FUT 14 Web App Preparation – Closure Update


FUT 14 Schedule - FIFA 14 Ultimate Team

As you may be aware exclusive access for FUT 13 players to the FUT 14 Web App begins September 15th, 2013. However in order to prepare for the launch of the FUT 14 Web App, the Ultimate Team Web App will close Wednesday 11th September, 2013 at 6pm UK.

Come September 11th 6pm UK, you will no longer be able to access your FUT 13 teams via the Web App, you will have to do this via your console!

If you followed our ‘FUT 14 Web App Trading Guide‘ we strongly advised you to take advantage of early access to the FUT 14 Web App if you’re eligible. This is a vital period for any serious FUTers out there and will significantly increase your chances of building the team you want ready for the launch of FIFA 14 (September 24th – US and September 27th – UK).

No details have been released regarding the amount of packs you will receive during early access (all we know so far is that your FUT loyalty will reward you). As soon as more details become available, we’ll keep you all updated.

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  1. i hear the worse you are at the game the more handicap and cheap goals you will be awarded…o wait that was just fut13 and i assume they will apply this handicap to seasons and not fut14 this time…and what is this guy talking about below? you transfer no fifa points, only your team if you pick up the new 1000 dollar xbox with your parents money during christmas

  2. I was just getting into fifa 13 and then found out that I don’t get early access because I registered on the 2nd of august, 1 day late, i’ll play pes then, bye fifa

  3. Hello, I want to buy some points for packs when the app comes out. Now if I get the points add them to the xbox, what should I do with them next to make sure I can use them on FIFA 14 web app. If that makes sense?

  4. you can only transfer whatever you have earned on fifa 14 to the next gen console form your ps3 – xbox 360 there are no transfers from fifa 13 to 14 sorry