FUT 14 5-Star Skillers (5* Skill Players)


FUT 14 5-Star Skillers (5* Skill Players) - FIFA 14 Ultimate Team

Below is a complete list of all the 5-star skill players in FUT 14! Who would you pick in your dream FUT 14 squad? Remember that picking up bargain 5* skillers can make you a lot of coins!


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  1. Yep, only 9 players with 5* skills with 80 or bigger overall in FUT 14… Where in the FUT 12 there was over 20, in FUT 13 only 12. WTF? Why do you want to make Ribery, Ronaldo and Neymar the only big rated skillers in the game?

    And how do is it suppose to be when the younger players get nerfed, when Aguero get boosted withought having ANY in-form version in FUT 13. WTF?

    No GK with rating higher then 85… WTF?

    Every single player that had TOTS version last year get nothing (except Lewandowski), most of them got nerfed… WTF?

    Gomez and Suarez both with 86 rating… WTF? I should say one of them is for about a year “slightly” better then the other one…

    I could say more this “WTF?” things, but I just hope that you’ll make some big balances to whole players…