FUT 14 Web App Early Access Trading Coin Guide


If you are knowledgeable on your FUT trading then you will be able to make a serious amount of coins in the early stages of FUT 14. For those than can, we strongly advise you take full advantage of early access to the FUT 14 Web App (September 15th 2013), and invest a lot of time into trading (i.e. set a goal of 50k before the game is released)! This will allow you to build a decent team ready to use when FIFA 14 is released on September 24th 2013 for the US and September 27th 2013 for Europe. It will become a lot harder to build the team you want once the game is released.

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In short, you can take advantage of the less knowledgeable traders (the new players) who will purchase cards often at inflated prices for convenience and also do not know the true value of the players / consumables that they sell. If you’re reading this and think that you fit into the ‘newbie’ category, then don’t worry as we will explain how to become a smart FUT trader.

Although it’s still 2 weeks until the early release of the FUT 14 Web App, we have listed some pre-release trading tips to get you started and one step ahead on your FUT 14 journey!

FUT 14 Web App Early Access Trading Coin Guide

1) Once you’ve opened your pack(s) what should you do next?
You should be looking to keep all high rated players (including ALL Legends) and some popular Barclays Premier League (BPL) players. You’ve hit the jackpot if it’s a high rated BPL player such as Suarez, RVP, Hazard, Aguero etc as these will rise significantly when the game is released. You can bet on most BPL players rising in price as there will be an insane amount of BPL teams being made when FIFA 14 is released, meaning demand will exceed supply!

High pace and 5* skillers will likely be popular so try to keep hold of them (including Silver & Bronze players)! Lastly you should look to keep hold of popular consumables, mainly popular Chemistry Style consumables (such as those which enhance pace, strength and shooting the most).

REMEMBER: Although you won’t need many of your consumables throughout the Web App period, your consumables pile is now UNLIMITED in FUT 14, meaning they won’t clog up your trade pile. If you’re looking to sink some of your spare coins into a good investment, then cheap consumables (especially Contracts & Fitness) are where it’s at! You are guaranteed to make good coins when the game is released as that’s when the demand for these consumables increases. Positional change cards will also be cheaper during the early access FUT 14 Web App stage!

2) When should you sell your Players / Consumables?
Peak times for your auction to finish are between 3pm-11.59pm (UK time) as this is when the Transfer Market is likely to be most active. Certain cards are harder to trade with at different times. For example, looking to purchase high rated BPL players will in most circumstances be more difficult during peak times. However don’t discard trading throughout these times as this is when most cards are generally listed, meaning you can pick up some great bargains such as under-searched 5* skillers. 3am-11.59am (UK time) is generally the off peak times meaning these are great times to find bargains, including high rated players which will result in less bid-wars.

3) What prices should I sell my players / consumables for?
Make sure you check the Transfer Market to see the value of the players / consumables you plan on selling, as this is where 99% of mistakes are made. During the early access period to the FUT 14 Web App it may be hard to get a true value of the player / consumable, so follow the next set of tips to make sure you’re not selling the item way below it’s value.

4) What should you do if your player / consumable didn’t sell?
Don’t panic, make sure you list your item(s) on the market several times before discarding them! If by the 3rd / 4th listing cycle they haven’t sold then accept a lower price. This will allow you to receive coins ready to trade with and will ensure you don’t waste anymore time.

5) What impact will Chemistry Styles have on a player?
As you may be aware from our ‘Chemistry Styles Explained‘ article, FUT 14 will feature over 20+ Chemistry styles that will change the game and FUT trading significantly. Chemistry Styles applied to a player are permanent (until a new one is applied), therefore you should be looking to purchase players with popular Chemistry Styles applied (preferably that enhance pace, strength, shooting etc). If you have a Chemistry Style applied to a player, make sure you account for it when selling the player! Chemistry Styles will have an impact on player prices (as you could see with player formations in FUT 13).

6) Open packs (if you still need more coins to get going) and START TRADING!!!
Loads of mistakes are made when it comes to ‘newbies’ or impatient FUTers listing their items below their value. Previously we advised you to keep high rated, pacey and skillful players you find in packs. You should also look to invest in these players (especially BPL players that fit this description). For example, a great investment would be in 5* Silver Skillers that are listed below their value. In most cases these type of players will rise when more people clock their favourable stats! Wait until the game is released and sell for a decent profit.

Please note: If possible, always bid in the last seconds to increase the chances of winning the auction at the lowest possible price!

7) Increasing your margins
If you can consistently make coins on a player / consumable, then stick to it and build a steady coins total. Once you’ve got more coins, start investing in more expensive players and consumables which give you bigger margins!

8) The influence of popular YouTubers / Websites?
Follow the popular YouTubers and websites as they have the ability to change the market significantly! For example, if YouTubers Nepenthez or KSI use or recommend a certain Chemistry Style or player then thousands will look to replicate this for their own teams, causing a significant increase in price! Quick profit can be made here by acting early!

9) Stay logged in to the Web App!
If you’ll remember back to the FUT 13 Web App early access, the Web App kept going down. Many people who stayed logged in were still able to access their teams. As a precaution and to enable you to have the best chance of trading in circumstances such as these, you should try to stay logged in!

We hope you have enjoyed this guide and have helped you during the early access period of the FUT 14 Web App. We will cover many more FUT 14 trading tips throughout the Web App early access period and when FIFA 14 is released, so make sure you stay tuned for more details! As always if you have anything you want to say then let us know in the comments section below and on our forum!

Don’t forget to join the fun and chat LIVE with other online FUTers on our FUT Chat feature!

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  • Jovanny009

    How Do we buy fifa point when the web app is released?

    • UltimateTeamUK

      It’s currently unconfirmed as to how many packs you’ll receive when accessing the FUT 14 Web App (if you’re eligible for early access). However fans which have played FUT longer will receive more packs! We’ll let you know whether packs can be purchased during the early access stage once confirmed by EA.

      • Connor112233

        you probably wont know but im having trouble accessing the web apps because it says my email and password are invalid but when i go on fifa or the web app and press update email after i do it, it says sorry try again later and its been saying that for two years now

      • oli

        why does it say to me that i have to pre order the game to use ze web app

  • Ahad

    How does one make coins (to open packs) if we are trying to save high-rated players to sell for when the game releases?

    • UltimateTeamUK

      We’ll keep you updated on the best way when more details are released! If you were to get a high rated player then you’ll be in very good shape for when FIFA 14 is released!

      • ?????

        can you tell me the best way to trade

  • Birkirgutten

    Hello. If i have season from last year. I bought it 27september last year. Does that mean i dont have to buy a new season ticket to download early release? thx :)

    • Dave Bell

      apparently season ticket has been scrapped

      • Birkirgutten
        • Dave Bell

          not sure but from what I’ve read early access will be available to previous ST holders from 15th Sept

          • Birkirgutten

            Thx for the info :)

          • Morksy

            Dave, I think you’re getting mixed up between early access to the game and early access to the web app. Season tickets are needed to gain early access to the FIFA 14 ‘Game’ not Web App (on 24 Sept). Season tickets are still around, online passes for games have been scrapped by EA as of May 2013.

  • tommy dson

    How do you open packs when you start with no coins ?

    • andrew

      you get free packs from previous fifa’s

  • Stallion3656

    Will Fut13 coins or cards be carried over to Fut 14 this year? Also are there any plans to have Legends on the PS4?

    • Marcek77

      no and no …

  • matty

    so can you buy packs with early access and do you need st to get early access?

  • Matthew Ball.

    How is there 1000’s of coins already in circulation , if there’s no access to fifa points for packs. Your thoughts please as some of the tsellers have been listed as microsoft

    • UltimateTeamUK

      Hi Matthew, Don’t forget about daily gifts and that some people have got lucky in packs!

      • Matthew Ball.

        10k gifts never seen them, its looking like people are going to get banned like last year when coin websites were used. Got to be this , the most I’ve ever got is 4k in a pack back in fifa 12. Even if I quicksold all my players still wouldn’t add up to some of the bids I’ve seen 25k bids, come-on.

        • Morksy

          Some people are obviously very good at trading in UT. There’s thousands of ways to make coins in this game, lots of opportunities to make coins during early access and get a headstart on everyone else. You also need to remember that VIPs in the gaming industry are already playing this game and have been for a number of weeks.

          • Matthew Ball.

            trading is a skill that I have but its a bit unfair if there’s Early ” EARLY” access on the rest of us. The day the web app was a couple of hours old when I was seeing ridiculous bids , so don’t buy your comment fully if I’m honest.

  • James

    I have Ashley Cole who currently sells for around 7k. Is it worth keeping him? Will his value go up when the game starts?

    • dodo


  • oli

    Why does it tell me to pre order the game to use the web app? please answere

  • shane

    I got thiago silva how much will he go roughly after game release

  • Arshad Aziz

    can i play fifa 13 online with a crack file ?????…. can any one find solution for me ..?pls help me guyz pls its a kind request ….

  • oscar

    when can i get my daily gift?

  • Aquaay

    What is the link to the web app? I tried to find it and if its on the FIFA EA website, I cant use it as it says I need to buy the game when I already have it from a different store?

  • josh

    Why won’t the web app let me put players up 4 sale
    or allow me to change my formation?

  • Patrik Hodapp

    Do I have to pre-order FiFA 15 in order to be able to use the web app two weeks in advance before the actual realease or is it just enougth to have a FUT team in FIFA 14 (or whatever Fifa part was there before the newer one) to start trading?