FUT 14 Xbox One | PS4 Carryover


FUT 14 Xbox One | PS4 Carryover - FIFA 14 Ultimate Team

It’s a question we’ve been asked many times since the announcement of the new next-gen consoles – will I be able to transfer my FIFA 14 Ultimate Team from Xbox 360 > Xbox One and PS3 > PS4? The answer is yes! Users will have the option for a ONE-TIME transfer of FIFA Points, aspects of the game that are shared between respective consoles are as follows:

  • Club Items
  • Players
  • Seasons Division
  • FUT Trophies
  • Coins

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Changes made in your FIFA 14 Ultimate Team(s) will be reflected across both consoles and fans will be able to compete with their squads across console generations. Transfer markets will be shared between the Xbox 360 and Xbox One and also between the PS3 and PS4.

Original article by EA

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  1. The possibility to play with consoles of different generations is a very good achievement but does this mean there will be no differences between the two versions (beside graphics)?
    Because i wouldn’t like to see a gap like the one there is between consoles and Pc (where pc’s FIFA 13 is basically console’s FIFA 12)

  2. And one doubt, can you play in FUT 14 with FUT 13 players? If yes, the IF players will be an advantage for a FUT 14 game player

  3. The fact that the transfer markets are shared is FANTASTIC news! I’ve been holding out for Fifa 14 because I got it bundled with my day one XB1. Was worried that X360 users would have a better pick of players due to the IF’s already out. The fact I can still pick them up on my XBone is great, all the squads I’ve planned will now include IF’s!

    Thought I’d share the team I’ll buy to start:
    GK Diego Alves 82 IF
    RB Dani Alves 84
    CB Thiago Silva 87
    CB David Luiz 82
    LB Marcelo 83
    LCM Oscar 82
    CM Luiz Gustavo 80
    RCM Bernard 80
    LW Willian 83
    ST Neymar 84
    RW Hulk 85 IF

    Feel free to add my on XBL: YoungEgoMKS
    Once the xbone drops will be happy to do pink slips + coin bets etc.