FUT 14 Chemistry Styles Guide


As many of you know from the above video, FUT 14 will feature over 20+ new Chemistry Styles for you to apply to a player in your team. These Chemistry Styles will change the game dramatically, so it is important that you know exactly how they work. To avoid confusion, we will try to fully explain how these Chemistry Styles will work within FUT 14 so you can hit the ground running as soon as you get your hands on FIFA 14!

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How do Chemistry Styles work and how do they differ to FUT 13’s Chemistry System?

Firstly, players will no longer receive large boosts to every stat via chemistry as was the case in FUT 13. You will now get the opportunity to decide exactly what stats are effected with all the different Chemistry Styles. Each Chemistry Style consumable will be applied individually to a player. Chemistry Styles improve your player’s specific attributes. The more Green Arrows you see next to an attribute, the more your player’s skill improves as shown below by the Minor Improvement (1 arrow), Medium Improvement (2 arrows) and Maximum Improvement (3 arrows). It is important to note that the extent to these improvements will rely on the Chemistry of that player.

FUT 14 Chemistry Styles Explained

Are Chemistry Styles permanent and can they be re-used on another player?

Chemistry Styles will behave like a positional card, the effect is permanent until you apply another one (they cannot be re-used).

The basic Chemistry Style already applied to Daniel Sturridge (as shown below) is reminiscent of FUT 13 and shows a small increase in every stat if you have full Chemistry.

FUT 14 Apply Chemistry Style Consumables - Daniel Sturridge

However, when hovering over the ‘Sniper’ Chemisty Style you can see that all stats remain the same except for Shooting (SHO) and Dribbling (DRI), which receive Maximum Improvement as shown by the 3 green arrows. You will have to have full chemistry to receive this boost, so the higher your chemistry the higher the boost!

What’s all the confusion about?

Many people are thinking that every stat gets an increase and then you can add a Chemistry Style to increase pace or shooting, this is not the case! You have to carefully select which stats get a boost with the different Chemistry Styles to best suit the way you want your team to play. This will make your player’s attributes more realistic and will counteract pace abuse! If you wanted all your player’s to be given a pace boost, you will have to sacrifice other attributes which will result in an imbalanced team that could be exploited by opposing teams strengths.

An example:

As an idea you could apply the Engine Chemistry Style to your wingbacks to give them a Pace (PAC), Passing (PAS) and Dribbling (DRI) boost, your striker a Dribbling (DRI) and Shooting (SHO) boost by applying the Sniper Chemistry Style and your Central Defensive Midfielder (maybe in a 4-1-4-1) the Anchor Chemistry Style to increase Pace (PAC), Defending (DEF) and Heading (HEA).

Will the way Chemistry works remain the same?

Majorly, you will still receive full Chemistry for ensuring you play with players in the correct position, same nationality / league and receiving the Player Loyalty Chemistry boost*. Formations and Morale items will no longer be available in FUT 14.

What’s Player Loyalty?

*There will be a Loyalty Chemistry boost automatically applied to players found in packs, players acquired in the Transfer Market are required to play 10 matches before they unlock loyalty.

What are all the different Chemistry Styles and which stats do they boost?

Providing you have full Chemistry, the boosts each Chemistry Style gives to your player’s attributes can be found here.

What SmarbaTV thinks?

We hope that we have been able to clear things up with the new deeper Chemistry System available in FUT 14. As always we want to know what you think in the comments section below, our forum and on our FUT Chat feature.

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