FUT 14 Web App Early Access Date (September 15th 2013)


FUT 14 Web App Early Access Date (September 15th 2013) - FIFA 14 Ultimate Team

After all the ongoing maintenance to the FUT 13 Web App (to prepare for FIFA 14 Ultimate Team), it’s the moment all you FUTers have been waiting for… The FUT 14 Web App will begin opening for early access on September 15th 2013. 

For more FUT 14 Web App details (as soon as they’re confirmed):

This will allow you to make an early start on your FIFA 14 Ultimate Teams and will give you a head start on those that choose to start when FIFA 14 is released (24th September 2013 – US, 27th September 2013 – Europe). You can also get a feel for FIFA 14 when the demo is released 10th/11th September 2013 worldwide.

As soon as we hear more details (what new features the FUT 14 Web App has, what you can do during the early access period etc) we’ll let you all know! As always let us know your thoughts in the comments section below, on our forum or chat live with other online FUTers on our FUT Chat feature.



  1. Please make sure that the web app is stable and not like the previous years(I dont have to tell you this but still) where, the load has always created a problem and it would go down after couple of hours and will be down for the next 2 days.. It has been frustrating. I know the work that goes in and appreciate all the work you do but these are little things that help you get the accolades for all that you do rather than ridiculous abuse.. Keep up the good work and the web app 🙂