uk able to access it?i cant been trying since last night..its 7pm and just goes to a page which says buy and doesnt do nothing!really winding me up as its always uk gets problems usually!ea are pathetic

  14. why when i go on fifa 14 web app it comes up with looks like you havent got a fifa 14 ultimate 1 buy it online help plz……………

  15. How do you find out your UT password forgot it and its my main account as well 🙁 i can sign in to the ps3 thats fine coz its a different email and pw to my UT i no my email and security question for UT just not the pw anyone no how to find out my pw thanks

  16. I had 14 total packs. Best I got was 83 Reina, 82 Chicharito, 81 vermaelon, and a 74 silver rare worth 5k. Also got 5k coins free gift. Not bad!

  17. I Put 5 dollars down on FIFA 14. Had no trouble accessing the app. U can not transfer points from 13 to the 14 web app YET. Gotta wait until the game is officially released


  19. I dont know y u r not getting on i got on 1st time without per ordering fifa 14 and i won’t pre order it so this is actually my first EVER piece of luck EA have given to me (btw not just in fifa 14 in all from fifa 10 XD)

  20. You need to log on with a PC OR LAPTOP WITH WINDOWS to access the site. With a mobile device it just won’t allow it and tell you that you need to order fifa 14.
    Once you have done it with a PC OR LAPTOP WITH WINDOWS you can then access the app. You need to confirm all of your team details again else it says you need to update. (Because your teams is not yet be confirmed to fifa 14)

  21. If you get someone like Rooney in a pack, do you reckon it is worth keeping hold of him or trying an early sale and generating the coins to increase trading opportunities.

  22. Why cant i go in to the web app now ? i have been in before but now i cant ! i have bought players ! but i dont even get to the security question ? can i plz get a link or something ?

  23. i made my team on the fifa 14 webapp before getting the game, when i get the game and log in with my origin account will my team come up on the ps3 because i played fifa 13 on PC?

  24. It won’t let me make an origin account for Web app, every time I go through all the things you have to do, it just says. We could not make your account at this time