FUT 14 Top 20 Goalkeepers


FUT 14 Top 20 Goalies - FIFA 14 Ultimate Team

Below is the official list of the top 20 goalies in FUT 14! Who would you pick in your dream FUT 14 squad?


Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below and on our forum. Check out our FUT Chat feature to chat LIVE with other online FUTers.

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  • SIDS’s

    why is buffon numer 1

  • Best in the world

    Because its a tie between Nuer Buffon and casillas but they feel bad for baffon

  • Dejvid

    Valdes only 83 ;/

    • Frank

      should be 73

  • Dav

    More like Buffoon! He can’t catch shit on this game!

  • fgfdg


  • Aaron Gibson

    Inker casillas is better then buffon